1. Let’s start with the funniest part of the night: Landon and Kathryn are bickering about something that happened last year and finally Andy just threatens to murder himself if Landon doesn’t stop talking. Then he reiterates he is quite serious. Sames, Andy. Sames. Landon doesn’t get it and agrees with him..



  1. Kathryn starts the episode by accusing T-Rex of using horse trimmers to rid himself of body hair before his drug screen (according to several – and NO DOUBT credible – sources online, the body hair will provide results for up to six months, which is longer than scalp hair. Or something.). Anyway, from my very quick search, I think she meant horse clippers and it makes zero sense to use them if one is trying to rid oneself of body hair. Maybe he used them to get the initial length off, but a chemical removal or close shave would definitely be better for trying to avoid a drug test.


  1. T-Rav is apparently giving Kathryn over $3K a month, plus paying for her nanny. (Does this include rent? Because he is definitely paying that, but it might be included in the final figure.) He says he will make her comfortable, but will not be paying for her to have a life of leisure, ala #QueenPat. A c ouple of things: I am not sure Kathryn has a lot to complain about as she is a stay at home mom with a nanny. On the other hand, raising kids is difficult and she should definitely take all the help she can get. I guess I just don’t understand why Kathryn can’t make it on her alleged six figure Bravo salary AND an extra almost $40K AND a nanny! This makes no sense to me so I am forced to assume I don’t know something.



  1. When Landon laughed and Cameran giggled at Kathryn saying she was going to start a jewelry line, I wanted to punch my computer. It was so so so mean. It was the epitome of mean girl behavior they’ve exhibited all season. I mean, I don’t think this is going to work out, but she’s trying. I bet she does a hell of a lot better than a paper website.



  1. A viewer noted the pregnancy tests Kathryn took were dated; therefore, she knew she was pregnant during last year’s reunion. Kathryn called the viewer creepy for noticing. That’s some major deflection.



  1. I love #FriendJen so much. She was such a breath of fresh air on the reunion. She was treated horribly this season and she didn’t deserve it. I’m glad T-Rex admitted he was wrong about her and I’m thrilled we got to hear her side of the story. She could not have interviewed more perfectly; case in point: She stated during one of her questions that if she being out of the picture would help Kathryn & T-Rex’s relationship, she would be willing to excuse herself because of her love for Kathryn and her kids. She is great and I hope she and her new family get through whatever obstacles they face.



  1. Cameran hosted Girls Gone Wild and was on The Real World. She was mean to Craig last year about behaving immaturely, so if her immature past was going to get brought up, you’d think it would have been then. I am confused by this questioning until I remember that Cameran doesn’t have a storyline and doesn’t talk about her life so they have to reach back 10 years ago to fish out something.



  1. I love Shep. He completely knows how spoiled he is and he’s careful not to apologize. He is also careful not to look down on those that aren’t as fortunate as him (*cough, Cameran, cough*). I don’t really know how a guy that sane ended up in reality television, but I hope he keeps on keepin on.



  1. During the break, Kathryn thanked Whitney for being cool to her during the reunion. He hugs her and it seems genuine. (Who knows, though.) Cameran, of course, laughingly says, “What did I just see?” rather than saying something like, “That was really nice.” Because Cameran is awful. She’s not The Worst though. She definitely needs Landon around for that title.



  1. The big “shocking revelation” that Robyn brought up wondering if Landon was ever going to admit sleeping with T-Rex wasn’t really touched upon. I mean, they did, but it was very brief for as much fanfare as it garnered. They also didn’t show the clips of T-Rex telling his creepy, pony-tailed friend that Landon has “other skills” and insinuating they hooked up during his talking head. Good, because I do not want to think about it anymore. I will say that Landon seems to have secured herself a spot on next season because people are talking about her. Last year when she was sweet, no one cared. We have created a monster, you guys.

10thoughts written by Kerry