1. I’m going to try to be a little nicer and a little more optimistic in these thoughts today. Keeping that in mind, let’s start with the fact that I can’t stand David Beador and get that right out of the way. He looks creepy and his behavior is creepy. I don’t want to see him fart on television, Bravo Producers. Stop punishing us for watching this garbage. That’s Carole’s job from RHONY.


  1. Here’s what I think and I sincerely hope I am correct: Jimmy Edmonds hates reality television. I think the same thing is happening here that happened in Dallas with Brandi’s husband Brian. (Bryan?). I think he’s uncomfortable with the cameras so he shuts down. That being said, let’s play my own devil’s advocate: Isn’t he a sports commentator on television? He should be used to this, right? And even if he’s not, he should have learned from last season that “they can’t edit what you don’t say” – he confirmed this at the reunion last year. Therefore, maybe show up to your wife’s IVF treatments if she wants you there? Maybe don’t tell her she ruined your game of golf by daring to call you after she had surgery? What a dick. I take it back. I am not going to be nice or optimistic. Dammit, Jimmy.


  1. Heather shows up at 4am to get on a plane with Meghan in full glam make-up. The woman looks fantastic and I have no idea how anyone has the energy to care that much to look that good at 4 in the GD morning. This is a reality show, but that is not real. I refuse to believe it.


  1. Meghan got a lot of jeers for being a spokesperson for colorectal cancer, but I say good for her. She was asked to do this. It’s a charity and she’s passionate. Let’s not be mean to her because she took an opportunity to do some good.


  1. When Vicki and Tamra were talking at Coto insurance, Vicki was wondering out loud how David might speak to Shannon if he is going to speak to Vicki that way in public. Tamra shocked the Hell out of me by saying, “Let’s not get into that.” WHO EVEN ARE YOU, TAMRA? I mean, good for you as a person but as a reality TV star, I definitely wanted you to get into that.


  1. Shannon said that cupping will bring all the toxins out of her body. Her doctor even punches little holes in the skin so they can be released. Um, no.


  1. I love Kelly’s house so so much and I could never ever go there because I would stain literally everything.


  1. Did anyone else think it was hypocritical/sad/funny that Vicki said she’s so happy Brooks is out of her life so Briana can be back in her life? Um, Vicki, Brooks broke up with you. You could have broken up with him a long time ago to get your family back. Any time you say that you would never choose Brooks over Briana was a lie you’re selling yourself to make yourself feel better. Accept your truth and learn from it. Also, try not to date people that fake cancer. That’s a universal tip I’ll share. BTW – has Brooks come out with it yet? Why hasn’t he just admitted it and apologized? So strange.


  1. Alright, you guys, I have to admit something that I think is an unpopular opinion: I am so team Kelly on this Kelly-Shannon feud. I loved Shannon in the prior two seasons because nothing she did seemed manufactured; she seemed like she was one of the only housewives that put everything out there and showed her true story. You think Heather would share like Shannon did? Heather won’t even share her face without makeup at 4 am. That being said, Shannon completely set up Kelly. Jaci (or Nina?) hid Kelly’s purse. Nina (or Jaci?) said the confrontation “didn’t go as planned”, and now we find out from Meghan that Shannon pulled them aside to go into the back room to carry out said plan. A couple of things about this: I do not care that Shannon set up Kelly. I really don’t. Shannon is whackadoodle and Kelly signed up to lay with the Devil and this is part of it. What I do care about is that Shannon keeps denying that she set up Kelly. Why? Why deny that? Does she think the viewers are so stupid we won’t catch on? And now watching the show and all the evidence, why doesn’t she issue a public apology? That’s the part I have an issue with. The behavior itself is to be expected.


  1. Last night on Twitter, Shannon tried to shame Kelly by saying she drank an entire bottle of wine at lunch. Kelly responded with something like, “I sure did!” which is AWESOME. Now. There’s a fine line between party shaming and alcoholism, and I’m aware of that. However, Kelly was going to have an incredibly tense lunch with a woman who ended up yelling at her, bizarrely insulting her (you look Native American isn’t an insult, but the fact that Shannon used it as one is insulting), and denying what is obviously true. Who among us would not have had an entire bottle of wine after that crap? Secondly, Shannon had to put up with “Shannon drinks too much vodka” rumors in her first season, so I hardly think she needs to be throwing stones. If anything, she should know how it feels and rise above it.