The wonderful thing about reality TV and twitter is that we are able to see the “man behind the curtain”, so to speak, of our favorite shows.  The Bravolebrities are particularly good at being accessible not only with their retweets and replies to fans, but also with dropping little juicy gossip bread crumbs throughout the season.  Case in point –Tamra and Vicki (“Tacki”?).

E-online has a good rundown on the history of Tacki (scroll down for link), but the basics are this: Everything was smooth sailing for the blond bosom buddies until a Mister Brooks Ayers two-stepped into the picture.  Vicki, as per usual, demanded unwavering support from her friends regardless of how terrible her decisions were and Tamra (as well as the audience) eventually had had enough of it.  There was an explosive showdown on the Season 7 finale and Tacki’s relationship has ebbed and flowed ever since with the two women at odds again, at least if their tweets are to be believed…

At the beginning of this season, Tamra attended a viewing party where Vicki was noticeably absent.  This tweet is more of a “read between the lines”, but it still counts as pre-shade:


“Watching #rhoc with @shannonbeador @heatherdubrow while are[sic] girls are swimming”

Now, according to #PumpRules “The Worst” award recipient Scheana Shay, a mean retweet isn’t throwing shade, but to me that would be the same as giving someone a greeting card but insisting that you don’t mean what it says inside since you didn’t write it yourself. As such, I can see why this retweet may have rustled Vicktim Gunvalson’s jimmies a bit:


Tamra retweeted @MamaAndi44, who wrote “Never trust a woman who bold face lies about Cancer! Lose someone to it just once and you’ll sing a new tune! #Liar”

Retweets can be harsh, but nothing stings like public internet shaming from your former friend:


“Vicki gets caught lying again this season & talking badly about everyone & I’m the bad one. Kelly watch your back.”

Now Vicki isn’t one to take being attacked lying down, after all she needs this kind of attention because it allows her to feel self righteous and yell out “VICTIM!” “SHAME!” “EVIL!” “WHOOP IT UP!” when she’s alone in her ugly kitchen.  What’s fun about this retweet is that it’s a screenshot of something a fan wrote on the Notes application, which I understand because it’s hard to condense your shade-throwing down to 160 characters.


“Have people forgotten how Tamra treated Alexis B & her hubby, Gretchen R, Lizzie R & Shannon B!! And she threw wine @ Jeana K face!! Let’s not forget all the bashing she did to Slade!! Seriously she isn’t a victim here!!

Vicki personally wrote the following series of tweets in response to her former bff:


“I will get back with Brooks when you and Simon get back together.  You should be ashamed, stop acting like a middle schooler.

Except she’s said repeatedly that she didn’t want Brooks to leave and that she still loves him, so while that’s not the fairest comparison, it is the Gunvalson way.


Get your facts straight @radar_online. Tamra has NOT taken the high road, she has gone after me all day. Check @people @etnow and @SIRIUSXM.”

I think it’s fair to say that the “high road” does not exist in most of the Real Housewives locales.

Will these two ever get back their former friendship? Eh.  It’s totally possible.  The OC housewives trade besties like pokeman cards, so who knows.

If you’ve been paying special attention to any Twitter feuds among our favorite Bravolebs, don’t forget to screenshot them and send to our email.  Your suggestion might get featured in the next Tweetin’ in the Shade!

This installment of Tweetin’ in the Shade was written by Kerry and Liz