1. “Jacqueline is too protective over Teresa but Teresa isn’t looking for protection.” This line from Siggy is similar to Chris Laurita’s watch analogy from a couple weeks back. It’s always a weird moment for me when I’m on Teresa’s side. As a general rule, I usually just go in with a baseline assumption of “Teresa is wrong, now what else is happening?” But I’m 100% on Teresa and Robyn’s side here (I have no idea if Robyn spells her name that way, but she does in my head so I’m going with it).  Did Robyn go a little crazy? Absolutely.  Did Jacqueline instigate the fuck out of that situation? Oh, most definitely.  Robyn didn’t put her hands on Jacqueline, but Jac literally sat on her.  And for Jacqueline to even pretend like she felt threatened is totally bogus.  That said, Jacqueline is a main cast member so if anyone should leave, it should be Robyn.  And Dolores isn’t wrong to point out Teresa’s on parole and doesn’t need to be mixed up in any potentially volatile situations.  Although, one could argue that she really shouldn’t be a part of this show at all then, considering all the physical altercations that have occurred in seasons prior.


  1. I really appreciate the relationship that the NJ women have with food. They all eat on camera and they all eat Real Food instead of pushing around a dressing-less salad with their forks. I loved JoeGorga’s “Before you guys get into it, can we eat dinner?” and I appreciated Melissa’s response of “oh, WE ARE EATING DINNER”.  So, while I’m on Teresa’s side on the whole Robyn-being-the-one-to-leave thing, without a doubt, did you guys catch where Teresa said she’d been hanging out with Robyn for a whole year? Correct me if I am mistaken, but wasn’t Teresa at camp for most of the last year?  I do see Siggy’s point though, that Jacqueline is hurt that Teresa would take Robyn’s side over Jacqueline’s, especially since Teresa is the type of person to demand undying loyalty from her friends.  If the situation were reversed, Teresa would be furious with Jacqueline siding with someone else (and in fact she has been furious with anyone who isn’t blindly #TeamTre).  But for me personally?  It just reminds me why I have so few female friends.  I going to teeter into “im a bad feminist” territory here for a second, but bear with me.  In my personal experience, sometimes there seems to be a blind loyalty that is sometimes expected in female relationships.  I.e. if you are acting a fool, because we’ve been friends for decades, I’m not allowed to call you out on it or side with someone else, even if they are in the right.  I don’t play well at those rules.  If I think you’re wrong, I’m going to tell you you’re wrong.  Out of respect for our friendship I will try to be tactful about it, but this is so similar to what I hate most of Katie Maloney from VPR.  When she demanded that Tom2 just pat her head and comfort her even when she’s acting like a fucking psychopath it made me #turnt on her forever.  Jacqueline is also acting bizarrely jealous and it’s irritating.  That’s the other thing that (in my personal experience) has been a problem with some female relationships I’ve had or witnessed.  There’s a possessiveness that women can sometimes have with their friends that’s unhealthy to me.  Just because I’ve known you longer doesn’t mean I should side with you always.  Especially if you’re acting like a crazy person.


teresa buffalo wings.jpgJacqueline leaving the table just means more buffalo wings for the rest of them.  It’s a pretty fair trade.


  1. I’m also gonna call out Jacqueline for throwing Teresa’s past looney-tunes behaviors in her face when it’s been years since anything like that has really happened. Sometimes when you’ve been friends with someone for a very long time and you take a break for a few years, it’s hard to accept the changes that just occur naturally in a person’s like.  Is Teresa a completely different person?  Probably not, but she’s been pretty quick to avoid drama this season (much to this viewer’s dismay).  Jacqueline is still putting Teresa on trial for her sins of the past, or at least expecting some “money in the bank” in that department that gives Jac leeway to misbehave.  Obviously, Teresa is bad about dropping things as well (as we saw when she brought up her “are the magazines true” conversation with Jacqueline from a few seasons ago), but Jacqueline’s bad behavior is current.  She instigated Robyn and I don’t agree that it doesn’t matter how it started.  It absolutely does.  Getting to the root cause of a situation is how you prevent it from happening again.  This is the problem with housewives dropping in and out of the show.  Both Teresa and Jacqueline have this picture in their heads of how the other one acts and is, but it’s an old photo.  This is similar to Bethenny Frankel’s issues with Luann on this latest season of RHONY.  Bethenny hasn’t been around to see who Luann is now and still looks at her as the awful Countess from Season 3 (I’ve been rewatching lately and jeez, she really was awful).  But while it’s fair to want to sit down with someone and rehash issues you feel are unresolved, it is NOT fair to refuse to acknowledge that people do change over time.  There should be a statute of limitations of friend beef.  After a while, you need to let it go, or if you can’t, then let the friendship go.


  1. Oh, Jacqueline. I was really with you for the majority of this season so far. For the most part, I haven’t given you shit for any of the multiple times you’ve stirred the pot this season.  I’ve excused your behavior over and over again because I believe that (1) you are a good person who ultimately wants the best for everyone and has a desire to be friends with Teresa again and (2) that you got brought back on the show to be The Villain and were just getting that money, honey.  But to quote Heather Dubrow, this is some low base bullshit.  Screaming at Melissa and Teresa over dinner was wildly uncalled for.  Wagging your finger in Melissa and Joe’s face was wildly uncalled for.  Calling Kim D, that twisted evil garden gnome, to try to get her to back you up was uncalled for.  As a viewer, I’m thrilled that something is finally happening here, but as a fan of Jacqueline Laurita personally, I’m disgusted.  Also?  Bitter sarcasm is a really bad look on Jac.  Every time she tried to be snarky and mock Teresa it made me feel icky inside.  To quote the ever wise Chris Laurita, HANG UP THE PHONE.


  1. A wise person once said, “do you want to be right, or do you want to be friends” (or lovers, or married, or family, or sub in what’s appropriate). Jacqueline did “warn” Melissa and Joe about the stripper thing, so technically, she’s right about that. But bringing it up at all was total bullshit and completely unnecessary.  Teresa is a criminal.  That’s a fact.  Jacqueline is right about that.  But screaming it Teresa’s face is unacceptable if she’s actually trying to be her friend (note: I’m not sold that that was ever the plan).  Attacking Melissa out of nowhere was equally shitty and totally crazy.  Jacqueline was acting like a caged animal.  I get that she was hurt.  I really do.  But she didn’t seem to want to take any responsibility for the part she played in getting everyone to this place.  Which is, frankly, VintageTeresa behavior.  Side note- JoeGorga saying that the only thing Teresa did wrong was “stand by her husband” is categorically false.  And it’s exactly why a lot of us have a problem with Teresa profiting from her bad behavior seemingly without acknowledging or taking responsibility for any of it.


  1. I’m angry with Bravo for delaying this season and robbing us of checking in with JuicyJoe and the girls when he played Mr.Mom for a year. I would have watched an entire spinoff of just Juicy and Milania fat shaming each other. I also love how Milania just knew she would be the one in charge of the trash.  Milania gets it.  She knows her purpose in this family.  Least shocking information from this scene?  Gabriella is deemed “the responsible one”.  That poor sweet child got switched at birth and ended up in this crazy family.  The real Guidice daughter is probably raising hell with some other family in the greater Franklin Lakes area.


  1. You guys? They broke Siggy. And now I’m pissed.  I know that the standard line from new housewives is to say they haven’t watched any of the show before and had no idea what to expect, but I rarely ever believe it.  However, I do with Siggy.  I think she didn’t know what she was signing up for.  Or maybe she did but thought her goodness could combat all the ugly, and I give her credit for clearly trying.  But watching a grown woman, especially a grown woman who Siggy loves, scream in the face of other grown women at a public restaurant was just too much for SweetSig.  Props to Dolores for just standing there quietly and letting Siggy rant.


  1. As a person who does tend to emotionally rage during that time of the month, I almost want to give Jacqueline a pass for her “I’m on my period” comments, but ultimately I think it’s a bullshit excuse. If “don’t go on trips the first day of my period” is the only thing she learned about herself coming off of this trip, Jac is in some serious need of self-reflection time. If you know you’re like that and you know you tend to overreact when your body is flooded with hormones, then you have to also be in the business of apologizing for your actions once the fog has lifted.  Manfriend gets a warning before it starts and then after it’s over I’m on the make-good train for a couple days.  Jacqueline blaming her actions on her period also takes away from the validity of her pain and issues with Teresa.  She’s being dismissive of her own legitimate beef which makes me dismissive of it as well.



  1. Even if it’s at the expense of Jacqueline (and at this point I’m not sure how much of a loss that really is), I like Teresa and Melissa getting along. I like them as a team. They are actual family, they have kids around the same age, and if there’s any relationship that actually matters on this show, it’s theirs.  Call me a sucker, call me naïve, call me a moron, but I truly believe that they want to be closer.  I bought it hook line and sinker when they were in the ski lift and got emotionally vulnerable with each other.  I want this relationship to succeed.


  1. I say this every week, but this show is in desperate need of a true villain. Jacqueline’s behavior this week was deplorable, but also bizarre and I do not feel invested in hating her.  I ultimately like her and her husband and I’m far too invested in her storyline with Nicholas to really direct any hatred towards her.  This is why we need Kim D.  We NEED her.  Hopefully next week the Bravo Gods deliver the goods.


10thoughts written by Liz