1. At the start of the episode, we get to re-live a fueled up T-Rex (on what he was fueled I’ll leave to the imagination, but let’s call it emotion) acting like a maniac. While I agree with about 90% of what he said (Cameran is definitely sanctimonious, Landon was/is catty, and Shep does receive mailbox money), it was so inappropriate and bizarre. The thing is, it didn’t even read like he was doing it for the show. It felt like he truly just thought it was cool to say those things out loud to people he had invited to his home. (Shout out to T-Rex who came up with his own name. Granted, he was referring to another cast member, but I’m still loving it.)

2. More on the mailbox money thing: It is a fact Shep is supported by his family. He has admitted it. Why does anyone have a problem with that? I LOVE my job, but if I hit the lotto tomorrow, you better believe I would live my life the way Shep does – minus the philandering, because, you know, husband. Methinks anyone with a problem is a wee bit jealous. (There’s nothing wrong with that either. Why wouldn’t someone be jealous of Shep and his free money?)

3. I think the most bizarre thing of all is that while #KingCoop is trying to get T-Rex to settle the F down, JD, Elizabeth, Kathryn, and Danni are just sitting there like nbd. I must admit I would have stayed too but mostly because I love food and that dinner looked amazing. Danni said on twitter that they were never served the meal so I would have lost that gamble.

4. $20 says Craig hasn’t taken the bar at the time of the reunion. A further $20 bets he has a bumbling excuse about it like, “Well, like, I signed up for it, and I turned in my stuff already – I even had to go get a passport photo for the application and it’s all done and stuff, but, like, Naomi and I had this trip planned together and I couldn’t waste the money we already put in on the down payment for the trip because that’s just stupid. But, like, you gotta understand I already have the books and stuff to study and I’m seriously all ready to do it. And I know it’s not really going to take me that long when I really get down to it and put the time in to study.  Like, I’ll get it done, just trust me.” (I SOOO want to correct my own ramblings there and insert ‘finished’ for ‘done’ but I just don’t think “smart as sh!t” Craig would say the proper word .)

5. Did anyone watch that bit about Cameran and her baby talk? I played with my own child instead. You can tweet me the deets, but let’s be serious – I’ll probably be too bored to finish before the 160 character limit. Yawn. Either she needs to tell her real story or she needs to get off this show. I’m over it. All she does now is act (ACT) like a bro and talk about Kathryn. On that note, I’m over her eating in every scene too.

6. This 10 Thoughts Charleston City Tour that we are most definitely taking will most definitely include a stop at The Commodore.

7. I think I’m over this Landon-Shep storyline too. I’ve been reading that it’s made up, and that sucks the wind out of it for me. It did feel real, however, when Shep said in his talking head that he was never going to love Landon. It sort of hit me in the gut and I felt really sorry for her. Succinctly, unrequited love sucks.

8. Is T-Rex seriously telling Katheryn that Landon is trying to ruin their relationship? I get that maybe they did hook up when they weren’t shooting and maybe T-Rex is being a gentleman for once and respecting her pleas to keep it quiet. However, he should come up with a much better excuse than that. To that point, WHO CARES. Who cares about any of this. If you hooked up with T-Rex, yeah, that’s embarrassing and gross but just own up to it and move on. Kathryn already thinks it happened anyway. Look at #FriendJen – after protecting herself with the initial lie (who wouldn’t have done that?), she came clean and Kathryn and she are friends (or they were and now are again). I miss #FriendJen.

9. What. Was. That. Landon-Kathryn fight? I can’t have been the only one that felt like the editing was very peculiar, right? I thought I was drunk watching it (have not had a drop of alcohol in days). I watched it three times and I still do not understand anything that was happening. It was all slapped together from different angles and I’m not even sure what Landon was saying corresponded with what Kathryn was saying.

10. Robyn has solidified a place on the next season by casually asking Shep if he thinks Landon will admit her rendezvous with T-Rex. Um, what? It looked and sounded like she didn’t know she was on camera (though I have to believe that is impossible). Shep looked genuinely shocked. I am very excited to see how this all plays out at the reunion, considering Landon has slut-shamed Kathryn all season .

10thoughts written by Kerry