1. As always, there will only be five thoughts because this season is super boring thus far and there just aren’t 10 thoughts to be had. It is also about 4 days late because I can’t be bothered to watch on time.


2. he episode starts with MJ cleaning like a mad woman in preparation for Reza and Adam’s husband-and-groom brunch. This is why I’m telling you this season is boring. Like 10 minutes of this episode was about MJ cleaning and being mad at the others for not helping her vacuum.


3. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I really like MJ’s boyfriend (now fiancé). He’s kinda crass and kinda gross, just like MJ. He told her to cool it with badgering Mike about his personal life under the guise that she cares. He stands up to her and her mother like a grown man should do. I think she needs someone with his personality. I like it.


4. The whole Mike-Jessica thing not as drama-filled as one might expect. It’s actually pretty sad and I’m disappointed in myself that I am super excited for next week when she threatens to “out” him. What I am NOT excited about is the accusation that GG’s RA is not real. We have gone down this path one too many times, Bravo, and I blame Brooks for dragging everyone else with real diseases into the pigpen with him.


5. I liked that Reza had the guts to bomb at stand-up. Good for him. It was awful. If he wants to continue down this path, he should analyze why it’s awful and try again. It will likely be horrendous the second time too, but hopefully slightly less so. If this is his true passion, I hope he doesn’t give up after one go-round. I just hope they stop putting it on Shahs because it’s really hard to fast-forward on the Bravo app.


(5) Thoughts written by Kerry