We here at 10ThoughtsBlog (#10TB) like to think that we take everything we see on our favorite reality shows with a grain (more like a heaping tablespoon) of salt.  Especially since the creation of Lifetime’s excellent scripted show UnReal (seriously- stop what you’re doing right now to watch this show if you haven’t already), we’ve tried not to take anything as gospel.  This is their “real life”, surely to an extent, but ultimately everyone we see on TV is an entertainer first and foremost.  All of this is to say that it’s difficult sometimes to suss out the true friendships on screen from the more “for-show” ones (think Brandi Redmond & Stephanie Hollman, vs. LVP & Kyle Richards).  Not everyone has agreed with us, but we’ve always felt that Jennifer Snowden (aka #FriendJen) has been good to Kathryn Dennis, even when KD hasn’t always seemed deserving of it.

Yes, Jennifer slept with Thomas (something I’m guessing she deeply regrets for a multitude of reasons), but after her initial denial, she privately fessed up to Kathryn off camera. It matters to us that it was off camera as that implies greater sincerity and a lacking of ulterior motives.  Kathryn seemed to appreciate Jennifer coming forward and Jennifer was also the only one who was consistently there for Kathryn all season.

So we were pretty shocked to see what happened on Twitter this weekend, and if you blinked, you missed it. Thankfully, @Randy_Haas and @LoveAndyC are great at catching screen shots and tweeting out deleted gossip. If these tweets provided by @Randy_Haas are real, then Kathryn and Jen seem to be at odds. Kathryn alleges that she had no actual friends on Southern Charm, including #FriendJen! She claimed that the Thomas-#FriendJen hookup occurred during Kathryn’s first pregnancy while she was still together with Thomas- which I feel like we already knew? Nevertheless, check out the screenshot below:


I think it’s safe to say that this came as a surprise to most of us, considering #FriendJen and Cooper Ray (aka #KingCoop) have stuck by Kathryn, even if it meant becoming ostracized from other circles (*cough, #QueenPat cough cough). #FriendJen seems to have been as shocked as the rest of us:


…and she took to Twitter to defend herself, saying T-Rex told her he was single at the time:

jen 2

Here is our theory (which is, of course, total speculation):  Kathryn is in a bad place right now.  She just went through a horrible custody situation where she allegedly failed a portion of her drug test and was only granted 50/50 supervised custody with her two children.  Not to mention, part 1 of the reunion showed most of the cast as being against her. We can only imagine how stressful and paranoid that might make a person. Whereas #FriendJen is in the final months of her difficult pregnancy, which means she has every right to be focused on herself and the health of her baby.  So maybe Kathryn has felt abandoned by Jen a little?

Of course, pregnant women have one job and that is to make it to the finish line with their physical and mental health intact.  I’d hope that Kathryn would remember how much #FriendJen was there for her when her own pregnancy was deemed “high risk”, and offer the same kind of support back, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, if these tweets are to be believed.

#FriendJen joins the couch tonight in Part 2 of the Southern Charm reunion, so it will be interesting to see their dynamic.  Of course, the reunion was filmed a few weeks ago, but various reports have said that Jen does her best to stick up for her friend.  We’re hoping all of this was just a momentary lash out by KD and that these two ladies patch things up soon because both of them need the support of a good friend in their lives right now.

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Written by Kerry & Liz