1. I know fellow recapper Liz likes Bryan (or at least respects his management style), but he is a gross person. In the episode, we see him follow a very drunk Bobby (VDB) off the boat after VDB berated everyone basically because Julia doesn’t like him. Bryan was correct in that someone was jealous (I won’t dignify the way Bryan said it by repeating it), but it was Bobby that was jealous – something to which Bobby admitted later in the episode. Then Bryan went on to ask VDB if he got any tongue/titty action. No. Just, no. Grown men don’t ask those questions; college boys do. Grow up, Bryan.

2. I’m a sucker for a good apology. VDB acted like a royal douche at night, so the next morning he felt appropriately ashamed and apologized to his targets. (Let’s compare that to Bryan, who acted like everything was fine and asked Jen how her night went.) Hannah forgives him, but Julia is still visibly shaken by the events.

3. I understand Julia’s concerns about her relationship. She doesn’t want Matty looking like a fool. She tells Bobby that she signed up for this, not Matty, and she is feeling badly about it. I do think she has earned some guilty feelings, as much as I love Julia. She DID flirt with Bobby early on in the charter season. However, she recognized the path she was going down and decided to firmly put a stop to it. She explained in no uncertain terms that Bobby didn’t have a chance with her. Julia should be proud of herself for that; a lesser woman would likely have given into temptation.

4. I live.  tweeted last night that Ben was a classic example of how someone can be sexy, but not hot. The same can be said for Bobby, but in reverse. On the show, Bobby is hot, but not sexy. It’s OK. He will be someday. Like probably now.

5. I think Bryan is gross. I think he WANTS to be a good guy, but he also thinks he is currently a good guy. No. You’ll get there, Bryan, but you MUST start listening when people tell you that your behavior is appalling. You don’t get to decide whether you’re being an asshole. It’s the people around you don’t get to decide that. You may not think you are a misogynist, but you’re certainly coming off as one. If you want to be a good guy, which I truly believe you do, you have to let that ego go and take some time for serious self-reflection. Stop treating women like second-class citizens. Stop intimidating women with your size. Stop asking your “bros” if they “got any titty.” You’re a disgusting human when you do those things. Learn from it and move on.

6. Can you just burn your uniform after a charter? Is that just something that happens? I didn’t burn my scrubs when I graduated school. I didn’t burn my uniforms when I was finished playing sports. I had to return all of that stuff. I’m very confused. Do they have to pay for their unreturned uniforms? Did Bravo ok this? I need answers.

7. I felt really sorry for Hannah in the scene where she was making eyes at Ben at the bar. Hannah is gorgeous. I love Hannah. Ben clearly wasn’t feeling it that night, but I think it’s only because of their working relationship – maybe Ben thought they would meet up on another charter so he didn’t want the line to be crossed? Don’t let him dull your sparkle, lady. And I’m going to ignore your dumb comments about Tiffany since you have apologized. 🙂

8. On the other hand, I felt completely jealous of Tiffany. I’m also in love with the fact that Jen asked if Tiffany used a condom, then asked if it was good. That’s all that really matters.

9. I am such a sucker for Bobby. I don’t think he loves Julia (too soon for that, right? Or am I cynic?), but I think he really likes her and was somewhat heartbroken by the fact that his feelings were unrequited. Poor Bobby. As a human, I’m proud of Julia for staying faithful to Matty. As a viewer, I SOOOOO wanted her to cheat.

10. In one of the last scenes, and the morning after their couch fest, Ben hugs Tiffany goodbye with two beers in his hand and says, “Well, that was awkward.” Tiffany replied, “Yes, it was awkward. Let’s keep it that way. TIFFANY IS THE BEST.

10thoughts written by Kerry