1. Everyone looks really good this season. I don’t know what it is. I personally don’t care for the Botox-restricted faces; I’d rather have some wrinkles and be proud of my age, but that’s easy for me to say at 32. Either way, I thought Tamra looked the best I’d ever seen during her first scene.



  1. New girl Kelly needs new lipstick. That nude is just not working for anyone. It might look good in person but it’s not translating well. You know what? I like that though. Proves she’s just being herself. Sorta like all the blush and pink eyeshadow in Dallas.


  1. I’m tired of talking about the scamcer (excellent word creation, Liz). I think that might be because I don’t want to give relevance to Vicki anymore. I did enjoy that she is helping her son with Coto insurance. I’m not sure how him being in charge is going to go, considering he looks like he’s playing Pop Goes the Weasel in his head on repeat and is startled every 10 seconds or so.



  1. The Sarah-Ryan relationship was doomed from the start. Ryan cannot feasibly become a step-father to three children and a new father to one child in that short amount of time. It was ludicrous (PS I had to look up how to spell that because I always think Ludacris is the appropriate spelling). Sarah is apparently in their $3000/month home (WHY DID YOU BUY THAT) and Ryan lives in an apartment. Oh yeah, and he also owes his mom $8000. What a mess.



  1. I did not understand at all what Tamra meant by Eddie was adopted so he was taught to be independent. What? Those two things are not correlated. At al. Furthermore, she made it sound like he doesn’t have a family…like somehow his adoptive parents don’t count as real parents. Weird, right? Or am I misinterpreting that?



  1. I know some people were bothered by Terry’s proclamation that he doesn’t feel guilty about spending time with the kids; that he feels guilty about NOT feeling guilty, but I relate. I mean, I am certainly not gone as much as he is, but I have a 9-5 job during the week so I don’t see my son during those hours. I don’t feel guilty for that, but sometimes I feel guilty that I DON’T feel guilty. First world problems are a beast, you guys.



  1. Speaking of first world problems: for someone as smart as Heather, she has to understand that her complaining about all the money her husband makes (okay, okay, by how many hours he works) is not a good look. I understand she wants him to spend more time with the family, but then maybe she shouldn’t go $125,000 OVER BUDGET on CABINETS (and then complain about how hard that is too).



  1. I like that Meghan is showing her journey to pregnancy on television; it’s something we don’t usually get to see even though it affects millions of women. I know she isn’t struggling with infertility, but she does have obstacles to overcome. However, I’m oftentimes left wondering why Jimmy doesn’t just reverse his vasectomy. I suppose they have their reasons.



  1. David creeps me out, which is unfortunate because I really like Shannon. He just looks like the kind of guy that OF COURSE had an affair. He also has really bad taste in jewelry. Eek. Shannon said she returned it and got something else, for anyone wondering.



  1. That last conversation the ladies had was depressing. Tamra hasn’t seen her daughterin TWO YEARS! I know we only get her side of the story, but that is awful any way you slice it. We also found out that New Girl Kelly’s husband isn’t all she’d hoped for. Apparently, they had filed for divorce (but it didn’t go through or something? I don’t know) and she became engaged to someone else. Somehow she ended up back to said husband and now answers the question, “Do you love him?” by saying he’s a really good person. Yikes. Looks like New Girl Kelly is all in, Shannon Beador-style.


10thoughts written by Kerry