1. Yawn.

2. I cannot believe we seriously waited two years for Teresa to get out of camp and the cast trip is VERMONT. What kind of sh!t is that? Furthermore, can you imagine being Teresa and having to go out of town when your husband is leaving soon? It would be torture. She needs the money but damn.

3. I always love a visit to Posche and a chance to see Kim D try desperately to win air time. (Cute clothes though.) I will say that agreed with Kim D when she said that Teresa and Melissa will never truly like each other. It’s harsh, but it’s just true. There’s too much jealousy and animosity there, and it’s nearly 100% Teresa’s fault. I’ve said this before, but I think initially Teresa was jealous of Melissa – I mean, for God’s sake, who wouldn’t be? But Teresa had the show and when Melissa got that too…I think it was just too much.

4. What is this story about a Derek filming Teresa selling her books for cash and then Derek selling that video somewhere? I never heard this story (though admittedly Teresa is the Jersey housewife I care least about). It’s a weird thing for Kim D to suggest, but all of a sudden Jacqueline turns it into a fact at during the glamorous Vermont trip (they’re in white robes, so you know it’s the height of luxury). Melissa’s explanation that “he’s only 21” and “seems like a nice kid” was just weird though. She didn’t address whether she knew anything about the tape. I think at the end she said she’d check it out? Not sure.

5. I like Jacqueline, I really do. But her shrieking at Teresa in the car ride to their fabulous vacation does not read well. It reads as “GIVE ME CAMERA TIME (and therefore money).” She raises her voice over such non-issues – this one didn’t concern her in the least. Imagine how confusing it would be for the other cast members to have that conversation in the car. They know she’s doing it for television time, but they have to pretend like it’s real. You can see this nervous, yet slightly amused facial expressions on everyone’s face that isn’t talking.

6. I was shocked to find out Chris Laurita went on a date with Teresa. Why haven’t the producers dropped this knowledge on us before? I guess it’s sort of a non-story but I liked that little tidbit. Also: How long do you think it’s been since Chris got more than 20 minutes of sleep at a time? 1982? I think his version of Ambien was having Jacqueline serve The Little Kernel on camera while talking about absolutely nothing that concerns her but would for sure get air time.

7. Speaking of Jacqueline getting heated over non-issues, I don’t understand this whole Robyn fight. We can all agree that Robyn and Jacqueline were fighting over who gets more camera time, right? Normal people don’t meet and then scream at each other by the end of the day. I mean, I know that Wives are anything but normal, but this isn’t Real behavior and it’s very confusing to watch. It always seems like the producers cut huge chunks of conversation out because everyone goes from fine to frenetic. Heather Dubrow has said this before, but the viewers can tell when someone is putting on for the camera.

8. The fact that Siggy likes Jacqueline so much is a pretty good argument that Jacqueline is a good person. I trust Siggy’s judgement.

9. Melissa, someone who owns a boutique full of expensive clothing, is wearing a cat mask.

10. Another fake Jacqueline move is her saying she is going to leave. Um, no. I think she gets exactly what she wants – for Robyn to leave. Once Siggy & Dolores are involved (actual cast members), Robyn doesn’t stand a chance if Jacqueline plays the “me-vs-her” card. I think Jacqueline thinks she’s being sneaky about wanting Robyn to get kicked out, but she’s not. She claimed maybe 62 times that she wants to make this a nice weekend for Teresa. That’s a red flag. Maybe say it once? I don’t know. 10 Thoughts for RHONJ is such a stretch. Sorry, readers, that’s all I’ve got for today.


10thoughts written by Kerry