1. Countess Luann has never been my favorite housewife. I found her holier-than-thou bullshit from the first few seasons to be painfully obnoxious and even when she was with Jacques, she still seemed to keep her nose tilted up a bit too high for my taste.  But I really feel like none of the other women have given her credit for the remarkable turnaround she’s made since then.  She’s relaxed, she seems fun, and regardless of whatever bullshit Bethenny keeps spouting, Luann seems to completely own her current partying lifestyle.  I think she’s buying what this Tom fellow is selling her a bit too hard, but she seems happy so good for her.  It is interesting though, that Tom told Luann he went out with Ramona once and referred to Sonja as a one night stand when both women heavily dispute Tom’s claim.  The difference is Ramona is in a huff about it, whereas Sonja, well…

  1. Sonja handles the news that Lu is in love with her old fuck buddy with a confidence far greater than most of the rest of the cast. Does Sonja rain on her friend’s parade? Not even for a moment.  Sonja tells us in a talking head that she was with Tom right around the time he and Luanne got together, but she seems to feel like if Tom is Luann’s soul mate then more power to them.  Sonja, despite all the garbage the other women seem to heap on to her, is actually the biggest “girl’s girl” in the bunch.  She loves sex, she loves fun, and she loves love.  She’s the type of girl who wants good things for the people she loves and she isn’t going to stand in anyone’s way or try to ruin their good time.  She has also decided to go so far as to quit drinking to make her friends happy.  They do not deserve her.


  1. Speaking of people who do not deserve Sonja, Bethenny gathers the remaining housewives (Jules, Dorinda, Ramona, Carole) for drinks and asks them all to accompany her on a trip to Mexico for a tequila tasting. That…that is an awesome trip. I want to go on that trip.  Unfortunately, it’s being thrown by TV’s biggest mean girls (yes, technically it’s Bethenny’s trip but considering the pull Carole has with the guest list, it’s basically her trip too) which means I would actually rather get a root canal.  Can we just stop this whole two teams bullshit now?  Just let Luanne and Sonja have their spinoff and let Bethenny become the Supreme Dictator of RHONY.  Although Lu needs to break up with Tom because the USA Ab-Fab thing she and Sonja have got going really doesn’t work with him in the picture.


Sidenote- and this is probably the first time I’ve said this all season, but Ramona is 100% correct in saying that Luann and Sonja are great fun on the girl’s trips.  If I expected anything out of Ramona, I’d be disappointed in her inability to defend her old friends, but….well…it’s Ramona.  And she wouldn’t be herself if she weren’t being a total asshole.


  1. I actually hate that my feelings for Carole have been lumped into my feelings for Bethenny.  I’ve always liked that Carole has never taken this show too seriously and the fact that she doesn’t want to ever be in the same room with Luann is completely in line with that.  I get it.  I also get how intoxicating a friendship with Bethenny would probably be.  I’ve been friends with girls like B and there’s a real romance to being the presence of someone like her.  Queen Bee syndrome is very real and I really do get it.  But she’s been Bethenny’s little cohort all season and it’s been kinda gross to watch.  All this is to say that the scene where she’s talking about Vinny the kitten and how not getting to say goodbye made her realize that she sets her life up for only temporary relationships was very endearing and the type of stuff that I’ve always loved to see from Carole.  It was nice to see that side of her again.  Also in this scene, we learn that Bethenny is open to marriage which is good since the scuttlebutt around town is that she’s engaged.


  1. Dorinda is dead-on with her advice to Sonja and I really appreciate how forthright she’s being. Dorinda’s absolutely correct in saying that Ramona has chosen sides in this rift among the girls and she ain’t with Sonja.  That said, I’ve really had about enough of these women waltzing in and out of Sonja’s life insisting that they know what’s best for her.  Enough already.


  1. My boyfriend is watching this episode with me and when we got to the scene with Carole bringing Adam the terrarium, he yelled out, “THAT’S HER BOYFRIEND?!” and then he got very concerned about Adam possibly using Carole. Today I learned Carole is my boyfriend’s favorite housewife.  Could be worse.


  1. The guy who is putting in Luann’s extensions looks a cross between Carrot Top and a blond Lily Tomlin but with amazing skin. I love him.  Hey, so remember earlier when Sonja had plenty to say about Tom but bit her lip because of how happy Luann is?  And also, do you remember when I said Ramona never misses an opportunity to be an asshole?  Turns out, once again, I’m right about everything because moments after Luann tells Ramona that she’s in love with Tom, Ramona decides to inform her that Tom still calls his ex every day to tell her he loves her and that Tom gave his ex a gold bracelet for Christmas.  For the record, if all of that is true, then this Tom person is pretty shitty.  But why on earth did Ramona feel like right then was an appropriate time to bring that up?  I will tell you why…BECAUSE RAMONA IS THE WORST.


  1. Did someone do a last minute re-edit of this episode now that the Jules and Michael divorce news is public? Because all we’ve seen so far from the two of them has been a pretty sweet companionship, and now it’s a total shit show.  Also- John and Dorinda are good for a fun time, not marital advice.  I like pissed-off Jules, btw.  Even if it makes her hair fall out.


  1. Michael is the type of asshole who is on his phone throughout a dinner party. I’d divorce him too.


  1. Luann and Bethenny shouldn’t be friends. I know Bethenny has said before that she actually does like Luann, but I don’t believe it.  Also- what’s up with the editing in this episode?  Bethenny says in a talking head that she had originally gone to meet up with Luann to invite her to Mexico, but after their conversation she decided against it.  Except we saw her say earlier that she wouldn’t go to Mexico if Carole wouldn’t go, and Carole won’t go if Luann is invited, so….huh?


Bonus thought:

Luann inviting herself on that trip was a baller move.  A totally nutso, but completely baller move.



10thoughts written by Liz