1. For starters, these charter guests are gross. Look- I get that boys will be boys or whatever and that when dudes go off on a vacation together, decorum and decency aren’t at the forefront of their minds, but they can’t be so drunk that they don’t realize the cameras are there. Betting Danny (who is dressed like a low-rent Bruno Mars with that hat) and Bobby to go kiss the go-go dancer who has no idea what’s going on because she doesn’t speak English made me feel icky.  That said, (and ya’ll know I’m no fan of his) Danny completely dominating that challenge over Bobby was almost fun to watch.


  1. The reason the guests love Danny and the crew hates him is because Danny puts what he feels is best for the guests above what might be best for the team. I understand his motivation, but the guests leave after a few days and you’re stuck with the crew all season, so he has got to find some middle ground with his choices. He knows how fucked up it is to give Ben 30 minute’s notice to make dinner for 13, and he knows how much harder everyone is going to have to work now that the amount of guests has tripled.  Obviously, this is what the guests wanted and asked for and Danny is serving it up to them on a silver platter (so in that respect he earns an “atta boy”) but on the other hand he has repeatedly shown that he is willing to ignore direct orders and throw the best interests of his teammates under the bus.  Not to mention- people typically tip what they tip and while bad service will bring that tip down, very rarely does spectacular service raise it much above the tip they would have given for just fine service.

  1. I have a theory that my BFF Tiffany is trying to kill off all of the alcoholics in the world in order to hoard more booze for herself. There is no greater evidence of this than the weekly BelowDeckMed Drinking Games that she creates. Have you guys been following along?  Here was this weeks:


This was meant to kill us, right?  Or at least make our heads pound worse than Hannah’s.  Speaking of Hannah, she is having the worst charter ever.  She’s been battling a migraine all day and the charter guests keep wearing shoes and shouting in her face.  Not to mention, Danny seems to be too busy running around offering his help and support to actually buckle down and do his job or to, you know, give the crew some help and support.


  1. Anyone else think that if Danny had been a bit more nuanced in his approach that maybe some of those girls would have stayed the night? I mean the old dudes were gross so no guarantees, but he got them so drunk and shouty that the girls started to get pretty turned off there at the end and they didn’t even stick around for the hot tub.  Either way, I’m glad the girls left with a tiny bit of their dignity intact.


  1. Have Hannah and Ben been married for 40 years? Because they bicker like they’ve been sharing a bathroom for decades and had to put off their own dreams of buying a lake house to support a couple of ungrateful kids who dropped out of their expensive private colleges to pursue the ukulele and Scandinavian hand modeling. They seem to either adore each other or they’re at each other’s throats.


  1. I’m not always crazy about Hannah’s management style or how she talks to people but it seemed pretty clear to me that she was trying to calmly and rationally explain to Ben why having Danny in the galley was so frustrating. She recognized that Danny has been helpful to Ben but since he is also being a hindrance to the stew staff, it looked to me like she was trying to come up with some compromise that would work for both of them. Ben shutting that down immediately with a “my galley, my rules” attitude was rude and dismissive, but also completely predictable diva-chef behavior.


  1. Every time the dramatics of the show are based on getting the boat docked, I sort of check out. Something happened with the lines where Bryan felt like Jen left slack when she shouldn’t have but Jen says it wasn’t slack, it was how the boat was moving back and forth.  I don’t know shit as far as boating goes so I can’t make a judgment call there, but I will say that it seems like Bryan always assumes the worst from Jen.  He’s not wrong though, about her having an “I don’t want to be here” attitude.


  1. The MVP tip thing is not surprising, but it is obnoxious. Capt. Mark handled it correctly, especially since the regular tip was low; which, by the way, proves my point about how people tip the way they tip regardless of the level of service. Danny won the crew a little over $100 extra with the MVP cash, but he further alienated himself from them and pissed off most of the heads of staff in the process.


  1. I actually feel like Bryan was trying to level with Danny in a respectful way when he spoke with him in the galley. But it doesn’t matter how anyone talks to Danny, because he’s just gonna do what he wants. Which is why, seriously, he needs to get fired.  Hashtag fire Danny and all that.


  1. When Hannah and Ben are having a conversation at the end of the dinner table, is it the editing, or is everyone watching them argue? Also- Daniel jumping in on Hannah and Ben’s fight is outrageous. I feel like I’m constantly saying “who the fuck does this asshat think he is?” And I don’t mean to be a broken record, but I have a big issue with people disrespecting authority, especially, in the workplace.  I don’t know if that’s because my dad was military or because I was raised in the south, but it just chaps my ass to watch Danny treat his superiors like that and have basically zero repercussions.  Maybe next week?  Maybe next week he will actually get in trouble?  He’s gonna make it through the whole season, isn’t he….


#10thoughts written by Liz