1. Let’s get this out of the way right now.  Danny gets fired during this episode!  It’s episode 12, and Danny FINALLY gets fired.  At this point, it’s almost not even worth it because considering all the shit he’s already pulled, you might as well let him finish out the charter season because considering that the rules haven’t applied to him for weeks, why start now?  During our awesome interview with Tiffany (see link below), we learned that even the people who were supporters of Danny either got fed up with him at the end (Jen), or no longer felt the need to support him once they watched the show and saw everything he did (Tiffany).  Peace out you low-rent Bruno Mars mother fucker.  Go work at a sports bar or a children’s summer camp where your talents will be appreciated.

2. I desperately want to see Santorini, but there is no way in hell you could get me on a donkey to scale the mountain.  Tram4lyfe.  Also, back on the boat, Ben is very upset that Julia called him educated.  Because apparently that’s an insult.  Ben also calls himself a “cook on a boat”, which yeah, sure that’s technically true in an “all oceans are seas” kind of way, but he’s the chef on a multimillion dollar super yacht which is not quite the same thing as a cook on a boat.  Cry me a river, Ben.  Later, Julia and Ben patch things up and Hannah feels like she and Ben had a breakthrough and have a chance to be good friends.

3. I know a lot of people take issue with Bryan’s management style and I truly do get where those people are coming from.  Bryan is abrasive and like Tiffany says, he doesn’t have the best bed-side manner.  But he’s the type of manager that I actually thrive under so recognizing that, I know that I do tend to give him a pass.  I think if Bryan learned how to talk to people who don’t necessarily jive with his style, he could be a really great boss.  Also, later, Bryan gets promoted at the end of the episode to the official First Mate.  Good for him. Jen, I promise you that I was not compensated by Bryan for this thought.  J

4. Ew.  Julia.  No.  Don’t try on stranger’s clothes.  That’s how you get crabs.

5. So, Danny used his phone again and Bryan took a picture of it as proof.  In an attempt to get ahead of the situation and manipulate how the Captain deals with him, Danny cops to it.  Normally, I’m a huge fan of taking responsibility and apologizing, but Danny is only doing this because he got caught.  I also do not think for one second that Danny’s phone was in his cabin the whole time.  Ben’s right about one thing- there’s nothing Bobby, Bryan, the Captain, or anyone can do to change Danny because Danny doesn’t learn any lessons.  He just keeps fucking up with no regard for others.  Ben tries to stand up for Danny when he asks him to prove that he wasn’t taking pictures of the guests, but of course Danny was, and he tries to remove his sim card when the Captain asks him to bring out his phone.  Also- when Bryan and Bobby follow Danny into his cabin, Danny starts whining like a 4 year old.  Actually, most 4 year olds I know have better manners and understand the difference between right and wrong.  Not that I know a lot of 4 year olds.

6. I’ve given the Charter Guests from Hell a lot of leeway, because I do think they were playing up the dickish behavior to make for good tv.  But that tip was appalling.  It’s like when you’re waiting tables and someone sits there for an extra-long time.  That’s totally fine if you take into account the money I am losing by not turning this table over and tip accordingly, but if you still tip what you would have for half the time, you’re a twat waffle.  These guests are complete and total twat waffles.

7. Super yachts are huge boats, but with tiny living spaces for the crew.  Bobby and Danny have been sharing a room for weeks now and this blow up was bound to happen.  Danny is a complete and utter fucktard for his “butt buddies” comment and I hate that there isn’t going to be a reunion show because that means we are missing the opportunity to see Andy take him to task for it.  That said, Bobby’s reaction was also extreme.  I wish that instead of yelling at Danny for “calling [him] names”, Bobby would have called him out for the remark being homophobic.  Also- Danny has been an insubordinate instigator for a very long time and as such, he does not get to claim that he’s been bullied.  There are actual people being actually bullied every day and Danny is no victim here.  Bobby was definitely heated and he never should have snapped at Tiffany, but I know they are friends now so I’m sure he apologized.

8. Captain Mark tells us that he thinks Danny doesn’t have any respect for the chain of command and is a hazard to himself and other crew members.  No shit, Sherlock.  I’m highly irritated that it took this long for the Captain to realize how much Danny sucks.  According to Tiffany in our exclusive interview, if the yacht had been in France, Danny would have fired much sooner because France is full of deckies looking for work.  I was happy to watch Danny get fired, because it was loooooong overdue, but the timing is really confusing.  Being this close to the end of the charter, and considering everything else that he has gotten away with, it feels a little producer set-upy to me.  Like they needed to keep Danny around for ratings but had to fire him eventually to make shit right with the world.  I dunno.  What I do know is that I’m not surprised to hear that Danny is surprised to be fired.  Danny sees himself as a blameless victim and that’s one of many reasons why he sucks.  Even Danny’s biggest supporters, Jen & Ben both agree that yachting is not the industry for Danny.  I think Danny would be great on like….a booze cruise down a river somewhere, judging limbo contests and making shots for bachelorette parties.  Danny is right about one thing, though.  He has room for improvement.  Lots of room.  Oodles.  The boy has a vast ocean of room for improvement.

9. Oh no.  Bobby is that guy.  He’s that guy with the guitar.  Bobby is feeling rejected by Julia yet again.  Honestly dude…I know Julia has been flirty, but she’s also made it pretty clear that she isn’t going to go for it so at this point whose fault is it that Bobby’s feeling rejected?  I know that if I leave my kitchen trashcan out, Toby the WonderDog is going to knock it over and garbage will be all over the place.  I know this as a fact.  So at this point, if I forget to put the trash away before I leave my house, whose fault is it when Tobes rips the bag to shreds?  Bobby’s feelings for Julia are like my kitchen trashcan.  He needs to stop leaving them out.

10. Oh god dammit Bryan.  Bryan knows it’s not okay for Bobby to bring a girl back and I think he probably would have stopped it (maybe?) but Bryan has a real issue with other people telling him or his crew what to do.  It’s childish.  Speaking of childish, Bobby is a right prick in the last few seconds of this episode.  But he made a public apology on twitter which you know is my jam, so I’m not getting worked up about.

Next week is the season finale and that’s it.  No reunion.  Words cannot describe how bummed out that makes me.  Also- it looks like Tiffany hooks up with Ben in the next episode and I say good for her.  You all know the 10thoughts stance on slut shaming, so be cool everyone.

donkeyadios you ass!  (and goodbye to the donkey as well)

10thoughts written by Liz



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