1. I’ve said this all season, so forgive me for being repetitive, but Bethenny is her best self when she’s being vulnerable. I know she hates being weepy on camera, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when her eyes well up because that means for this brief moment, she isn’t going to be eviscerating anyone. The cruelty subsides and all that’s left is this raw nerve.  I don’t wish bad things for B and I don’t want anyone to be in pain, but when she drops her guard, even for a second, it’s like a breath of fresh air.  Seeing the home video of her walking around the Tribeca apartment was heartbreaking.  THAT’S the “Real” Bethenny, in my opinion.


  1. I think Luann dug her own grave last week with her ridiculous mud-slinging (about Bethenny being with a married man) in some misguided attempt to get back at B. I’ve decided that my dream job is now “Housewives Reunion Behavior Consultant” because I’ve literally spent at least an hour thinking about how Luann should have handled herself. Yes, this is what I think about when I should be paying attention to my kid. Trying to beat Bethenny at her own game is ALWAYS a mistake.  Luann would have been better served to stay calm and vulnerable because Bethenny doesn’t know how to operate on that level.  Anyhow, all of this is to say, I recognize that Luann is no angel and Bethenny’s frustrations with her weren’t completely unwarranted (terrible execution, though).  But the way Bethenny treated Jules this season was completely unacceptable.  The way she’s treating her on the reunion is completely unacceptable.  What does she gain by taking Jules down?  It’s a bad look.  Props to Dorinda for defending Jules all season and again here.


  1. I want to give Carole a crumb of acknowledgement for not going on the offensive with Jules and trying to hear what she had to say. I don’t think Carole owned up to the cattiness of her behavior by a long shot, but she didn’t feel the need to berate Jules any further, unlike SOME PEOPLE. Eating disorders are really fuckin scary and Jules is right- recovery is not linear.  If Jules had shared that she had a history of cutting, do you think Bethenny and Carole would have behaved the same way?  Would they have snickered and commented every time Jules picked up a knife to butter a roll?  Would they have talked in hushed tones about how “Jules really seems to shave her legs a lot, do you think she’s really recovered?!”…Of course not.  But ED is one of those diseases that women can be particularly cruel about.  It never came off as loving concern.  Wait, actually that’s not true.  When Bethenny and Jules met that first time and talked, they really seemed to bond and reach an understanding.  Which is why it was especially heinous for B to spend the rest of the season shit talking Jules with Carole.  I’m so disgusted by this situation.


        kerrytweetMy personal favorite from Kerry’s live-tweet


  1. Jules and Carole are 18 years apart. That’s absolutely a different generation. I think Carole’s just bitter because Jules has 23 good summers left.  And there’s a big difference between Jules making a menopausal joke in retaliation vs B&C talking shit about Jules’ eating disorder.  Anyone who thinks those two things are on the same playing field, or even within the same county line is touched in the head.  Also, if Jules is a bad representation of being Jewish, then Bethenny is a bad representation of being human.  Sure, Bethenny’s father was Jewish, but as my friend Leslie said, “I think considering Bethenny doesn’t identify as culturally or religiously Jewish, she needs to shut the fuck up about it”.  It’s so gross.  Bethenny is so, so gross. “I can say whatever I want!” Yes, you can.  But that doesn’t mean you should.


  1. Shit-stirrers are the worker bees of the Housewives franchise. And as long as they aren’t overtly obnoxious about it (i.e. Tiffany from RHOD), and at least make an attempt at subtlety (i.e. Tamra “oh, do you not like Heather?”), I’m good with it. I think Dorinda falls squarely in the latter category.  But unlike Tamra, I agree that her intentions seem to be mostly good.  And you guys know how I feel about a sincere apology, so I give props to Carole for recognizing that she had hurt Dorinda when she joked about the Berkshire’s house being haunted by Richard.  Apologizing was the right thing to do.  Another right thing to do was Andy asking Dorinda why she called Jules instead of Carole when she was upset.  I wasn’t satisfied with Dorinda’s “I was just too shocked” answer.  That said, Dorinda was correct to call Carole out for only wanting to spend time with Bethenny this season, which is a criticism Carole seemed conscious enough of when she was in Miami, because that why she chose to go to Sandbar.

sandbarJust in case you forgot what Sandbar was….#SANDBAR


  1. Did you guys catch Bethenny’s comment after Dorinda said she will always stick up for Jules when she thinks Jules is being hurt? B said, “It didn’t do her any favors”. It’s a throw-away line that could be interpreted in a few different ways, but I took it to mean counseling Jules to stand up to Bethenny was a mistake.  It put Jules directly in B’s line of fire and made her an enemy of The Queen.  I wasn’t on board with Jules all season, but I’m bummed that it looks like Jules won’t be coming back next season.  I think that’s probably the healthiest thing for her, but I will miss her.


  1. OH MY GOD. Why are ANY of these women claiming to have had something more with Tom? Even if it’s true!  I would be embarrassed at this point to have had any association with that creep.  If I were Ramona, I’d be like “Sure, fine.  A couple of dates.  Good luck with your impending trainwreck, Lu.”  And of COURSE Tom would downplay his relationship with Ramona and Sonja.  It’s not exactly pillow talk to blab about fucking your fiancé’s friends.  Also?  Every time the women talk shit about Tom, it only brings Luann closer to him.  If they had just let it go and smiled politely, and most importantly told Luann about Tom cheating in private, she might have dumped the chump by now.  But they are setting up a Romeo & Juliet scenario at this point.   You guys? I’m so tired of talking about Tom.


jules-date-tomBest moment from this whole conversation.


  1. Why the fuck did Ramona save that photo. That is so insanely bizarre.  Do you guys think maybe it’s a forgery?  Did Ramona recreate that drawing on her hand just to make her point?  Why don’t these ladies get that Luann doesn’t care. Luann DOES NOT CARE that Tom sucked face with some blond for an hour in public.  Why the fuck would Lu care if he fibbed about how many dates he went on with Ramona?  What a gigantic waste of time.


  1. The Sonja thing is different, I feel. Mostly because it seems like all Sonja wants is to not have her past with Tom belittled or disrespected.  I think Sonja said 5 times out of respect for Lu, but I’m going to go by the Rule of Threes and assume it was more like 15.  15 times in 10 years is perfectly legit fuck-buddy status.  Especially for two people who have as many casual romances as Tom and Sonja.  And I understand Luann standing by her man, but Sonja has no reason to lie here and Lu was being pretty cunty about the whole thing.  Bethenny was right to ask Luann why she felt okay with calling her friend of 8 years a liar.  But, as you all know, Sonja is my fav and I get a little tunnel vision-y when it comes to her.


  1. Dorinda has the right idea here. Should everything the women are saying about Tom give Luann pause? Absofuckinlutely.  But Luann and Tom have worked it out between themselves and Luann is fine with it.  So again, let it go and implode on itself.  Pointing out all the red flags seems to have only made Luann color blind.  Let. It. Go.  In a live poll, all the women except Ramona think Luann will be getting married on New Year’s Eve.  I think she probably will too, but the marriage can’t and won’t last.


Ladies?  I promise you this- your soul mate is NOT the guy who makes out with           randos in bars while engaged to you.  The list of Things I Know is so very short, but this is on it.


10thoughts written by Liz