Sorry about the massive delay in all things 10thoughts.  As noted in other articles, I’ve been a giant mess of injuries this summer and it’s make me cranky and lazy.  Here’s hoping the fall brings diligent recapping and a lack of broken bones!  Let’s get started, shall we?


  1. Watching Tyler and Catelynn makes me feel bad for my kid. I feel bad that I refuse to go to any mommy and me, baby activities because I find them lame and embarrassing. He’s going to be emotionally stunted and anti-social all because I refuse to be in a crowded room with everyone talking in baby talk.  Sorry, kid.  I applaud Tyler and Catelynn for taking Nova, though.  Ugh, you guys, I have such mixed feelings on the Brandon & Teresa wanting to keep Carly private.  On the one hand, I completely get it.  All these TeenMomOG kids are being stripped of their privacy, and it’s never sat well with me.  On the other hand, I feel like Tyler and Catelynn have been pretty respectful in regards to Carly, but their job right now is to document their lives.  And part of their lives is talking with Teresa about Carly.  They respected B&T’s decision to not have cameras for their yearly visits, but it seems like an overreach to insist that Ty & Cate not talk about the phone conversations.  Brandon and Teresa’s control, rights, and privilege only extend so far, you know?  But I appreciate Catelynn saying her relationship with Teresa trumps their contract with MTV.  I just don’t want Teresa to take advantage of that.

Which is why I sort of respect the fact that Catelynn keeps talking to the producers on camera about how Teresa doesn’t want her to talk about it on camera.  I kinda love that this is their new plotline.  It’s like how the more restrictions you put on a person, the more boundaries you set up, and the tighter you pull in, the more those lines are going to be crossed and pushed.  And that’s exactly what happens later on in the episode with Tyler!  Tyler is so angry that B&T are trying to take away his freedom to do his job (aka, tell his life story), that he considers accepting the ultimate consequences for it (i.e. B&T cutting off their contact with Carly, which would ultimately be damaging to her since she’s old enough to know about them, and understand who they are).  It’s a risky move, but I get it.



  1. Oh Debra. You mess of hot topic and hot flashes.  What happened to you?  Everything time you open your mouth to speak, I feel more and more like you deserve Farrah as a daughter.  And then when Farrah speaks, I think…yup.  She deserves you as a mother.  I also love that Debra is the type of person to say “Have fun!” when Farrah and Sophia are heading off to “Daddy Derek’s” grave.  Speaking of…these scenes are always so morbid to me.  I get it, and I want to be understanding of everyone handing grief differently but holy fuck.  That said, I like Farrah so much more when she’s around Derek’s family.  They seem to ground her and she’s not a flaming dumpster pile of a person when she speaks to them.



  1. Looks like Matt saved up all his MTV checks and upgraded Amber’s engagement ring. Smart move, Matthew. Matt seems to have also persuaded Amber into thinking Farrah’s phone call was fucked up in some way.  You guys know how I feel about Farrah.  I think she is grade-a swamp trash.  But that phone call to Amber felt genuine and was the most mature and supportive we’ve ever seen Fare-bear be.  I’m becoming #Turnt on Matt.  I was supportive of him before because he seemed like a stabilizing influence in Amber’s life and is good to Leah, but this is weird.  He needs to own up to the fact that he was a TeenMomOG fanboy and even if he’s developed a real relationship with Amber now, that’s how this started.  I feel like Lisa Rinna has some good advice here….

ownitYes ma’am!


Side note- how does one go two+ years without meeting any of their significant other’s family?  I get that Matt doesn’t seem to be connected to his family (or, you know, children) all that much, but it seems crazy that Amber wouldn’t have pushed for this sooner.  Are Matt’s parents dead*?  Does he have siblings?  Who is this “Cousin Michael” character?  I have so many questions….

*we know now that at least Matt’s mother is alive and he refers to her as “satanic”.  I don’t know her, and maybe she is actually a terrible person, but Amber calls Matt “rude” for saying that, which means he hasn’t given Amber any reason for why he calls his mother satanic, which is another red flag.  Oh, Matt…I was such a supporter of you.  It’s all falling apart…


  1. I’ve always respected Maci. I think she’s a good mom, and other than her inability to show up for a college class (which is a disability I also suffer from), I think she’s responsible and hard working. But I can’t stand her “I had no idea I was pregnant oh my god how did this happen I have no idea how far along I am” bullshit plot line.  I’ve heard it’s because there’s evidence of her drinking/smoking during this pregnancy and so she’s using this as cover for why she did that, but she has a HUGE stomach in that ultrasound scene.  As a mother of two, there is no way in hell Maci didn’t know she was pregnant and I’m supremely irritated that she’s expecting all of us to believe otherwise.  I’m also offended by Taylor’s terrible acting in these scenes.


  1. Something I’m not offended by is Maci’s relationship with Ryan’s parents. HOW THE FUCK DID SUCH AWESOME PEOPLE RAISE SUCH A STUNTED MAN-CHILD?! Larry and what-her-name are the best.  And they are such good co-parents with Maci, and so supportive of her in general.  I love their dynamic.  I love how much cooler Ryan is being in general, and I actually laughed out loud when Larry suggested that Ryan move into Bentley’s room at Maci’s (with his legos), so that they could also be child-free.  I just want to drink beers and watch football with Larry, you guys.  I’d also like to transcribe Larry’s Words of Wisdom in regards to settling down with someone, because they legit made me tear up:

What’s-her-name-Ryan’s-mom: “you’re getting emotional!”

Larry: “Well, yeah, because it’s important.  It’s important.  When you make that commitment, it could be for 50 years.  And they better be your best friend, you better love them, and you better be willing to go up and down because it happens.  [turns to his wife] Thank you, for our family.

Ryan’s mom: “thank you!”

Larry: “No, thank you.  Seriously.  Thank. You.  Your sacrifices, your commitment, everything that you’ve done.  Ryan, Bentley, Me, I appreciate it.  Thank you.

People?!  THIS IS HOW YOU DO A MARRIAGE.  Again, I ask- how did these two wonderful people create such a Peter Pan?



  1. Something is going on with Farrah this season. She’s more vulnerable, but in a sincere way. It’s confusing and….dare I say, endearing?  I’m starting to think maybe Farrah is a broken little bird who has tried to boob-job and fuck-on-camera her way out of her pain and considering everyone in her life is just a person that’s trying to use and abuse her, maybe she’s just acting accordingly?  Jesus.  I know I’ve had a lot of white wine, but it made me sort of on her side when Farrah was talking about how all she ever wanted was to be married to Derek and own a restaurant in Missouri and to see her get so frustrated when Debra kept interjecting and applauding her daughter for creating this other life.  When Farrah said, “If I weren’t me, this is how my life would have been…” it made me sad.  Like I said, there’s been a lot of white wine this evening…



  1. Cousin Michael, who seems to be wearing a loose-fitting wetsuit, strikes me as an opportunist fame-seeker. Why hasn’t he spoken to Matt in 10 years? Why is he calling him now?  His comments about “getting a kick out of watching Leah” were creepy.  As was his Ann Coulter looking wife.  I make an effort to never get political on this blog, but Ann Coulter is the devil.  OR- the female Andy Kaufman and the greatest troll who ever lived.  Either way, she says some heinous shit and if you look like her, you should get a haircut.

Also? Turns out, Matt was a state record holder in track at his high school.  Which is no surprise to his baby mammas who are all too acquainted with Matt’s ability to run away, and fast.




  1. How long has Sophia not had her two front teeth? Because it feels like that’s been going on for at least two years, right?  Also- super creepy to see Farrah as a child because she looks like a carbon copy of Sophia.  It’s like how Teresa Guidice looks like a Gia clone as a kid.  My son looks nothing like me.  They say he’s mine, but since he was removed, and not birthed, I have no way of knowing for sure.  Also, can I just say that I would respect Farrah and Debra a lot more if they would just admit how much they hate each other?  OR- if they don’t…stop acting like they do for the camera.  Wait…I just realized something.  Maybe they don’t hate each other.  Maybe they actually “love” each other.  But they have no idea what a healthy loving relationship is.  Aw, man.  Now I’m sad for them.  TOO MUCH WHITE WINE.



  1. I’m sad that Maci can’t figure out her skin issues. But it’s not like she can get on the heavy duty shit since that cause birth defects and lord knows that girl can’t stop getting pregnant.



  1. I’m now officially 100% with Tyler on this whole gag-order thing. Brandon and Teresa have every right to keep their daughter off camera.  They do not have a right to ask Tyler and Catelynn to not talk about her or the adoption, or their relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents.  Tyler and Catelynn are the biggest and greatest face to adoption in my living memory.  If anything, Brandon and Teresa are doing the adoption movement a disservice by imposing restrictions on their daughter’s birth parents.

Again, not to get political, but I’m a staunchly pro-choice person.  That said, I think part of being pro-choice is supporting free or low cost birth control as well as programs that give women free to low cost child care since “financial obligations” is one of the major reasons women have abortions.  That’s part of the concept of “choice”.  So many women choose to have an abortion because they feel they have no choice, financially.  Over 60% of women who have an abortion, already have a child and cite “current financial obligations” as their reason for choosing to terminate.  These are women who choose to not have another child in order to continue providing for the children they already have.  Adoption is the road least taken for pregnant women and we need more positive adoptions stories told in current pop culture.  Tyler and Catelynn’s has been a big one. And I’m sorry if that’s frustrating or an inconvenience for B&T, but that’s part of their daughter’s story.


I promise to be better about getting recaps out on time.  I really, truly do.  I’ve just been broken and busy and that’s a bad combination for a person who does this as a hobby.  I love our readers and I appreciate you all sticking with us!  Okay, time to pass out now as I’ve officially posted 6 recaps in one night.


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