1. You guys, this one is not worthy of 10 thoughts. I only have five because this was a boring episode. I know they have to inject some sweet in there (David and Shannon) after all that sour (Kelly), but I can’t really come up with 10 talking points on this episode. I will start with Meghan. I’m not trying to sound like a total C U Next Tuesday (shout out to Kelly fans), but IDGAF about Meghan and her IVF journey. I used to care but I’m over it. I am, however, very interested in Meghan’s relationship with Jimmy now. I’ve long been a Jimmy sympathizer and thought maybe he just hated reality television and the cameras. Lately, I’ve been thinking the behavior is too extreme for me to write-off as camera-shyness. He can make it to Shannon’s party but he can’t come to when his wife is getting their child injected into her uterus? Come on.

2. I really liked that Meghan and her glasses told Kelly her behavior was beyond inappropriate at the sushi party. Kelly did admit she behaved terribly, but not before injecting an excuse for her behavior (I’ve never been bullied, blah blah etc.). I’m of the camp that if you’re going to apologize for your behavior, you don’t get to try to lessen the impact of your actions by providing a reason for them. It is childish behavior, like a 5 year old cursing at her friend and before apologizing…well, saying she only did it because she’s never been bullied before. Stop acting like a 5 year old, Kelly.

3. Did anyone else think it was bizarre that Tamra and Heather chose to shoot while Heather was suppose to be having quality time with her daughter? Heather basically placed said child in front of a computer and literally put her back to her to talk to her friend. I mean, I know Heather eventually turned around but the whole setting of that conversation was odd.

4. Shannon packing is everything. On the other hand, David asking Shannon to “knock one out” is the grossest 10 seconds of television that have ever existed.

5. We have a vow renewal. Yawn. I was, however, VERY interested in this dinner party AFTER the vow renewal that sparred the Heather Dubrow-Jeff Lewis feud. Short history: Jeff went on WWHL and said Heather was paying such close attention to Jimmy she basically waved off the wait staff without daring to look in their direction. Jeff identified this (correctly) as abhorrent behavior. Heather then called him an A-hole on twitter. Anyway, this HAD to be the dinner in which this happened because how often do we get to see Jimmy anywhere near Meghan? Bravo, come on. We were all fast-forwarding through the David “desperately trying to make up for the cheating speech” to get to this and we were robbed.

10thoughts written by Kerry