1. I don’t even know where to start with this one. I watched this with my husband, who was highly entertained despite the fact that this is probably only the 3rdepisode he’s ever seen. I suppose I’ll start with Cameran. My issue with Cameran is that she has quite plainly been mean to Kathryn this season, but she just doesn’t understand. (Pssst…that’s because she IS mean.) I know Cameran wants to “stay out of the drama” of Kathryn & T-Rex’s relationship, and I understand that (though that is a stupid thing to say when you’re on a reality show). My issue here is that this no-filming-with-Kathryn thing has clearly been ordered by QueenPat and no one is addressing that fact. Another thing: Cameran rolled her eyes hard core when Kathryn called her for coffee. Cameran had every right to politely decline, but that sanctimonious eye roll was just mean. Cameran is just SOOO much better than Kathryn, amiright? My husband’s comment is that Cameran lives in a bubble so she simply can’t realize how snobby she’s coming off to everyone. Maybe that’s a fair point.


2. Another thing about Cameran: Does she understand that no one cares she married a rich guy? Good for you! And you are working, making your own money? Also good for you!! However, to say she hasn’t “taken” any of her husband’s money sounds a bit ridiculous. Do they not live somewhere, with like, electricity? Maybe they split the mortgage/rent and bills right down the middle, but I somehow doubt it. I wouldn’t define that as “taking” anything though – they’re married. I digress. The thing is, my husband works at home. It sounds like Cameran’s judging him for not “making his own money” even though he contributes to our family in more ways than I can explain. I understand she’s just trying to defend herself against anyone claiming she’s a gold-digger or that she has everything handed to her, etc. I’m just also saying in her bubble she doesn’t understand she’s coming off as, well, sanctimonious. To be fair, I’ll admit she really can’t win here. She either makes me mad by so aggressively defending her income or someone insults her by saying she doesn’t work. Women are awful to each other. (Sorry Cameran.)


3. Man, Whitney is an incredible liar, right? And by incredible I mean terrible. There’s no reason for him to keep lying that Kathryn didn’t spend a week or so at his house. Just because she had breakfast with QueenPat doesn’t make what they had a relationship, so I don’t understand why he is so vehemently denying it. Here’s my theory: I don’t think he’s in love with Kathryn and I don’t think he ever was; it’s not about that. It’s about him being embarrassed and therefore trying to deny she was staying there for more than 2 days. Who. Cares. He’s not being mean to her because he was jealous of Thomas. He’s being mean to her because A.) she embarrassed him, but most importantly, B.) she hijacked his baby (the show). Without her, there is no show. I don’t understand on a business level why he and Patricia are ordering people to not film with her – it just doesn’t make sense for the success of the show.


4. Speaking of Kathryn, she is just out of her element on these reunion shows. She’s like, 24, and despite what she thinks, she hasn’t really experienced life yet. The rest of the cast is in their 30s, 50s, or 70s. (The other exception is Craig, which is obvious too.) She’s just simply not that smart and she can’t keep up in a battle of wits against any of these other Charmers. (I’m not saying she isn’t book smart; I’m saying she is too young to have the wisdom the people around her have acquired.) My husband commented that she came off pretty badly and sounded like a lunatic. I agreed, begrudgingly though because I do root for her. She’s not emotionally mature enough to handle the situation she’s in. An example: when she was compared to Patricia, Whitney shut it down because Patricia was educated and had a prestigious job at Kathryn’s age. An appropriate response would have been to say something like, “I applaud your mother for her accomplishments and hope I can someday say the same. However, when you put me down like that, you’re also saying women who haven’t reached your mother’s level of success are ‘less than’ you.” or something. But instead she just screamed back incoherent ramblings about how she had children (which kinda backed up Whitney’s argument anyway).


5. Let’s talk about the lust triangle involving Landon, T-Rex, and Kathryn. We find out that part of the reason Kathryn hates Landon is not only because Landon went on a trip with T-Rex, but she went on a trip which was originally planned for Kathryn. Let’s start right there – Kathryn should be mad ad T-REX for this, NOT Landon. Anyway, I interpreted T-Rex to say that Landon demanded her own room, but other recaps have stated T-Rex didn’t bring Kathryn because Kathryn demanded her own room. (I’m pretty sure I’m right and that T-Rex was trying to calm Kathryn by saying Landon only agreed to go if she had her own room and there would be no monkey business.) Anyway, I do not think Landon knew T-Rex had originally planned to go on this trip with Kathryn. I also think they absolutely hooked up in some way. I also DO NOT CARE. If Kathryn was emotionally mature, she would take this issue up with T-Rex and not Landon. I will preface this next statement with an apology to fellow recapper, Liz, for stating this new opinion: This Landon-Kathryn fight is Kathryn’s fault. Landon didn’t do anything wrong by denying she and T-Rex hooked up. She’s either telling the truth or trying to keep the peace. Landon and Kathryn weren’t friends so T-Rex wasn’t off limits.


6. Here’s something else on which I take a hard opinion: SHEP IS DOING NOTHING WRONG. He is handsome, he’s young, he’s quazi-famous, he’s rich, he’s honest. He doesn’t have to pull any T-Rex shenanigans to get women to go home with him – he’s not sleazy. He tells them it’s not serious and thereby gives them all the information to make a proper informed decision. I don’t care how many women he does this to – if he’s being honest about it, he’s doing everything right! I would be doing the EXACT same thing were I in his position. He said Bailey was DTF, which came off as an insult – for which he swiftly and appropriately apologized. He doesn’t say anything else demeaning about these women. He loves women. He’s seriously a good guy and I don’t like when he has to defend himself for doing literally nothing wrong. If women get their feelings hurt, yes, that’s sad – but it’s a decision they made after knowing ALL the information!


7. That all being said, what IS wrong is that Kathryn and Landon are slut-shaming each other all over the couch for much less egregious behaviors than Shep’s exhibiting. This is a societal issue which MUST be fixed and it needs to start with us (women). For God’s sake, women, DON’T SHAME EACH OTHER FOR CONSENSUAL SEX! It’s so gross. Think of a more clever insult. For example, Landon’s atrocities she called earrings would have been an easy target.


8. Craig is dumb. Have I mentioned that? Who owes me $20 when I said he wouldn’t have taken the bar? Who owes me another $20 that I said he’d have some lame babbling excuse and promise to take it sometime in the future? I was pretty shocked to hear he had never actually graduated though. Dude. Fix that. Yesterday. No excuses.


9. I feel so badly for T-Rex and Kathryn’s kids. The line between fun reality show and actual life was crossed and there are two children caught in the crosshairs. I believe Kathryn and T-Rex both love their children very much and I don’t actually want to talk about them. I just can’t imagine watching television and seeing my parents talk to each other the way those two do. Also, by the way, I can’t imagine their children having to watch JD (the godparent) bring it up TWICE on television.


10. Where was Robyn this episode? We need her as a cast member based on her 10 seconds of airtime on the finale. I also miss FriendJen and KingCoop, but we will get to see FriendJen next episode. Did anyone else notice that it said “Jennifer (spy?)” on the seating chart?

#10thoughts written by Kerry