1. I know people took issue with Bethenny and Carole for sleeping in the same room on the Mohegan Sun trip, but is anyone really surprised? It would be such an inconvenience for them is they had to walk over to the other’s room to spit vile about Jules. It’s easier to keep them together.  Saves time that way.  Also, I love how in an effort to make the whole who-gets-what-room situation less stressful, Ramona has the ladies pick their room keys at ransom.  Except for Ramona herself, who gets the best room as per usual.

2. I fucking love that Dorinda was a steps aerobics instructor. My mom had Jane Fonda’s step aerobics tapes when I was a kid and my sister and I would play them all the time.  Ah, youth.  Back when we exercised for fun… Sidenote, should I start doing yoga?  I feel like a lot of my friends have gotten into yoga recently and it was suggested to me that all of my recent injuries may have been prevented if I had a greater sense of body awareness.  I just have a hard time taking anything too seriously and yoga feels sort church-serious or something.  Thoughts?

3. I’m a terrible gambler but I love it. Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities in the world, not even because of gambling but because there is a bar and a bathroom every 10 feet. I really like what a good time everyone seems to be having. I credit Jules.  Jules isn’t going to try to pick a fight with Bethenny again, or “clear the air” or any of the other typical housewives screentime-grabber methods, which means we won’t get a showdown.  Andy must be so pissed.  Ramona probably is too.

4. What the fuck is going on with the editing here? Why are we suddenly at Carole’s apartment with Adam hearing about their possible deal for the cookbook?  Couldn’t this scene have been stuck in somewhere else?  Why didn’t we see the women leaving the casino? Aside from all the wonky editing, I think it’s funny that Carole’s publisher is cautioning her about how long the publishing process will take, implying that she and Adam may not still be together by 2017.  Carole and Adam though, are not worried about this.  Not to mention, Carole has a really good point in that considering the love lives of all of her “friends”, she and Adam are pretty normal and happy.  Manfriend* really likes Carole, but has never cared for Adam but when Adam uses the word “narrative”, Manfriend fumes as that word is one of his bizarre pet peeves.  Manfriend is greatly concerned about Adam using Carole.  It’s cute when Manfriend cares about housewives.

*aka what I call my significant other since we don’t believe in marriage, but have a child together

5. Ramona is so aggressively delusional. She wants to throw a party for Luann, which is weird enough as it is considering Ramona was the wolf who cried “Girl Code”.  But when Luann doesn’t respond to Ramona’s barrage of text messages, Ramona seems to think it’s appropriate to text Tom.  It’s not, but apparently she’s been texting with Tom this whole time anyhow.  I want you all to remember that when Ramona accuses Lu of being inappropriate with men.

6. I’ve given Bethenny a lot of shit over the course of this season and I stand by all of it. She has been a real dick to just about everyone on the show except for Carole and Ramona (this season, at least).  But in the past, I’ve been a real Frankelphile.  I obsessively watched Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After and I’d totally watch a spinoff starring Bethenny + people she actually wants to hang out with.  She’s on my list of Bravolebs I’d love to work for.  Bethenny also seems to make genuine connections and real relationships with her staff, whereas my boss hasn’t asked me about my son once in the 4 months since I’ve been back from maternity leave.  I like how her assistants are all so concerned about her health.  It shows that they really care.  Whereas I’ve secretly wished for my boss to fall ill more than once.

7. If anyone in the group should be throwing Luann an engagement party, it should be Dorinda. Ramona and Sonja have slept with Tom, Carole hates Luann, Bethenny called her a slut, and Jules is a newer friend.  In fact, not only should Dorinda be the only one to host the party, but half of those women shouldn’t even be invited.  Ramona has been nothing short of horrible to Luann throughout her entire relationship with Tom.  I want to say I’m baffled by Ramona’s behavior here, but of course I’m not.  We’ve watched 8 years of this shenanigans.  Also predictable? Ramona is furious with Luann for not letting Ramona throw her a party.  Ramona is The Worst, you guys.  She’s just The Worst.  Also, quite randomly, we learn that Ramona lives by the Four F’s which are Food, Fashion, Fitness, and Finance.  Whatever you say, Ramona.  This is like when she decided to claim Ramona Blue as her color that no one else should wear.  Ramona actually says that by not letting her throw the party, Luann is being “abusive”.  She uses the word ABUSIVE. Cuckoo bananas.

8. Jules’ son Jagger looks like a young Joseph Gordon Levitt, which makes me love him. Also- and maybe I’ve just worked with rich people too long, but $2k for a child being totally potty trained in two days actually seems pretty reasonable to me. I’m all for spending money on something that results in less work por moi.  The last time I moved, I hired professionals and I will never go back to the guilt-tripped friends + U-Haul method ever again.  This is also why I never took issue with Marie from RHOD hiring social media people to handle her twitter.  Why do it yourself when you can outsource the job?  And don’t say “pride” or “dignity” because these people are on a reality tv show.  We should all be able to agree that that ship has sailed.

9. All due respect, but Hawaii? Really?  Lamesauce.  No disrespect to the Aloha state, but RHONY is an established franchise.  Their season trip should be out of the country.  Ya know what’s also lamesauce?  This whole dinner that was meant to celebrate Luann starting off with all of her “friends” talking shit.  Carole’s comment about Luann being a better woman when she has a man was catty and unnecessary.  Do not show up to a person’s celebration dinner if you don’t actually like them.  It’s so disingenuous.  That said, Carole’s the only one who bothered to get Luann a gift, so… UGH.  I know I sound bipolar when it comes to Carole.  I like her one minute and them am exceedingly disappointed in her the next.  It’s the same thing with Bethenny, really.  Because I like them so much and ultimately respect them, when B&C act like mega-cunts, it makes me extra cringy.  But it also gets The Foo Fighters stuck in my head, so that’s a positive.


10. For the record, I don’t think Sonja is actually jealous. I think she’s probably a bit bewildered about Lu & Tom’s whirlwind (worldwin #RHONJ), after all she knows Tom in the context of a 10 year fuck-buddy relationship, but she’s been nothing but supportive and nice to Luann throughout this process. Ramona on the other hand, just can’t help herself but to pull focus.  Also- did you hear Ramona’s comment about being “out every night”?  More power to her, but wasn’t she shit talking Lu & Sonja earlier this season for their partying behavior?  Like I said earlier, Ramona is The Worst.

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#10thoughts written by Liz