1. I’m happy to see that Teresa recognizes that she needs to be more on top of her finances.  And I know a lot of people gave her grief for being so ignorant of what JuicyJoe had done, but I can completely understand it.  I handle all of the finances in my house, including the bills with ManFriend’s name on it.  He would have no idea if I was missing payments or messing with his credit because he trusts me and that’s the dynamic of our home.  I’m not saying Teresa didn’t deserve her sentence, as that’s the risk you take when you let someone else handle your business, but I can see how she would have been ignorant of the situation.

2. The trailers for this season would have us believe that Jacqueline and Teresa turn into enemies later on down the road and I guess that had to happen, but I like seeing them patch things up.  I also enjoyed the scene-mashup of Jacqueline stressing out about what to do before finally deciding to go see Teresa and her husband Chris giving her the slow clap.  I think Jacqueline is coming from a genuine place and I can see why she would have been so hurt by Teresa’s comments at the last reunion.  I’m glad Teresa read the bible at “camp” and learned that she needed to forgive people.  Now, what does the bible say about apologies and taking responsibility for your actions?

3.  I’d imagine it’s hard to open a clothing boutique with an pink haired older woman who wears a tutu, because that look didn’t happen by accident. Jacki is clearly an opinionated woman, but Melissa is 100% right about that beige ensemble though.  Ug-lee.  I think Melissa has great taste and if I lost half my body weight, I’d love to shop at Envy.

4. I still don’t understand why we were robbed of Siggy last week, but I’m glad she’s back now.   We haven’t seen any of her home life yet though, and that feels weird to me.  Also- Siggy is right on point with all of her renovation suggestions for Dolores’s house.  Big thumbs up for white kitchens.

5. If Melissa was hoping to find an ally in Teresa when it comes to her frustrations with Joe not helping out more around the house, she was sorely mistaken.  Teresa is still a firm believer in “old school” marriage and she thinks Melissa should just be happy Joe is working at all.  Oh Teresa, it’s exactly this old school division of “husband work” and “wife work” that got you into your legal mess in the first place.  But she’s right about one thing, Melissa is lucky to have a husband who works instead of whatever it is that JuicyJoe does all day.  Lay in bed?

6. The unconventional family dynamic that Dolores has going definitely makes me like her more.  I love that she and her ex have remained close friends and that she cares for and respects Frank’s current partner.    All of the kids seem normal and put together (at least so far) and Dolores and Frank consider themselves to be best friends.  Sometimes two people were meant to be in each other’s lives, just not romantically.  Good for them.

7. Siggy seems waaaaaay more into Teresa than Teresa is into her.  We learn that Siggy is a relationship expert or a party planner or both or something…I’m not totally sure.  We also learn that the theme of Dolores’s birthday party is red with leopard accents.  Hey, remember when Dolores claimed to not even want to mention her birthday or make it a big deal and now suddenly there’s this whole event happening?  Does that feel weird to you too?  Dolores has to stop saying that she doesn’t like her birthday and doesn’t want a big deal made out of it.  NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.

8. I don’t remember why Teresa is feuding with Rosie and Kathy but it’s one of the reasons I cannot and will not ever be #TeamTre.  Anyone who puts themselves on the opposite side as Rosie is doing something wrong.

9. I don’t like the “acting out Dolores stories” thing.  It makes me uncomfortable and reminds me of how bad I am at improv.   I’m also weirded out by Teresa’s fish story.  Not because of lesbian prison sex (I like Orange is the New Black as much as the next person), but because of how selectively private versus open and sharing Teresa is.  I know it’s some old school Italian thing to not say “jail” or “prison” but every time she refers to her time away at “camp” or the “all-girls dorm”, it makes me roll my eyes.  Also Teresa doesn’t like to talk about her legal issues at one moment but then over shares like crazy the next.  It’s episode three and what little good-will I felt for her is disappearing rapidly.

10. Let’s just settle this right now.  Squirting is peeing.  It’s urine.  It’s bathroom play.  And if that’s what you’re into, more power to you.  But don’t try to tell me that it’s vaginal secretions or anything other than urine.  It’s piss, folks.  Also- I want to hang out with DrunkMelissa, aka Melissa Mother Fuckin’ Gorga.


I’m glad everyone is getting along on a human level, but from a reality tv standpoint, this season is starting out boring AF.  I’m not looking forward to Jacqueline turning into Teresa’s main opponent, but something needs to get shaken up because everyone is too nice and acting to maturely at this point.

10thoughts written by Liz