1. I think I’m really going to dig these new girls, Siggy and Dolores. I mean, my God, Siggy drank soup through a straw while recovering from plastic surgery in her first scene with the show. I want to drink soup with Siggy!


  1. I have always really liked Jacqueline and I was excited she was returning. The entire show was actually built around her when the series was first cast, so I like that they’re bringing in two of her friends. She’s getting a lot of online hate for showing her son because some people think it feels exploitave, but I think it’s an important storyline and I like it. As usual, my opinion differs from the popular one. (Spoiler alert: if you’re a Teresa fanatic, probably stop reading right about now.)

  1. I could NOT get over how good Ashley looked!! Wow. It seems like she’s finally got her life together. On the other hand, Jacqueline’s husband looked like an extra from The Walking Dead in his talking heads.


  1. I like Melissa’s taste. I didn’t think I was going to, but I thought the jewelry line she had out and available online a couple of years ago was really cute. I have no idea how she’s going to make a boutique happen other than powered by celebrity tears, but at least she’ll pick out cute stuff. What I didn’t like is that she said family values and working mothers’ values are completely opposite. Um, no. She had it right the first time when she said that she wants her children to see her working and doing something to make them proud.


  1. The show made it seem like the Laurita’s problems were due to BLK not making it (um, of course that didn’t make it. No one wants clear Pepsi® or black water). Jacqueline’s zombie husband (what’s his name again? Chris?) said in his talking head that they had to sell their watches to get by. Show of hands for all who felt sorry for them. No? No one?Anyway, I read online that allegedly they misappropriated business funds for personal use (like, $8 millon or something ridiculously high number) and then filed bankruptcy. Their house was in foreclosure at the time of filming, right? Allegedly. All of this is allegedly. I have no idea if any of that is true, but I don’t buy for a second that BLK is ANY percentage of the etiology of their financial woes.


  1. Did anyone else think that scene with Joe’s parents and Melissa was really forced? She just seemed super awkward around them: smiling too much, laughing a little too loudly at jokes, talking at an inappropriate volume, etc. It felt weird, like Melissa is still trying to gain their favor after all these years and three children with their son. And maybe she is, who knows. If Joe is to be believed, Teresa got in the parents’ ear about Melissa. It certainly played that way on screen. (Sidebar: I forgot to say earlier I really like Melissa’s new look.)


  1. What also felt forced and awkward was Jacqueline talking to Melissa about how surprised she was to receive a note from Teresa. I REALLY wanted Melissa to say, “Well, you’re back on the show now and we have to film together. That’s probably why she wrote you.” To that point, why would Jacqueline ever bring up that she wasn’t approved to visit? First of all, you’re complaining to Melissa, her family member, who wasn’t approved either. Secondly, you aren’t friends with her! Why would she ever approve you?


  1. Rosie deserves a hip. What I mean by that is that all the other housewives hold stuff, like peaches or apples, etc. Jersey gets to stand there and hold a hip. Rosie deserves a hip. There are no lesbian housewives and we’ve all come to love Rosie. I don’t know if she is controversial enough to dive into her story more, so I guess that’s why she’s supporting cast. I sure wish she had a hip though.


  1. Teresa looked fabulous with straight hair, less of a tan, and minimal make-up coming home. (How did she get a hair straightener?)Also, what was with Melissa and Jacqueline imitating her voice when reading her letters? They’re saying they are excited to see her and cautiously optimistic about starting a relationship with her…but then they’re making fun of her behind her back. Cute, guys.


  1. The scene with Teresa and Arms G, as I like to call Joe Giudice, was very sweet. Better yet was her reconnection with her children. It was beautiful and the only reason I didn’t cry is because I think I only have 28% or so of my soul. All that being said, I just kept looking at their beautiful home and thinking, “Was that really worth it? You got stuff, but you missed this.” I know I’m not suppose to judge Teresa at this moment; I know I’m suppose to enjoy her joy. I felt sorry for her girls, but I couldn’t help myself by thinking how selfish their parents are. They risked going to jail and being away from their kids for a huge house (how do they get to keep that house, by the way?) filled with stuff. It’s sad. It’s all really sad.

10thoughts written by Kerry