1. I’ve been wishy washy about Dolores all season and here’s why: I appreciate that she has a real connection to the OG cast and wasn’t just thrown in as some “new friend” ala Kelly Dodd, but for the most part she’s been a little sleepy as a housewife. Right now though, I feel like she’s in her element.  She has the full history of these relationships and I think she was absolutely correct in saying Jacqueline and Teresa’s relationship died that night on Jacqueline’s back deck however many seasons ago.  I also think she’s right in thinking that until one of those two decides to apologize and say she was wrong for that night (and really, either one of them will do, although it ought to be both of them), nothing is going to get resolved.  As always, this boils down to- would you rather be right or would you rather have a relationship with the person you’re arguing with?  Manfriend is a terrible arguer.  I’m world class.  Even if I’m dead wrong, I can argue my way out of it.  But ultimately if we have a disagreement and he leaves the conversation feeling like I “won” and he wasn’t heard, then what have I won?  If anything, I’ve lost much more than I’ve gained with the satisfaction of winning and argument.


  1. I’m glad that Siggy was wrong about her intuition and that Jacqueline doesn’t feel like Siggy didn’t have her back because she absolutely did. I became a little #Turnt on Jac last week and that might have pushed me over the edge. I know this blog turns into a bit of a love fest for Siggy at times, but I just want to say that I appreciate her tackling this issue with Jacqueline quickly and decisively.  Instead of just waiting for the next cast scheduled meet-up, Siggy and Dolores go to the Laurita home to get this situation taken care of.  I think Siggy has every right to feel upset by Jacqueline shutting her out and I appreciate the way she goes about handling the situation.  Plus, the quick shot of Siggy and Dolores doing squat walks was reminiscent of the Bluth family’s chicken impressions on Arrested Development, which always makes me laugh.



  1. Jacqueline has to stop blaming a woman’s period as the reason she’s emotional. Just….stop it. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s patronizing and insulting.   That is a stereotype.  Do women sometimes get a little weepier when it’s that time of the month?  Sure.  Some do.  But would it be okay for Jacqueline to perpetuate any other stereotypes?  If Jacqueline made reference to women being shitty drivers or bad at math, would we give her a pass?  I certainly wouldn’t.  Not to mention, this is not “PMS”.  This is a real situation that’s upsetting Siggy. If Siggy was crying randomly over cotton commercials (it truly is the fabric of out lives…), I could maybe see a time and place for that comment, but not here.  Being the villain is not Jacqueline’s thing and neither is being funny or quippy.  Teresa is no Lucy and Jac is no Ethel.  This show lost its comedic center when Caroline Manzo left.


  1. When Teresa says “we trusted the wrong people”, she does know that Juicy is one of those “people”, right? Her willful ignorance is so upsetting. Also, no worries JoeGorga, Milania has already volunteered to be on trash duty and will handle all other “man of the house” responsibilities, so your services are not needed.


  1. MAJOR PROPS to Melissa Gorga. She handled that conversation with Siggy in the classiest, most mature manner I think we’ve ever seen on this show. She made a series of great points and defended herself without any mudslinging.  Melissa’s response to Siggy asking if Melissa thought Jacqueline had anything to do with “strippergate” was a “YAS QUEEN” moment.  This whole argument is so stupid.  And I don’t mean to pull a Teresa here, but “if Jacqueline were a better friend”, she’d understand that Melissa and Teresa’s priority needs to be their relationship with each other.  It doesn’t matter who’s been friends with whom for how many years.  What matters is that these two women need to come together and repair their family.  I understand how that might hurt Jac’s feelings, but she needs to put her big girl pants on and get over it.  If she just stayed supportive, there would be room for her eventually.  I mean, not room on the show, because she’s here as the heel this season, but room in Melissa and Teresa’s lives.


  1. Does Dolores date? I have a hard time imagining Frank Sr. bankrolling her lifestyle if she’s dating, but I have no idea. I get that the kids are still in her house, but they won’t be for much longer.  I hope the gym thing works out for her but she doesn’t seem incredibly motivated.  I liked her mom though.  I’m not sure if “being a kept woman” is in a person’s DNA, but your parents are who you model future relationships on, so I understand more now about why Dolores has let men run her life the way she has.


  1. Posche fashion show! How long has it been?! Interesting to hear Dolores blame Kim D.’s behavior on “DNA” as well.  I know Dolores never went to college, but can someone please explain to her how nature v. nurture works?  I want to give props to both Jacqueline and Dolores for not engaging with Kim D., but as a viewer it’s disappointing.  Posche is supposed to bring the crazy!


  1. I seriously feel like a broken record here, but the problem with this show is the complete lack of villain. Has Jacqueline gone off the rails this season? Yes. Do I think she’s a bad person, or on the level of classically divisive housewives (Brandi, Leeanne L, Kenya, Danielle Staub, Aviva)? Not even a little bit.  She’s too fragile.  It doesn’t play well on screen.  On top of which, you have Siggy and Dolores who are genuinely friends with Jacqueline which gives her credibility.  And lastly, Teresa is too damn zen this season to properly flip out the way we want her to and t’s frustrating.  I feel like we keep ramping up to something that never really gets delivered.  We were at Posche for less than 5 minutes and nothing happened.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think this cast is too grown up and too well put together to keep the show going.  If it were up to me, I’d keep Siggy, and probably Dolores if only to get a finally-legal Frank Jr. on my tv every week, and then I’d wipe the rest of the cast clean and start fresh with some much younger, thirstier women.  Let Siggy play den mother to the insanity.


  1. Ashley* saying that she’s going to be one of “those moms” in regards to organic food, etc made my eyes roll back into the far, far crevasses of my head. Look, more power to all you granola moms out there, but if your kid is coming to my house and they can’t eat a hotdog, pack them a sack lunch to bring over. Also?  If I never hear the phrase “glam-ma” again it will be too soon.  (That said, if anyone wants to buy my assistant pastor mother a bedazzled shirt saying that, I will 100% make her wear it and post the pics).

           *as per usual, I refuse to acknowledge the change of spelling in her name


  1. I’m…….. uncomfortable with a scene in this type of show being shot in a church. It was an innocent scene, no pews were thrown, and I don’t think God actually gets upset by curse words, but it still felt….exploitative? What’s the word I’m looking for?


Bonus Thought: I get where Dolores is coming from when she tells Chris Laurita to not go to Juicy’s going away party.  I really do.  But it makes me sad because I think all the husbands on this show have a sweet bond and I don’t want Chris and Joe to miss an opportunity to say goodbye to each other.


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#10thoughts written by Liz