1. So, on a scale of one to Jimmy Edmonds, how disinterested is Eddie in Tamra now? We never seen them act even remotely loving towards each other. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t hostile in the slightest, but I think apathy can be so much worse than anger.  My theory is that Eddie has poured his whole life into Cut Fitness and while it’s not doing all that great, it would be even worse off without the name recognition it gets from Tamra and the show, so he can’t leave her.  Inappropriate bubble baths seem like such a distant memory…


  1. Kelly’s marriage fucking fascinates me. I’m obsessed with it. I want to sit in a room with Kelly, a case of Whispering Angel, and a barrel of popcorn and just hear all about it.  It seems like a hostage situation; wherein I’m not totally sure who the hostage is.  Also- Kelly doesn’t understand what windbreakers do which reminds me of that time I asked Manfriend what a “fuel pump” does and he stared at me wordlessly for a full 10 seconds before walking away.


  1. Shannon’s house sold for just over 9mil. YIKES. Didn’t they originally list it at 16m?  13 days seems like not that long for those of us normals, but I work for a very rich man, so I know better.  I organize his entire life, and I know for a fact that if you have enough money the laws of time and space no longer apply to you and can be manipulated in a way to get whatever you want accomplished.  What IS a frustrating ordeal is going through all your furniture and knick knacks in order to decide what can be left behind.  You can’t hire a person to prioritize your memories.


  1. You guys? It’s a lifelong dream of mine to buy a souped up RV (or, honestly, even shitty winnebego would suffice) and hit the road with Manfriend, Buggy, and Toby-the-Wonder-Dog. The cats can stay behind because I don’t want a shit-box in my car-home.  I thought the RV that Heather rented was awesome, but Miss Fancy Pants was, of course, wildly disappointed.  There was no button for champs anywhere!


  1. I like Nicky. He seems like a really good kid. Say what you will about Heather, but her kids seem great.  Sure, Coco is some alleged hellion, but I think that was just Terry Dubrow’s attempt at creating the buzz Milania Guidice receives and let’s be real- Coco is no Milania.  Do you guys think Nicky and Jolie got a crush on each other?  Heather would totally flip her shit.  I remember when I was Jolie’s age, any time I was around a boy I got a crush on him.  Didn’t matter who.


  1. Why is it that I always relate to the worst people on these shows? On this week’s RHONJ, my alcoholic, moody, lack of coping skills made me concerned that I’m a Juicy. And now, I’m concerned I’m a Kelly because there is not a moving vehicle invented that hasn’t gotten me motion sick.  Oh, and when I’m drunk, I’ve been known to call total strangers a cunt.  But usually in a friendly, UK sort of way.  Seriously though, if I’m not driving, I will probably puke.  Sometimes even if I am driving.  I’m a mess.


  1. Oh Meghan. Oh, sweet stupid Meghan. I wish you the best of luck as a single mother.  Maybe you’ll get along with Jim’s 4th wife as well as you got along with his 1st.


  1. Yeah so…Nicky is every single one of our bravo-free boyfriends when he asks about Vicki, “Is she drunk?” and we answer “no” and then he/they says/say “is she always like that?” YES. Yes, Nicky.  Yes.  Vicki is always like that.  Eddie teaching Nicky how to ride the ATV was sweet.  Why doesn’t Eddie want kids, again?  And is it that he doesn’t want kids or that he doesn’t want kids with Tamra…


  1. That crash was legit scary and my stomach dropped out from under me when I saw Kelly’s helmet fly off. I don’t know how she didn’t get more injured. At first I sort of laughed at Heather for running around dolling out medical advice since her only real qualification is “Doctor’s Wife”, but ultimately?  She was great.  She was calm and rational and she did and said all the right things. I’d want Heather on my crisis management team.  Tamra’s mother, on the other hand, decided not to go to the hospital with her daughter, which seems incredibly bizarre.  It also made her tears in the RV with Kelly seem….disingenuous?  I know I’d always rather drink champagne in a camper with a crazy lady than go to the hospital, but I think when it’s your daughter who’s been carted away in an ambulance, you don’t stick around camp crying with Kelly.


2-5-hoursBecause anything less than that would have been uncouth….


  1. “I don’t want to visit Vicki in the hospital because I’m not her friend.” I find this to be a totally valid excuse. Yeah, MKE went to Vicki’s party, but that was just the very beginning of an immensely long road those two will have to go down before ever being at the “hospital visit” level.  I think it’s ridiculous of Tamra, Heather, and Kelly to judge MKE and Shannon for not going just because they are closer in proximity.  Meghan is not her friend.  Shannon even less so.  But congratulations to Vicki for finally becoming what she’s always dreamed of- a true Vicktim.


10thoughts written by Liz