1. First, I need to express my concern for something. As some of you know, I’m a doctor. I’m only saying that to add credibility to my fear about Mr. Edmonds. I am concerned he has actinic cheilosis and I want to make sure he is wearing sunscreen on that lower lip. Please, anyone who cares about Jim Edmonds, will you please make sure he is wearing sunscreen on his lower lip? Also, if you’re someone who cares about Jimmy, please stop reading this blog entry.

2. I do not like Jim Edmonds.

3. I’ll address this whole hospital thing right now. So. I would have gone to the hospital for sure. Maybe I would have gone because I would have felt guilty about not going; maybe I would have gone because the cameras were there. No matter my selfish intentions, I would have been there. That being said, I really respect Meghan and Shannon for not going. They do not like Vicki; maybe they think this is what she gets for lying about cancer.

4. Production called an Uber for Vicki to get home? Really?

5. I am a little disappointed in Heather tonight because she had many opportunities to say my new favorite catchphrase she created: “This is some LOW BASE BULLSH!T!!”

6. Did anyone else catch that Tamra was wearing a bejeweled hat that said “classy AF” on it while she was crying during her facetime to Vicki? That cracked me up more than it should have.

7. I think that Meghan is acutely aware she is on a reality show, just like the rest of the women, but I think there’s something about Meghan that is different. I don’t think she creates excuses or changes her behavior like the other women do. For example, when Heather said that she didn’t have a car to go to the hospital, Meghan was thinking, “Um. Production was there. You had a car. Stop lying.” And Meghan is correct in that. She also brought Vicki a gift from Jim’s candle shoppe, which is a very OC housewife thing to do. I’m starting to like Meghan.

8. On the other hand, Meghan had no right to tell Heather or anyone at that campsite to go to the hospital. However, I don’t think she was trying to do that. I think she was thinking, “Um, excuse me, I don’t like this woman. Why don’t YOU go instead of telling ME to go?”

9. Meghan saying Tamra wasn’t careful when driving that car that flipped is some low base bullsh!t if I’ve ever heard it. If I was Tamra I would be furious. It’s gross behavior to say that to Vicki.

10. I starting to like Kelly Dodd. Don’t throw stuff at me. She apologized to Heather and I think that was really big of her. I mean, granted, it was a weird apology: “Sorry I hated you for no reason and thought you were awful, etc. I was wrong.” Why not just start with that last part, Kelly? Anyway, I also fully support her drinking after the accident. I totally would have too (well. Maybe not if cameras were on me).


Bonus thought: My favorite quote of the night was when Vicki asked why she was getting presents and the reply was, “Because you didn’t die.”


#10thoughts written by Kerry