Here’s the deal.  Kerry and Liz love writing this blog.  It’s legit one of our favorite things to do and all the shows are so good right now, so please know that it absolutely sucks to have to say this:

The blog is on hiatus for a week or so.


I know.  We’re sorry.  Here’s why:

Kerry is a doctor with a real job and while she will still live tweet when she can, it’s hard enough for her to find time to contribute on an easy work week, but it’s especially difficult right now when work is crazy.

Liz is not a doctor (she’s an executive assistant for a fancy pants CEO), but her workload just quadrupled because the other EA that works for her very demanding boss had to leave town indefinitely thanks to a family emergency.  Liz also live-recaps (i.e. she doesn’t watch the show until she recaps it) so that means she hasn’t been able to watch any of her favorite shows in over a week which is a HARD BUMMER.

But the WORST part about all of this is that our interview with the incomparable Siggy Flicker is just sitting in transcription form on Liz’s laptop, waiting to be reformatted.  It’s killing us that that hasn’t been posted yet but there is literally no time.


All of this is to say, we’re really really sorry and hope to get back in the saddle as soon as possible.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!


love love love,

Liz & Kerry