1. Did anyone else read from Tamara Tattles that Robyn was cast as a Housewife this year? (http://tamaratattles.com/category/rhonj should get you there.) I did not read that until about 5 minutes ago, but it makes this point a little more interesting. Last night, I live tweeted that Robyn couldn’t hack it as a housewife because she just left Vermont and all the drama like an adult would. However, apparently Jacqueline told production that Robyn had to go because she felt threatened. That has to be legit; why else would Teresa have kept yelling “I’m THREATENED!” to Jacqueline during their dinner fight? Weird that Jacqueline is calling the shots here, right? That’s the only part that doesn’t add up.

2. Another thing about Jacqueline is that she is obviously acting out for camera time (& money). That’s her entire storyline. I like sweet Jacqueline and I dislike this desperate Jacqueline very much. There’s no reason to yell at Melissa that she’s had four nose jobs (who cares?) and to bring up the stripper story from 1999 except for to purposefully stir the pot. I guess it worked though, because both of those moments ended up in the promos and previews. And in my blog.

3. Would any of our readers go on a trip to Vermont with a cast of people they barely tolerate rather than staying home with their family if their husband was leaving for a 3 year camp in two weeks? Anyone? No? The Giudices’ must be hard up for cash. They should just sell a reality show based on Milania – except I’m not sure it would work without her sidekick Juicy, so maybe not.

4. Joe Gorga wanted to eat before Teresa and Melissa asked Jacqueline for her side of the Jacqueline-Robyn story because Joe Gorga knows my soul much like Jimmy Edmonds knows MKE’s soul. However, Teresa started fighting as soon as she hit the chair. Frankly, Teresa is correct in this argument but who cares? Jacqueline was going to fight no matter what. Dolores knows where it’s at and asks the waiter for buffalo wings posthaste after the fight.

5. Jacqueline calling Teresa a criminal was accurate but out of nowhere. Then Joe Gorga said something ridiculous like Teresa is not a criminal; the only thing of which she is guilty is standing behind her husband! Um. No. Teresa would earn back viewers and a little bit of respect if she would just freaking admit that she isn’t as dumb as a rock and she knew exactly what was going on. Sure, maybe Teresa didn’t know at first but she damn well knew after going to camp for a year.

6. Did anyone else catch that when Jacqueline told Teresa she should listen to her because “they’ve been friends for 15 years” that Teresa said she’d ‘known’ Robyn for about a year? This makes sense to Tamara’s report that Robyn had been cast but like, did Robyn go visit Teresa at camp? Did I mishear this?

7. Oh dear, sweet Siggy. She told Dolores that it was the “most toxic three days of her life” and this is coming from someone who’s been divorced so I know there was a little unhappiness in her life before. This is what happens when you sign a deal with the devil (Andy Cohen) and decide to become famous on the Real Housewives. Your life becomes garbage. PLEASE GET OUT, SIGGY! WE LOVE YOU! (Except PLEASE STAY because WE LOVE YOU!)

8. This is my cold, dead heart talking but I will never believe Melissa and Teresa truly care about each other or even remotely like each other.

9. What is happening here with Kathy, Rosie, and Jacqueline? Was there some sort of deal that Jacqueline thought she could get back on the show so she promised the sisters she would get them on somehow as well? Were they hoping to use Teresa to get back on the show and then wanting to get Teresa fired? What are the motives here? What are the best outcomes? I am so baffled by this – none of it makes sense. Your theories in the comments, please.

10. Milania Giudice is reality television GOLD.


#10thoughts written by Kerry