As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, this show sucks whatever soul I have left right out of me so I can’t bring myself to write a full recap for it and as such, this will be an old fashioned #10thoughts. Also, before I begin, I just want to thank Kerry for watching this show with her husband last night and live tweeting along.  Kerry’s husband always provides colorful commentary and straight male perspective when he watches with her.  Let’s begin:


  1. I think it’s deplorable that Bethenny is waiting to tell Luann about the text she got. I can understand not wanting to ruin the weekend, but she shouldn’t have shared it with Ramona.  I give her a pass on sharing it with Carole, because they are besties and no chance in hell a person could just sit on that information all by themselves, but Carole is at least discreet. Whereas Ramona, who is the proverbial a bull in a china shop if there ever was one, can’t even make it to dinner before telling Sonja.  If this is true, and it seems like from the information we have that it is, the correct thing to do would be to tell Luann discreetly off camera.  Because this is Real Life Shit at stake.  But Bethenny is a producer first and Luann’s friend second (or thirty-fourth), so her priority is to make compelling drama.  I usually applaud that, but I just feel like Luann’s gotten the brunt of Bethenny’s bullshit this season and enough is enough.  Bethenny knows she would never do this to Carole or anyone she actually considers a friend, but she has no trouble setting Luann up to look like a fool.


  1. On the positive side though, something I’ve always liked and appreciated about Bethenny is how punctual she seems to be. Very rarely are the women waiting for Bethenny to arrive, and the only time I can even think of it happening (last season before the party bus could leave for Atlantic City), she had called ahead to explain she would be late.  I like punctual people.  It means they respect other people’s time.  Anyhow, the benefit to Bethenny, Ramona, and Sonja all being on time to the restaurant means they got to spend a couple of hours rehashing the Tom-cheated situation now that Sonja has been let in on it.  Ramona, of course, does not apologize for telling Sonja because Ramona never apologizes for anything because Ramona is THE WORST.  Bethenny is shocked to hear that Sonja slept with Tom three months ago.  Honestly, the only person who should give a shit about that is Sonja herself, and she only seemed to get worked up about it after Ramona and Carole kept pushing her on it.


  1. Dorinda has planned for the girls to go to a sandbar for drinks and food and music tomorrow but Ramona doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t understand what it is. I don’t really understand what it is either, but Ramona pitches a fit when Dorinda won’t give her more details. Oh, and Dorinda is completely shit faced.  One of my favorite things on this show is the caption writer’s best guess as to what Drunkinda is saying:
  1. Le, sigh. Can Bethenny PLEASE get her own spinoff so that I can like her again? Bethenny’s biting wit is fine and fun when it’s directed at people she loves, but when she’s forced to hang out with people she doesn’t like, her actions make me feel icky.  She admits that part of her is gloating to have this information about Tom.  Why?  Why would you gloat about something like that?  I don’t care that she doesn’t like Lu.  That’s fine.  But Bethenny is inserting herself into Luann’s life in an irrevocable way here and that’s just gross.  Tell Luann about the texts.  She deserves to know.  But every moment that she sits across a table from Luann just feels like a cat toying with a mouse.  Get it over with!  I also wish we had seen more of DrunkJules at that club.  I want more drunken trombone playing and less infidelity truth bombs.

julestromboneMore of this, please!

  1. I didn’t care when Tom was rewriting history with Ramona because they only went out a few times and never slept together. If he wants to minimize that, fine…whatever. But it’s fucked up for him to turn a decade long friends with benefits situation into a one night stand.  Plus, I love Sonja and anyone who makes her feel sad is on my shit list.  Also- Luann really ought to be having this conversation with Sonja instead of gossiping about it with Carole.  God, they are all terrible this season.  (Except for you, Sonja….love you boo.)


  1. Bethenny calls Dorinda “the village idiot” because Dorinda believes that Luann and Tom are going to get married. Carole asks what the under/over is as Bethenny tries to work out the Vegas odds. This is all so fucking mean.  I really hope Luann isn’t on the next season.  I don’t like her, but this catty bullshit has put me squarely in her corner which is not a place I’m remotely interested in being.  Also?  Poor Dorinda! Once again she tries to make it nice with the daytrip to Sandbar and half the crew decides to skip it.  For the record, I think when you go on vacation with a big group, it’s not required to stick together the whole time, but it was shady of Ramona to pretend she was too tired to go.  Totally expected, but shady.  I applaud Carole for finding a local surgeon to remove her from Bethenny’s side and choosing to go with Dorinda, Luann, and Jules to the Sandbar.


  1. Did Bethenny, Sonja, and Ramona keep talking even when that waiter was trying to ask if they wanted a drink? Rude. It’s been 6 years since I waited tables and I still bristle when I see behavior like that.  Take two seconds and answer the man’s questions.  Especially since he’s trying to provide you with booze!


  1. I’ve said this before, but with all the sticking up for her I’ve done this season, I feel it’s necessary to repeat: Luann is far from my favorite housewife. It annoys me to be in her corner so much, but I feel as though I’m left with no choice. It’s uncomfortable to watch her be so confused by Bethenny’s line of questioning.  It’s also awkward to watch Carole try to defend Bethenny’s intentions.  Again, I say Bethenny should have told Luann right away.  But Bethenny doesn’t actually give a shit about Luann and knows this is better for ratings, so what can ya do.  Also- we learn that Luann didn’t want to be in an open marriage with Alex, but felt she had to at the end.  She says she’s happy to finally have a man like Tom.  Yikes.  See, this is what I mean.  The longer she goes without knowing, the more foolish she looks.  Of course, she’s still planning on marrying the guy and it’s been months since this information surfaced so I guess she’s not all that concerned with appearances.


  1. Bethenny knows Luann isn’t happy with her, so she brings an artist friend as a diversion, hoping that Luann will know better than to cause a scene at dinner. Dorinda missed the memo (but not the martini!) and decides to start railing on Ramona for skipping out on the sandbar adventure.  Like I said earlier, I don’t think people on group vacations necessarily have to stay together all the time, but I 100% believe that Ramona would have flipped out if the situation were reversed.  Dorinda and Ramona make up at the table and in a talking head Dorinda tells us that she will always be friends with Ramona.  If they both stay on the show, I give it 2 more seasons before they aren’t speaking.


  1. I LOVED Bethenny apologizing to Luann for implying her whole marriage to Alex was an open one. I applaud Luann for how she handled expressing her feelings to Bethenny.  That was a solid bunch of adulting from both women.  I also felt like Bethenny’s torment when she began to tell Luann about the texts was very real.  As always, vulnerable Bethenny is the best kind of Bethenny and as much as I hate that this conversation is happening on television since it’s High Stakes Real Life Shit, it’s nice to see B’s tough exterior crack a little.    I also just want to say that I think if someone had told Luann privately about what had happened, she may have decided to leave Tom over it.  Maybe.  But because it was essentially an ambush on TV, this seems to have only pushed Lu & Tom closer.  Now it’s an “us against the world” type of scenario.  So well done, Bethenny.  If, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what road uses bad intentions as paving?

10thoughts written by Liz