1. What the fuck am I watching? There’s gonna be a dog wedding?  Really? It’s either screaming “slut” at grown women or witnessing the upward mobility of Carole’s dog?  Don’t get me wrong, I would rather watch Carole’s bitch than see her act like Bethenny’s all day, but still…


  1. I really appreciate Dorinda going to bat for Sonja so much. Dorinda is a good friend. Ramona, on the other hand, is what my mother calls a “fair-weather friend”.  It seems like Ramona caught wind of the fact that Sonja quit drinking and while I applaud her for trying so hard to get Sonja an invite to Bethenny’s Mexico trip, I will not soon forget the shit Ramona’s said all season just because she’s being sweet now.  I also think it’s interesting that the only people who want to exclude Sonja and Luann are B & Carole.  “I really hope there’s no fighting [on this trip]” says Jules.  Aw.  That’s precious.

  1. I will give this to Ramona, she’s actually giving decent advice during their role play. And her Bethenny impersonation is spot on.  In the fleeting moments when Ramona isn’t being a huge jerk, her dynamic with Sonja can be really fun to watch.


  1. Bethenny hates Luann. Bethenny is not friends with Luann.  Bethenny has no interest in filming or even being in the same room as Luann.  That’s fine, whatever.  But “hoebag moments”?  Really?!  And I said this last week- I am no Luannatic.  The Countess is not my favorite person on this show.  But it’s just really gross to watch how Bethenny treats her.  Luann is on cloud 9 with her bizarro relationship and she was just giddy at that dinner.  I appreciate how everyone is now trying to convince B that Sonja should be invited, but Luann should be there too.  Or Bethenny really needs to use the power she has over Andy and just get Luann fired.  I feel like I’m watching a cat toy with a very brave but half dead mouse.


  1. Jules is the first housewife to come out with a product (that isn’t booze) that I want to try. I’ve been vaguely toying with the idea of being healthier lately and while I’m not totally sure what a “clearing tonic” is supposed to do, I applaud Jules for not going the wine or liquor route with her housewives sponsored business.  Did I not like Jules at the beginning of the season?  It’s been so long, but I feel like I wasn’t on board with her for a bit there, but now I’m into it.  Probably because she’s the one housewife who hasn’t fought with anyone and that’s desperately needed on this show.


  1. I will never understand people not wanting to go to the doctor. I didn’t have health insurance for YEARS and relied solely on my low cost annual exam at Planned Parenthood for any and all medical issues for a long time (fuck off haters- it’s a wondering organization). So when I finally got a good job with real benefits and I was able to pay a $20 copay to get any and all of my medical issues worked out, I would jump at the chance to go to the doctor.  And we are talking little aches and pains here; not BLEEDING FOR THREE STRAIGHT DAYS.  Bethenny waiting to see a doctor is irresponsible and dangerous.  Which makes me think a bit of this is for show.  Bethenny is a smart woman who knows better than to put off a doctor’s appointment like that.  And if she told the doctor that she was bleeding for days they would have either asked her to come in immediately or sent her to the hospital, so forgive me for saying this but I smell a bit of bullshit here.


  1. Jules got a boo-boo on her who-hah and Sonja is concerned that Michael may not travel south again after seeing it. Do you guys think Jules’ divorce drama is going to give her another season or is she doomed?  I’d be fine to get one more round from her.  Also- big plug for Priv makeup artists, who apparently believe that less is more (they’re right, btw) because it doesn’t look like Sonja or Jules are even wearing makeup after they finish.


  1. Okay, seeing Bethenny cry makes me feel like a dick about my “bullshit” comments from earlier but I stand by my statement regarding her waiting three days before seeing the doctor because that’s complete nonsense. I also don’t mean to be insensitive, but Bethenny is 45…is she really considering having a second child? I know women have babies very late in life now but she hasn’t made any indication that would lead us to believe she was even considering a second child.  Obviously, the Mexico trip is off because Bethenny is at least wise enough to know that Mexico is not the place you want to be when you start bleeding out.

Sidenote – what happened to Cookie’s leg?


  1. Mother. Flipping. Dog Wedding. DOG. WEDDING. What charity is this for, again?  Why are all of these people here?  I don’t understand any of this.  People are taking photos and getting emotional.  Also- for the record, Toast and Finn have zero chemistry.  They are the Beador’s of the dog world.  At the end of the day, $10k was raised for the charity which they remind us helps with “puppy mill rescues”.  And hey, puppy mills are terrible.  But you can’t tell me that the cost of putting on that dog wedding (DOG. WEDDING.) was less than $10k in and of itself.  That said, I’ll watch 40 dog weddings and a dozen more puppy bat mitzvahs if it means I never have to watch Bethenny scream “Slut!” in another woman’s face ever again, but there has to be something in between, right?


  1. Ramona tries to cover her ass in her talking head by saying that Bethenny’s heath is concerning, but we all just watched her roll her eyes and whine about not getting to wear her new bikinis. And then she takes it upon herself to cut a piece out of the wedding cake.  I’d be offended, but it’s a fucking dog wedding, so really who cares.



10thoughts written by Liz