1. I love Siggy’s relationship with her kids. I think that like all of us, Siggy just wants her kids to have more than she ever did, but there’s a fine line between rewarding positive behaviors and spoiling your children. I think Siggy does a pretty good job walking that tightrope.  She can afford to give her son a car, and I’m sure she wants too, but she is determined to give Josh the rules and regulations that come along with teenage freedoms.  She wants him to know that having a car is a responsibility, not a right.  Side note- I just had my first phone interview with Siggy and she could not have been a nicer, warmer person.  It was the first phone interview I’ve ever done so I was understandably nervous (and sober!  It was at 8am my time!) and she couldn’t have been more gracious and lovely.  We’ve been #TeamSiggy all season, but now we’re in love.  She’s 100% The Best.  Dolores is also dealing with her kids growing up and leaving the nest.  Frank Jr. seem like a very respectful kid, but my hand to God, if my son is even half that good looking when he’s 17 he’s getting locked in his bedroom until I am no longer legally allowed to hold him there against his will.*

*That sounds weirder than I intended it to.   I just mean that a boy that good looking is bound to get into some trouble


  1. Do any of you watch The Good Wife? (minor spoilers if you haven’t) One of the more interesting episodes to me was the one where Domenick Lombardozzi (from The Wire) is hired to help Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry aka Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls) learn how to adapt to life in prison. I wonder if the Guidice’s considered hiring someone like that or if that would seem emasculating to a guy like Juicy.  Teresa & Juicy’s lawyer cautions Juicy to be careful when deciding who he’s going to associate.  We get a few clips from last week’s nutso dude screaming in the streets and I make a mental note to research him.  Who was that guy?  Why was he shouting about the mob?


  1. So all season I’ve felt like the “JoeGorga wants Melissa to stay at home and raise his kids” plotline was manufactured. Sure, Joe’s an old-school guy, but they’ve always seemed to have a pretty healthy relationship and dynamic. I still absolutely think the kids are playing up their bad behavior for the cameras, but tonight was the first time that that whole Gorga Family Conflict felt real.  And while it did sort of seem like a joke that got out of hand with JoeGorga’s approach, I want to applaud Melissa for how she handled it.  She was strong and direct.  She explained why opening this shop is so important to her and shut Joe down when he spoke disrespectfully to her.  Sure, Melissa’s job may bring in “crumbs” compared to JoeGorga’s “cake”, but it’s important to her and Joe needs to be more respectful of that. I also understand the concept of not wanting a nanny to raise your kids.  It’s why Manfriend and I decided that he would stay at home with our son, but relationships are about evolving and growing together.  It’s okay to change over the course of 10 years.  I’d be worried if a person didn’t.  But it’s a testament to the strength of a relationship when you’re able to adapt and change your lifestyle to better fit the needs of your partner.  I want them to work this out (I have no doubt that they will) and I hope JoeGorga has watched these episodes back and kissed Melissa’s feet, apologizing for his behavior.  I think Siggy’s advice to Melissa was great.  A relationship is like a car, and if you don’t put any gas into it, it’s not going to go anywhere.  Melissa still has her fairytale, “but it’s at a different chapter now” and at the end of the day, I agree that JoeGorga loves her and will put on the apron.


  1. Did anyone else tear up a little bit watching Milania with Nicholas? I give Milania a lot of grief, but it’s all in fun because I truly think she’s one of God’s gifts to reality TV. Watching Milania be so sweet and gentle and understanding with Nick makes me think that our eventual supreme leader will not only rule with an iron fist, but have moments of kindness and mercy.  Another thing that made me tear up a bit was watching Jacqueline and Teresa be so loving to one another.  These women are mothers first and foremost and I wish they could just focus on the love they both have for their children instead of rehashing the past.

milania-nicholasI have no snarky caption for this.  It was just a beautiful moment.


  1. I am HIGHLY disappointed in Teresa and Juicy for not squashing their beef with Kathy during her daughter Victoria’s health scare. It turns my stomach to think Kathy can’t rely on all of her family to be there for her. I still don’t ultimately understand why there was such a fallout between Teresa and Kathy.  I think it was something about their parents or grandparents and a bad loan as well as some issue over a recipe in Teresa’s book being Kathy’s, but I need someone to take a deep dive and fill me in on what happened here.  Also- yeah, I get it that Teresa and Juicy have their own thing going on, but when you’ve got a sick kid, it trumps going away to “prison camp to write a book”.  It was interesting to hear Juicy say the girls all knew where Teresa really was.  I figured as much, since everyone has an iPhone now, but it makes me wonder which is worse; having your mom go off to prison, or having your mom go off to prison and lie to you about it?


  1. I want to give Dolores a pass for missing work because of Boo (especially since I would be inconsolable if Toby-the-Wonder-Dog had been put down), but considering the fact that she has hardly been motivated to go to work all season, I’m not sure her excuse flies with me. Look, I get that Dolores has lived a comfortable life deep inside Frank Sr.’s pocket, but that has to come to an end at some point and she should consider herself lucky that she even has a job to blow off. I need to see more hustle from Dolores.  Especially when you put her up against Melissa Gorga who is busting ass every day.


  1. I also want to say really quickly that Melissa absolutely had the right idea when she organized the big family dinner. It’s too easy when there’s conflict to dig your heels in and demand more (out of spite) without giving back, but Melissa recognized that JoeGorga has been struggling with the shift in their dynamic and instead of doubling down on the conflict and making it worse, she rose above and threw the guy a bone. Good partnerships are about recognizing each other’s needs and both of you doing your best to fulfill them.



  1. Obviously, fellow recapper Kerry and I are huge fans of Siggy and this has been a particularly great episode for our girl. Not only did Siggy and her husband Mark amicably divorce, but Siggy ended up being Mark’s matchmaker. Thuy seems like a lovely person and Siggy’s relationship with her is wonderful (Siggy also had nothing but nice things to say about Thuy when we spoke on the phone so it wasn’t just an act for the cameras). Blended families, when they are done right, can be inspiring.  As some of you know, Kerry and I met because she is now married to my ex of five years.  The ex and I didn’t have any children, but we had known each other since I was 11 so it was nice to not have to lose my friend when he met Kerry and fell in love with her.  Kerry and I have a great relationship, and I’d say we are even closer than I am with her husband.  When everyone acts like an adult, magical things happen and wonderful relationships form.  Good for Siggy and Mark, finding a way to stay close and friendly, not just for the sake of their kids, but for each other.  Props to Josh for seeming genuinely and ecstatically grateful for his car.   I got a car after I passed my driver’s test so I can hardly fault Mark and Siggy for doing the same for their kid.  Now, granted, I got a 1993 Dodge Spirit but a car is a car is a car to a teenager.


  1. Like I said, I don’t remember everything that went down between Kathy, Rosie, and Teresa and as such, I don’t really get why it’s so bad now. Teresa says Kathy and Rosie never reached out while she was away, but they’ve been in a bad place for much longer than that.  I will say though, that Rosie seemed sincere and genuine in her plea to Teresa to go to lunch and work it out.  You only have one family.  But most importantly, Juicy and Rosie are a match made in heaven and this family crisis needs resolution if for no other reason than to get these two in the same room and on my TV screen as much as possible.  At first I wasn’t sure why Rosie kept apologizing for her “fuck you” moment at the Laurita’s NYE party, but I think she’s just trying to apologize before the show aired and the Guidice’s saw what she had said, which I respect.


  1. We need Kim D. up in this junk, STAT, because we need someone truly loathsome to focus on. The stakes are so much higher in this show due to all of the familial relationships that even when I’m annoyed with them, I ultimately want things to work out.  Dolores and Siggy aren’t blood related to anyone, but they are both way too decent to truly stir the shit.  Although, Dolores seemed to stick her toe in that a little bit tonight in the car with Jacqueline.  I just don’t hate any of them, which is a weird position for me to be in with a show like this.


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