My apologies for not covering this show for the last few weeks.  To make up for it, here’s a supersized #10thoughts!  Now with 30% more thoughts!

  1. Farrah looks good without makeup. She also seemed much more pleasant and a little softer when she was talking to her mom in the first scene about her frozen yogurt place. My sister and I used to have this theory that my mom was only mean (or “snippy” as we used to say) when she had her hair pulled back into a pony tail.  Maybe it’s the same thing with layers and layers of makeup on Farrah.  When she’s all stripped down, she inches closer to being a partially decent human being, but under all that pancake, it’s like a mask and she feels comfortable, or more accurately entitled to act like a major C-U-Next-Tuesday to anyone and everyone.  It’s just a working theory.


  1. So, obviously there is something very wrong with Ryan. Yes, he was high as a kite during his interview with Jaala, but his issues in general and especially with showing up for his son have been going on for a very long time. He seems clinically and chemically depressed, right?  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a severe anxiety disorder as well.  I have someone very close to me who suffers from both anxiety and depression but you’d have no idea because he’s so quiet about it and it wasn’t until he spoke up and said that he wanted to see someone for it that I even realized the severity of the situation.  Ryan needs to see a psychologist who is actually competent (unlike Catelynn’s pile of expired vanilla pudding) and get some medication to balance out his brain.  I’m not surprised that he’s not showing up for Bentley’s baseball games, but I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t care.  I think he’s mentally crippled and it’s effecting his ability to make positive life choices.  Ryan saying the fight with his dad was over “allen wrenches” is indicative of how out of it he is.


  1. I feel for Amber with her weight loss issues. I’m in the process of losing the baby weight as well as the extra pounds I’d built up for the years before getting pregnant. I’ve lost 30lbs already and look better than I have in years, but it’s not where I want to be and Amber seems to be in the same boat.  I also just have to say (and I know ya’ll hate it when I do) but I’m once again back on TeamMatt.  I do not care that he’s a total fan boy.  I do not care that he reached out to Janelle and Farrah before Amber.  He’s with Amber now, and they seem to be supportive of one another.  He is good with Leah and I think he’s ultimately good for Amber.  I know this is not a popular opinion, but there’s just something about the guy that I like.


  1. Catelynn so broken. It’s really sad to see her drown like this. I don’t understand why her treatment center would tell Tyler he can’t say anything when Cate’s making poor life choices (i.e. smoking pot and not going to aftercare therapy).  He’s her partner and should absolutely be allowed to say something.  Originally I though 30 days away wasn’t long enough, but if that’s the kind of nonsense that place is shilling, maybe 30 days there was too long.


  1. I take back what I said about Farrah being nicer when she’s not wearing makeup because I don’t think she has any on in the FroCo scene where she’s screaming at her parents. She’s seriously a fucking psychopath who needs to go to one of those military outdoor survival camps where they break you down to build you back up. It’s a shame her parents never had the balls to send her to one when they still had the legal right to.  Now it’s too late and the monkeys are running the zoo.

farrahglassesFarrah should be forced to wear some sort of prop every time she mouths off to her parents.  Fake mustache, pink wig, anything really.  Not that I ever take her seriously in the first place, but the wacky glasses added a touch of whimsy to her total meltdown over fridge settings.


  1. What the fuck happened between Larry and Ryan? I need boots on the ground intel here because I want to know what made Larry snap. I need to know why after all these years of letting Ryan crash at their house and mooch on them did Larry finally get the balls to kick him out.  Because the way Larry is talking about his own son (and his wife!) is pretty hard to watch.  Hearing him say that he feels like he’s been “number 2 since the day [Ryan] was born” is some serious (albeit not surprising) stuff.  My heart is also breaking for Jen.  Has Jen been a total enabler for her son for years? Absolutely.  But enablers don’t come from a bad place. They just have so much love in their heart for the person they’re enabling that they miss the forest for the trees.  I felt bad for Jaala having to listen to Larry say he wouldn’t piss on his son even if he was on fire.  Tough stuff, you guys….tough stuff.


  1. I’m concerned about Amber’s new diet almost as much as I’m concerned about Tyler’s hair. But as I mentioned earlier, I think I’m the most concerned about the TERRIBLE advice Catelynn’s treatment center gave Tyler. People who are married have every right to an expectation that their spouse will take the necessary steps to better themselves.  What kind of cockamamie advice is it to tell Tyler he can’t even ask Catelynn if she plans on going to her aftercare?!  Sometimes I think these places coddle and enable their patients to a fault.  Getting better is hard.  It’s going to be hard.  But it’s not wrong to have the people closest in your life holding you accountable.  Either this place should lose its accreditation or Tyler completely fucked up and misinterpreted what they told him to do.  Which, let’s be honest, is totally possible.  Tyler’s busted looking friend is giving him some solid advice in that restaurant scene.  They are MARRIED.  They HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS STUFF.  Also?  Can we please stop perpetuating the myth that this “Kathleen” person is a licensed therapist?  She is clearly the cousin of some producer that they stuck on the show.


  1. Farrah thinks a 40 hour work week at a FROZEN YOGURT SHOP is 3 days of work. Does Farrah know she has to pay overtime? Does Farrah know anything?  No, she does not.  Because she’s making her employees wear those ridonkulous glasses and she thinks it will only take 5 minutes to set up the shop in the morning.  I’ve never wanted a Farrah spinoff, but now I’m desperate for a show about the poor saps working at this place.  “FroCrazed”?  “Would You Like Nuts With That”? I’m ashamed that I can’t come up with a better working title for this goldmine of a show idea.  Sound off in the comments section and let us know if you come up with something better.


  1. Matt and his friend (whose name I can’t remember and MTV doesn’t bother helping me out so I will just call FatMatt because they look similar) go out for beers (because Matt is clean but not sober) and they are both wearing awesome t-shirts. FatMatt is wearing a Lion King shirt and Matt’s wearing a shirt with Judd Nelson on it in his iconic Breakfast Club pose from the end of the movie. It’s interesting to me that we went from Amber talking about how much weight she’s gained due to her depression to this scene where Matt talks about how they wake up happy every day and have a great life.  I’d argue that Matt probably wakes up happy every day and his life seems to be going pretty well, but maybe you don’t speak for Amber, okay Matt?
  1. Kathleen is the worst “therapist” in the world and I’m actually pissed at MTV now for putting her on TV. Therapy can be an amazing, enlightening, life-changing thing for people. But if I didn’t already know that, and my introduction to therapy was watching Tyler and Catelynn’s interactions with this woman, I would never bother to go.  At this point, I think she’s doing more harm than good, both with Tyler and Catelynn and with the audience in general.  No wonder Catelynn can’t get her shit together.  Her support system doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing.  UGH.  My jimmies are rustled.  Tyler has every right to be frustrated and upset.  It’s extremely difficult to be the one person holding it together for your family and if your partner isn’t even willing to do the basic steps to get better, resentment and bitterness is inevitable.  They both need help.  And real jobs.  They also definitely both need real jobs.


  1. So, what’s our best guess with Ryan here? Meth? They are in Tennessee, right?  I’d say he’s rolling due to how bugged out his eyes are, but people usually do more than sit on their couch when they’re that particular brand of high.  You can tell that Jen knows how fucked up her son is when she takes Bentley over to his house after the baseball game.  That makes me sad for her, but Maci’s right.  They all need to grow up because Ryan AND Larry’s behavior is effecting Bentley.


  1. Yikes, Matt. Making a person who is newly dieting sit in a car while smelling other people’s fast food is….not cool. Also, Amber needs to stop eating canned vegetables.  Vegetables in their worst form are not going to help her change her lifestyle. Fresh green beans can be delicious but Leah was right- that canned slop she made looked disgusting.  I want to reiterate that our blog is not sponsored in any way by Weight Watchers (yet!  Call me, WW) but like I said, I’ve lost 30lbs in 3 months with their program and it’s a really great way to lose weight without losing hope.


  1. Oh, Catelynn- your mental illness does not “ruin everything”. But you not taking the basic steps to help yourself (i.e. after care and quitting weed) is absolutely ruining something. Sometimes I feel like having an actual diagnosis is a bit of a crutch for Catelynn.  Similarly to when she said she didn’t want to bother losing weight if they were going to have another kid soon, I think Catelynn sometimes looks at her situation as an excuse to not better herself.  “If I’m pregnant, it’s okay for me to be fat” is closely related to “If I’m considered mentally ill, no one can be mad at me for staying in bed all day”  And look, I do not want to be insensitive to what she’s going through because it’s absolutely tough stuff.  But it’s getting harder and harder to watch her spiral like this.  These two need to be in couples counseling with a REAL THERAPIST to help Tyler say what needs to be said without all of his weird micro aggressions.  And Catelynn needs someone who is experienced with anxiety and substance abuse who can be stern but compassionate.  And I don’t mean this guy:

dr-drewNo it wasn’t, Dr. Drew….


10thoughts written by Liz