My apologies for this weaksauce #BelowDeck 10thoughts.  Not a whole heck of a lot happened here so I supplemented with personal anecdotes which I know aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But, you’ll be in great shape the next time your local pub quiz has a section on “10thoughts Recapper Liz’s Innocuous Personal History”.


  1. Captain Lee not being able to get anyone to answer their radio is exactly how all of us feel when we are trying to reach someone on their cell but they won’t respond to a text message. I KNOW YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE ON YOU, MANFRIEND. IT LIVES IN YOUR POCKET AND IT’S SET TO VIBRATE.  I NEED TO KNOW IF WE HAVE BOOZE AT THE HOUSE OR IF I SHOULD PICK UP MORE. (Spoiler alert- I should always pick up more.)   I very much enjoyed Captain Lee playing bartender after Sierra tried to give the guests advil before realizing they wanted the cocktail called “painkiller” and also after she clearly didn’t add enough rum.  Do you guys think Sierra would get as much of a pass as she does if she weren’t so smiley and pretty?  I’m guessing the fact that she’s a pleasant person to be around also works heavily in her favor.


  1. The family that drinks together, stays together. I appreciate the level of boozey these girls are willing to get to with their parents. The biggest reason I get along with Manfriend’s family is because when I first met them one year at Thanksgiving, his Aunt Jane handed me a cocktail before even introducing herself.  And also because they deep fry turkeys which is really the only way to consume turkey.  I hate turkey, but I’ll eat anything that’s deep-fried.  Also, Kate knows she shouldn’t be on her phone that much, but when you are in love it’s hard to stay away.  I like seeing Kate so happy.  I wish this love story had a better outcome.


  1. I try very hard to not get political on this blog because a) that’s not why any of you are here and b) alienating a fan base is not something I’m interested in. But this is too topical not to mention, so forgive me.  That conversation that Kelley and Kyle were having on the waterline?  That was “locker room talk”.  The conversation that Kyle, Nico, and Lauren were having where Kyle called Sierra “a bit of all right” and thrust his hips forward?  That was “locker room talk”.  And who knows, maybe they would have said worse in their private lives, but at least they were smart enough to realize they had a mic clipped to them and talking about sexual assault would be a bad idea. /endpoliticalrant


  1. The guests are easy and polite, so Ben and Kate are getting into imaginary tiffs again. Where are the “charter guests from hell” (the asshats who overstayed their welcome by three episodes on BelowDeckMed) when you need them? I appreciate Ben and Kate realizing that they need to up the drama, but I prefer these two when they’re a team united against a common enemy.  This show is starting to suffer from a serious case of “NeedsAVillainitis”, which I’m guessing it caught from RHONJ.


  1. Once again, I’m going to qualify this statement but saying my dad was military, but I’m a little confused as to why Kelley would even try to defend himself on the windows issue. Also, Capt. Lee is not scared of Kate. He’s worked with her on a few charters now and is confident in her abilities.  Kelley is the new bosun and Captain Lee is on his ass for good reason; to make him better.  I do think Kelley is right though that Capt. Lee is a little bored and is probably looking for things to fix, but that doesn’t mean those things don’t need improving.  Again, this show needs a villain for people to focus on.


  1. I’m not sure that I feel bad for Lauren with the anchor thing. I hate being put on the spot as well, but it’s her job, right? And if she doesn’t have the experience or know how to pull up the anchor, it’s fair for the captain to point that out.  And it’s really not fair for her to accuse Kelley of not having her back.  He’s been majorly supportive of the crew (with the exception of Trevor which no one blames him for, because Trevor was The Worst).  That said, I absolutely hate it when I’m put on the spot with no warning, so I do understand why she was upset.


  1. I think the way Kelley handled Lauren was really great. He was stern, but nurturing and fair. Ugh.  Despite my better judgment, I really love Kelley.  I was all but #Turnt on him after the season 2 reunion, but I think he’d probably be a great boss.  Clearly a bad boyfriend, but a great boss.  Also, every time they pass out the tip, especially for a 1 day charter, I once again curse myself for squandering away my SexyLiz 20s being a cocktail waitress.


  1. I hate surprises. Do not surprise me. Don’t throw me a surprise birthday party, do not show up to my work unannounced, and don’t try to plan anything for me without my knowledge.  Does this make me a control freak?


But don’t do it.  Kate seemed happy though.  Fuck.  I hate how this story ends.


  1. Ben being this uncomfortable with the Kate/Ro situation is funny. Men always think they can compete and out-best another man, but if your competition is a woman? The whole playbook is thrown out.  That said, I hate excessive PDA.  I don’t care how in love you are, it always makes everyone else feel awkward.  Also, Kelley’s comment about wanting a tiny girl he can flip around was weird, right?


  1. Do you guys watch Drunk History? If not, you should.  But another show that you should all watch once it gets greenlit is “Sierra’s Bible Study”.  Sit back and relax as Sierra tells you about a fisherman named Jesus who never once set sail because he had the ability to turn bread into fish.  Oh, do these stories not sound familiar?  Shhhhhh…. Sierra had 8 years of Catholic school.  She’s highly qualified.  I gotta say though, is anyone getting a little tired of Kelley calling Sierra crazy?  She’s daffy, but we’ve never seen her come close to the “take your dick off with a butter knife in the middle of the night” level crazy that Kelley keeps insisting she is.  I’m guessing the confessionals are all filmed later and maybe there’s something we haven’t seen, but so far it’s coming off as borderline misogynistic.


Like I said, it was really hard to get a full #10thoughts out of this episode.  My apologies again for the constant personal interjections.  They were just filler.  I’m telling you- all Bravo shows need a villain.  Give us a bad yachtie, or give us terrible guests, but everything is a tad too pleasant right now.


#10thoughts written by Liz