I’m going to apologize right now for this 10thoughts.  My head’s not in it.  Manfriend and I got into another fight this weekend about Gilmore Girls.  That’s right, we are fighting about a show that went off the air 9 years ago.  What’s hysterically embarrassing is that this is probably the 4th or 5th time we’ve argued about this fucking TV show.  Now, as with all fights that seem petty on the surface, we’re not actually arguing about Gilmore Girls, but no resolution was ultimately had so I drank too much last night and I’m craving greasy food, but the sausage egg and cheese sandwich from Specialty’s is roughly 4,967pts on Weight Watchers which is a smidge over my daily allotment of 35.  I’m hungover, I’m grumpy, I’m hungry, and I’m bitter.  Should make for a fun article.

  1. Good god, this show is so dark now. Everyone is crying or dealing with heavy stuff and it’s much harder to recap than the other frothy Bravo shows. Even watching Juicy make cupcakes with his girls 4 days before he’s sent off to jail was rough stuff.  Teresa says in a talking head that when traumatic incidents happen to children, it stays with them and scars them for life and having your dad taken away from you for 4 years is no small cross to bear.  Later, when Milania becomes the Supreme Leader of the World, we’ll likely be able to trace back her descent into madness to this time when her BFF Juicy Joe was taken from her.  Sure, she’s been wild for years, but this will be the catalyst to her march towards dictatorship.
  1. I wish Ashley* the best of luck with her decision to have a natural birth. I, on the other hand, knew from basically the moment I found out I was pregnant that I would be getting an epidural and ultimately I had to get an emergency c-section so I was about as doped up as a person can be. Many good friends of mine have gone the midwife route and loved it.  My concern with Ashley though, is that this was the girl who wanted her parents to pay for an NYC apartment so that she didn’t have to wake up “early” and commute into the city for her internship.  Sure, she’s grown up a lot, but I think and inherent sense of laziness and entitlement is hard to shake.  Does anyone know if she ended up going natural?  I need boots on the ground intel for this….

*As per usual, we will not be acknowledging the fact that Ashley changed the spelling of her name

  1. Siggy’s family is a ball of emotions. I want to eat dinner with them once a week and have all the matriarchs shame me for not spending enough time with them.
  1. Oh, okay. I get it. Richie’s gross.  For years I’ve just thought he was a harmless odd-looking fellow who loves his wife and makes bad jokes.  But nope.  He’s gross.  It’s one thing to joke about a foursome with your wife’s sister, but it’s an entirely different thing to joke about a foursome with your wife’s sister while you have a mic pack strapped to you and camera men standing 10 feet away.  And if I were Kathy, I would have grabbed Richie by the face when he first made the joke at home and told him that so help me god if he repeats that while filming, he won’t be getting a twosome for months.  The fact that he says the joke twice on camera is extra disturbing.  I appreciated Chris Laurita’s joke about that being a bad idea because of Rosie not handling balls well, but I was still skeeved out.  Also, Rosie getting a girl’s number while she’s on a date with another girl is baller.  #MoreRosie.
  1. I was going to give Juicy shit for having a “going away party” before leaving for jail, but then I remembered that I had a sendoff party at a local bar the night before I went to rehab, so I’m not really one to talk. The food looked great though. The food always looks awesome in RHONJ.  It’s a terrible show to watch if you’re dieting.
  1. So you guys know we here at #10thoughts love Siggy and I’m basically on board with anything she does and says, but when she started talking about taking her kids to the Holocaust Museum, I fell into a giggle loop that I’m still trying to get out of. To be clear, I’m not AT ALL dogging on her plan, and I mean no disrespect because everyone should go to the Holocaust Museum. It’s important.  But I started laughing because this season has been so dark and so depressing that to bring the holocaust into the mix was (admittedly, inappropriately) hysterical to me.  Have you ever had one of those days where everything is going wrong and then something else bad happens and you just snap and start laughing?  That’s where I’m at.  (Side note- I completely adore Siggy’s parents and want to hang out with them and hear their stories.)
  1. Can anyone who is in the legal community give me some insight into the way Teresa and Juicy’s sentences were decided? Because while I don’t particularly feel bad for Tre and Juicy, I definitely do for the kids but I can’t help but wonder if the delayed sentencing thing is common if a husband and wife are convicted or if this is a case of special treatment for celebs? My money is on the latter and that kind of thing always bugs me.  It reminds me of when the starlets from the 2000s would get arrested for a DUI and then only spend half an hour in jail due to “over-crowding”
  1. Melissa wearing an Envy hat to the filming of Juicy’s departure gave me life. Gotta get those online sales up!
  1. I’m glad that Teresa sent Melissa an “I love you” text when she was leaving with Juicy. I love that this connection and relationship seems real.  I’m no fan of Teresa but I think it’s great that these two have found a way to reconcile.  Call me a sucker, but I believe that both of them have the will and desire to put the past behind them and move forward as a family.  Even my cold dead heart can appreciate that.  I also appreciate JoeGorga bluntly telling Antonia to call her brothers for help when she’s older because “daddy might be dead”.  I like it when adults speak bluntly to children and plan to do the same with my son.  (He’s gonna be totally fucked up, isn’t he?)
  1. I’m writing my 10thoughts for OC after this and I’ve never looked forward to those crazy B’s as much as I am right now. This show is SO HEAVY. Watching Milania cry in bed after saying her prayer to bring her dad home soon broke me.  On a lighter note, I think it’s really cool that the girls are learning bits of Italian.  It’s so much easier to learn a second language when you’re a child and I always thought it was really cool that JoeGorga and Teresa were taught Italian by their parents.  It really adds a deeper connection to your history.  My father spoke fluent German but my best language skills are mostly Spanish curses or food related phrases because of the many restaurants I’ve worked in.  Does anyone want to give me money to put my kid in a bilingual pre-school?  No?  FINE.

10thoughts written by Liz