1. Bryan is behaving like a frat boy. I REALLY hate that he makes me say that, because I was in a sorority and I am a fierce defender of those that participated in Greek life. It was the best decision I ever made. I did not know what true friends were until I joined my sorority. It was the first time in my life where a group of girls gathered, one left, and the comments that followed were, “I really like her,” rather than some derogatory comment. That all being said, he was behaving like a total frat boy. He was being really sexually forward and when he struck out, he insulted Tiffany. To boot, he completely flip-flopped the story to his benefit the next morning. It was really gross. I know Tiffany has forgiven him and we are all about #TeamTiff here, but I would have a hard time being a friend to someone who behaves like that.

2. I am going to controversially disagree with fellow recapper Liz and say that I DO think Julia was flirting with Bobby. I think she called her boyfriend not only so he would have a fair warning ahead of the episode airing, but also because I think she felt a little bit guilty for her behavior. That all being said, do I think she did anything wrong? Nope. But I think she’s toeing the line a little more than she will admit to herself.

3. The Ben-Hannah dynamic confuses me as much as it confuses Hannah. Last episode, he thwarted her sexual advances and yelled at her in front of Danny, who is clearly the bottom of the totem pole. This episode, he apologizes and asks her on a date to start the episode. By the end of the episode, we see previews of him going to the Captain to report her mistake with dinner. (Yes, I do think it was her mistake, as outlined below. He wasn’t innocent, but most of it was her.) These two clearly have a sexual attraction and I think part of that is playing out in anger. I really hope they get together because those two beautiful people would make one hell of a beautiful baby. (Except I just can’t with Ben’s spiky hair, especially in the back. No.)

4. It amuses me that Danny tried to get Jen to come to “his side” against Bryan. It wasn’t a totally terrible plan, but Jen was wise to it. Good for Jen. In my experience, it’s never really a great plan to rally against the boss. This is especially true in this case in that while Bryan may be a misogynistic d-bag, Danny has deserved most of his criticism. (Jen’s only crime, on the other hand, is her vagina.)

5. It also amuses me that everyone gave Danny such props for his actions during the boat sinking. From where I was sitting, it looked like he ran onto a sinking ship that was rapidly filling with water and tried to empty said water with a bucket. That seems very dumb to me, but I suppose I am wrong.

6. I do not remember these guests from season 3 of Below Deck, and I just finished the season 2 weeks ago. I know that fellow recapper Liz is glad that Rocky isn’t on this season, but she was a love-to-hate kinda girl for me so I do wish she would make a reappearance. According to social media reports, she’s with Aleks from season 1 and I would LOVE to see a show with those two.

7. Celebrating 7 month anniversaries is exceptionally lame, but maybe that’s because I’m bitter. Allen Junior’s girlfriend seemed sweet about her request, so she’s almost softened my hardened heart. (Almost.)

8. Did anyone else think it was creepy that the father-(wife? Girlfriend?) and son-girlfriend were sharing a private, romantic dance…three feet away from each other? This is only acceptable in my world at my wedding, and even then there are at least a few more couples around.

9. The whole eXpresso martini thing was super annoying. I wasn’t that offended that he wanted to show Hannah how to make it because at least he was jovial with her when wanting to see how she made it and expressing how he would like for her to change it. But the amount of times he said eXpresso rather than eSpresso was grating to my ears. Hannah mispronounced it in her talking heads, which made me literally look it up to make sure there wasn’t really an eXpresso drink made with eSpresso because I trust Hannah so much and it doesn’t seem like a mistake she would make (unlike Allen, who I have prejudged to be someone who of course pronounces it improperly). You guys. It’s an eSpresso martini, just as one would expect. Some people also pronounce Smirnoff as schmear-noff and that’s super annoying as well.

10. Let’s talk about the dinner snafu. I think the whole miscommunication boiled down to the different meanings of the word entrée. (In Australia, this apparently means appetizer or first course; here in America it means the main dish.) Hannah should have had Ben fire the kabobs just in case, so he was understandably upset that he had to start cooking again after he’d cleaned the grill. However, while I think the error was Hannah’s, I think Ben WAY overreacted. So he’d already taken 5 minutes to clean the grill. So what? It’s irritating at best. Not everything is going to go perfectly so he needs to be a bit more flexible. I understand that chefs are supposedly known to display erratic behavior in the kitchen, but “it’s who I am” is never a sufficient excuse for weird behavior. Chill out, man!

10thoughts written by Kerry