A quick word about the leaked results of Kathryn Dennis’s failed drug test.  For starters, from what I hear, the leak came from her camp, which totally sucks.  I want Kathryn surrounded by good people who are looking out for her; not assholes who are using her for attention or money. Which brings me to my next point- watching Patticakes counsel Landon in this episode only solidified my distaste for her (meaning Patricia- my distaste for Landon is already set in stone).  Here’s the thing- can you imagine how different things could have been for Kat if Patricia had pulled her into the fold?  If she had embraced her and tried to counsel her?  It’s not like Kat has many positive mentors in her life…I’ll remind you that when she introduced Thomas to her parents, they had literally no issue with the fact that the man was a twice-her-age, notorious playboy, with a felony arrest record.  I’m not dogging Kat’s parents because we know basically nothing about them, but can you imagine how helpful a positive older female role model could have been in Kat’s life?  We all fell in love with Cameran’s mom Bonnie after one scene with her!  I’d caution Cam to remember that Kathryn maybe never had the luxury of growing up with a Bonnie.  Also- while Kathryn clearly didn’t anticipate there being a drug test (coke goes out of your system in a day or two), Thomas obviously knew it was coming.  And lastly, while I do not condone the use of cocaine while taking care of children, I take no issue with Kathryn testing positive for marijuana.  From all accounts she self-medicates for anxiety issues and if you really think weed is worse than booze, I’m not sure we can be friends. Let’s get to my #10thoughts on this episode, shall we?

1.We start things off with Craig paying Miss Dennis a visit. Kathryn, by the way, looks awesome for only being a week post-partum. I looked like a very pissed off whale who hadn’t slept in…well, a week.  Kathryn asks who Julien looks like and Craig plays along before we get a talking head from him where he once again questions St.J’s paternity.  I’m so bummed out, you guys.  I was really, really enjoying #NewCraig. But the last few episodes have been a sharp left turn down #CraigClassic Blvd.  I do not care if Kathryn signed up to be on a tv show, her baby did not.  And for that child to grow up knowing that all of mom and dad’s friends so publically questioned his background like this is disgraceful.  All of them should be ashamed of themselves.  Lastly for this thought, it’s really sad to watch Kathryn talk about the family she so desperately wants, finally being within reach, knowing what we know now. Sad face emoji.


2.So I get Thomas not inviting Whitney and Patricia to his dinner party (although I think he could have invited them anyway since there’s no way they would have attended), but if he is really trying to move forward with Kathryn, why on earth would you invite Landon, a woman Kat suspects slept with Thomas? And if Thomas is so hell-bent on Kathryn and Landon being friends, why doesn’t he extend the same courtesy towards Kat’s friends and try to be cool with #FriendJen? I will tell you why- because this isn’t an equal partnership.  Again, it’s a hard bummer to see both Thomas and Kat so positive and hopeful about their relationship.


3.Is Bam short for anything? Bamela?  Bamela.  Bamela just wants the best for her sister.  Could we swap out Landon for Bamela?  I’d be interested in seeing Bamela’s salon and would like to hear more of her salt-of-the-earth, sagey wisdom, like- “get a real job” and “get drunk, have sex”.  Also- I don’t really care about this Landon/Shep plotline because I’m not even sure I believe it’s real.  That said- did I imagine that story leak where Landon said this whole thing was a producer set up?  Because I can’t find a source for it and I’m starting to think it was just something that came to me in a dream and if I’m dreaming about Landon’s love life, then I need to get back into therapy.  Also- I just really don’t believe in the romantic comedy trope that one day you’ll turn around and see something different in your old friend and will fall in love.  I think that that spark has to be there from the beginning and I just don’t see it with Shep and Landon.


4. Did we miss something? Were there a few minutes that were edited out? Because Thomas’s total flip out at Kat’s house was really bizarre.  He tells Kathryn that he only wants people at his upcoming party who have been supportive of the SCTomKat, but then he pitches a fit when Kathryn is confused by Landon’s invitation.  And not only does he flip out, but he blames the whole thing on Kathryn and tries to flee out the window.  While on the 2nd story.  Which forces Kathryn to beg for him to come back inside and insist she’s fine with Landon’s presence even though she clearly isn’t.   Does anyone else see Kathryn’s initial decision to not come to the party if Landon’s there as a positive thing?  Like, you know, an attempt to avoid drama?  And why shouldn’t she have some say over the guest list if it’s a party to celebrate their child?  UGH.


5.Cameran saying that in order for a person to get a second chance they have to exhibit a pattern of good behavior is laughable for a few reasons. First off, that’s not what a second chance means. You give someone the chance first and then they prove to you that they’ve changed.  Secondly, even if Cam’s way of thinking was correct, she’s avoided Kathryn at all costs all season, so how would she ever get a chance to see this positive change in behavior?  It’s a bummer that this dinner from hell is the only thing Cam’s going to base her opinion off of.


6.Watching people shit talk #FriendJen always pisses me off, but it especially bothers me to see #KingCoop do it. Can anyone give me a real answer as to why Jen has been so vilified over the course of this season? Because it seems to come down to two things: a-she’s using Kathryn to get to Thomas, and b-she “riled Kathryn up” while she was pregnant.  I will get to (a) in a minute, but let’s start with (b).  First off, If Thomas didn’t act the way he acted, Jen would have nothing to bring to Kat to “rile her up”, and secondly- it’s been my experience that this is just how girlfriends talk to one another.  Real girlfriends are honest and open and use each other to vent about the goings on in their lives. But back to reason (a), I find it personally offensive when people assume that two women who have slept with the same man can’t be friends.  It perpetuates the stereotype that all women are in competition with each other men, and that some bizarre jealousy will prevent said women from ever finding common ground with each other.  I’m glad they are all friends now (Kat, Coop, & Jen) but it sucks to watch all the shit-talk directed at someone who ultimately is one of the few people who has Kat’s best interests at heart.


7. I feel like Kathryn handles herself well when Thomas’s less supportive guests arrive. I get what Cooper was saying when he advised Kathryn to say hello to Landon and get it over with, but I’m also of the belief that if two people don’t like each other, and they aren’t family or co-parents, then there’s no reason for them to speak. Ever.  Why bother.  That said, Kathryn again handles herself gracefully when she does finally speak to Landon, which is more than I would have been able to muster. Also- the cheese spread looks really good, and I love a good cheese spread so I would know.


8.I would just like to remind you all that this is a group of people who have completely shunned Kathryn while rallying around Thomas, and Thomas is the type of person who likes to quote West Side Story songs in his drunken “speeches”. Kathryn looks sort of mortified but this speech, right? Sidenote- the reason I 100% believe that Thomas knew about the drug test and Kathryn did not is because he didn’t test positive for alcohol.  Thomas is in a perpetual state of drunk, so there really is no way that he didn’t get a heads up from someone.


9. Worst. Dinner Party. Ever. And I’m not sure I understand where or how Thomas intended his speech to go… This has to be for a ratings bonus, right?  This is like Spencer Pratt and the crystals…it’s not real, it CAN’T be real.  And it’s not like I don’t agree with half the things he said (cough…self-righteous…sanctimonious….cough cough), but what did Thomas think he would gain from any of this?  (I keep forgetting about the ratings bonus…)  Thomas is a complete and total mad man in this scene.  At some point the polite giggles from his dinner guests end and everyone gets up to leave, because that’s what you do when a drunk old man screams in your face.  My favorite things from this scene are the various reactions shots:  Naomi’s perfect confusion;


Shep’s face when this goes from fun to insulting;


Cooper trying to keep order;


JD at one point looks DIRECTLY at the camera man after mumbling something about how T-Rav’s heart is “in the right place”.


And speaking of JD, his breakdown of this whole situation is that Thomas was trying to make a stand for Kathryn that went south.  Huh?  That’s what happened here?


10. You know who did make a stand, sort of? Kathryn.  Kathryn didn’t raise her voice (mostly) but she stuck by Thomas in his sorely misguided assault of the others.  Obviously she is putting her money on the wrong horse here, but I get why she did it (I think?).  A- she already hates Landon, so why not jump on that train, and B- she’s already proven that she will throw people under the bus for Thomas with her choice to exile #FriendJen, and yeah- It’s a shame she didn’t walk out with the group, because I think it would have endeared her to them.  Now, they all think is that she talked Thomas into this tirade, when he’s the one to blame for it.  Or at least Cam seems to think that…

Next week’s episode looks good.  I’m excited that we get more Cooper because what we got this week (finally) left me wanting more.

10thoughts written by Liz