2. Introducing Dolores via a therapy session is a cheap way for us to get to know her entire backstory in 5 minutes of filming. I mean, I understand it, but we’re also onto you, production. Why not just have her do a confessional? Why set up a fake therapy session in the attic of someone’s grandma’s house? It makes me feel like production thinks I’m stupid. I’m insulted, production.

3. Um, so, last time in my 10 Thoughts I wondered how someone who went to prison for fraud could still keep their magnificent home. Apparently in some states, the residence is protected or something. Fine. However, how on EARTH can they lease (or buy, but I’m assuming lease) a Lexus SUV and think that is perfectly acceptable behavior? NO. YOU DRIVE A 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

4. What I do respect about Teresa, however, is the fact that she’s selling her family photos for cash. Who cares; she’s on television so it’s not like people aren’t going to see it. Might as well make some money. I also love that later in the episode she said she’s not into selfies. That is the only thing she’s ever said where I thought, “Teresa makes some sense in this scene.”

5. I don’t understand the re-hashing of every event since the Christening disaster of 2010 (I think) in Melissa’s kitchen. So let’s cut the sh!t, shall we? Teresa doesn’t like Melissa because Melissa is prettier than her. Teresa is jealous. Melissa gets pissy that Teresa talks poorly about her and wants passive-aggressive revenge. That is literally all there is to this fight. Teresa is also a little bit dumb, so she doesn’t know to have humility when she walks into her brother’s home on Christmas Eve after she JUST LEFT PRISON and picks a fight. There’s no reason why Melissa should be nice to Teresa except to keep the peace in the family. Teresa has never been nice to her from what we’ve seen on the show. (I truly believe Teresa was behind all of the Melissa rumors.) Teresa wanted the spotlight to herself and didn’t want Melissa on RHONJ. This is all old news and I am really excited to see how these two ladies put aside their egos and lift each other up. (This is some wishful thinking, but I’ll remain cautiously optimistic for now.)

6. Joe Gorga can kiss my working-mother ass. The fattest part of it.

7. Gia is 14 and I understand why she wants to go be with her friends on New Years. It’s a parenting decision whether to let a 14 year old go out until 12:30 and I’m not sure I would do it, but Gia seems like a good egg so whatever. (I also don’t mind that Teresa let MonsterMilania wax her eyebrows. I mean, I don’t think I’d let my 6 year old do that, but that kid is truly something else. She might wax off Teresa’s eyebrows in her sleep for revenge if Teresa had said no.) Anyway, what I do NOT understand is Joe calling her daughter a fathead. Just, no. Do not say the word fat around a 14 year old girl who is on television! I know he wasn’t referring to her physical appearance, but I am also a 32 year old woman who is decidedly not on television.

8. Do you guys think Kathy & Rosie were at Jacqueline’s just to be on television? Is this friendship real? It seems that way and I’d sure like to think it is. We all know I heart Rosie and want her to have a hip. I also like Kathy and her husband (even though her hubby isn’t always the most popular character).

9. When Teresa called Jacqueline, it was because production won’t let them pull a Bethenny and refuse to film with a co-star. Teresa wanted to patch things up not because she cares about Jacqueline, but because she cares about that sweet, sweet Bravo money. The same thing can be said about Jacqueline; that’s all understood. They have to talk on speakerphone, which Teresa knows. I don’t like the fakeness of Teresa being offended Jacqueline answered on speakerphone. Teresa knew she was going to because she was being filmed, and that’s the only reason Teresa called in the first place! I miss the first season of Jersey when everyone was genuinely friends and there was no producer-forced interactions.


10thoughts written by Kerry