1. Amber spent $900 on what looked like not that many clothes for Leah? Jesus. How much is she getting paid for the show now?! I expect that kind of outlandish purchase from Farrah, but Amber has been relatively responsible with her money lately.  And to touch on something I mentioned last week, if you can afford to spend $900 on three dresses and a couple of bows, you should really be buying fresh veggies instead of canned slop.  I sort of feel bad for Amber that Leah won’t be wearing the “1st day of school” outfit they picked out, but Gary’s right that a heavy dress in summer is a little silly.  And I appreciated that bit of editing later on when Gary asks Kristina if Leah’s shorts were bought on clearance.  Money doesn’t equal love or good parenting.  I have a friend whose father was never home but would always send her really expensive birthday and Christmas presents and one year she received her 3rd MP3 player from him because he knew it was a nice gift but had forgotten that he had already sent her two others.  That always made me sad.
  1. Does Maci have any idea how spiraled out Ryan is? I’d normally be glad to see her be so open to Bentley spending time with his father after weeks of little to no contact, but as a parent, I’m nervous about Bentley being with Ryan. Speaking of Ryan, when we see him talking to Jalaa later, he’s wearing the same shirt as he was when he saw Jen and Bently in last week’s episode.  So are we to assume these scenes were shot on the same day, or that that’s just the shirt drugged-out Ryan wears all the time now?
  1. Farrah says that Sophia is the one who taught her how to be the person that she is. I don’t normally like to blame the kids in these shows, but sure! I’ll go with that.  Sophia, how do you sleep at night?  How can you have a moment’s happiness if you are the person responsible for Farrah’s nutrocious behavior?  Sophia, why have you continued to let your mother’s egotistical, mind-numbingly aggressive attitude run rampant like this?  Sophia, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Now that we’re done with that bit of nonsense, what I’m really curious about is Farrah’s sister.  Remember her?  She exists somewhere out there in this world and I am dying to get her take on all of this.  Have Michael and Debra all but abandoned her?  Whenever I get around to writing it, you’re all invited to my one-woman show. “Farrah’s Sister” which will definitely be how I make my first million…
  1. I’m glad to hear that Catelynn has been on some heavy-duty antidepressants. I am the opposite of glad to hear that she wants to lower her dosage and possibly get off of them all together. There is absolutely no shame in staying on medication indefinitely if your brain needs it to function properly.  What she needs to lower and get off of is weed.  And look, I’m a huge “make it legal” defender.  I think cannabis can do amazing things.  I recognize that I’m opening myself up to some harsh criticism here, but when I was pregnant with my son I couldn’t stop throwing up.  Every day felt like the worst motion-sick tequila hangover of my life.  Eventually, after I had rapidly lost 20lbs and exhausted all other options, I went and got a medical marijuana card and bought a CBD spray that went under my tongue and it completely curbed my nausea.  It was like a miracle.  Unlike THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), CBD doesn’t get you high.  But what it does do is help with nausea and various other ailments (they give it to kids with epilepsy).  My OB okayed it and without it, I’m not sure I would have been able to handle remaining pregnant.  Whenever we decide to have a second child, if I get sick like that again, I will do the same thing. The point of my rant here is that I don’t look at marijuana as some evil drug that only causes harm.  But in Catelynn’s case, it’s not helping her depression.  Does it help with her anxiety?  I’m sure it probably does.  But weed can and often does meddle with the effects of anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication.  Catelynn needs to get her brain chemistry balanced and I hope her psychiatrist is better than that pile of wet socks she calls a therapist.
  1. Simon casually eating ribs while Farrah screams at him is my favorite thing to happen this week. All in all, this isn’t a bad gig for Simon, right? He gets paid to be on TV, earns a modest bit of MTV fame, and all he has to do is get screamed at by a manic banshee for a few hours on filming days.  Someone needs to start a tumbler with all of the Simon scenes where he calmly eats food during Farrah’s tantrums.  Is Simon turning into my favorite person on this show?  I think he might be…


  1. I hate that Catelynn missed her appointment. I hate it. I’m angry with her doctor for turning her away, but I do understand the importance of punctuality when it comes to medical appointments.  She’s so beaten down though. UGH. I hate it.  But I completely understand Tyler’s frustration with her over it.
  1. Why. The Fuck. Did RYAN GET A DOG?! I just. I have no words.  Wait, no.  I have lots of words.  Why is no one on this show a responsible pet owner?  And honestly, I’d rather Amber get 6 more basement dogs than Ryan have one.  Bentley is really lucky to have Taylor in his life.  That guy is a good dude.  I really want him to trim his beard pubes though…
  1. So….Does Gary only wear that “Dad Bod” shirt now? Does he sell those? What’s going on with that?  Also, Gary has this bad habit of constantly asking Leah if she likes going over to Amber’s house and it feels manipulative.  I don’t like it.  But what I LOVE is how for all the times Gary’s talked shit about Amber sleeping in, we get to see Leah call him out for also sleeping in.  Obese pots shouldn’t call chunky kettles black.  Do you guys remember being a kid and waking up early?  What happened to that?  If I had my druthers, I’d sleep til at least 10 every morning.
  1. OH MY GOD. KATHLEEN NEEDS TO BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY. Catelynn just expressed suicidal thoughts and literally said out loud, “sometimes I think my kid would be better off if I wasn’t around” and this bitch actually replied “would she?”  I mean.  What the fuck.  I am HORRIFIED by Kathleen’s approach to Catelynn’s mental health.  I am literally sitting here with my jaw wide fucking open.  Get this woman off of my television.  She is a disgrace to the mental health profession.
  1. Why has no one greenlit my reality TV idea based on the FroCo employees? That’s a multimillion dollar idea that I’m not even asking for credit for because I just want to see it happen. Anyhow, looking forward to next week when a FroCo employee laments about never having been treated so poorly.

#10thoughts written by Liz