1. We start with Craig going to Akim’s beautiful house and discussing Craig’s future. (For those that don’t remember, Akim gave Craig a glass of wine and promptly fired him last season.) Ok. I don’t understand what is happening here, like, at all. So Craig paid $15,000 to JD in an apparent misunderstood investment-worker deal? Then he changes his mind in 24 seconds after it all doesn’t work out perfectly and decides to ask Akim for advice before taking the bar? None of this makes any sense. Fire the producer that thought the audience would fall for this nonsense.

2. Cameran’s mom essentially tells Cameran what we have all been saying all season: No one cares AT ALL if you reproduce. Find a different story line, seriously. Perhaps one involving your real life? She mentioned on Twitter that she told her husband not to marry her if kids were non-negotiable. The audience didn’t know that because OF COURSE we didn’t. She doesn’t show her real life. I’m over this. I like Cameran and all, but it’s not fair for the other cast members to put themselves out there and for her to just comment on it and get the same paycheck.

3. I fully support Craig and Shep’s decision to not “grow up.” Craig is making a little bit of money and enjoying a little bit of fame. He’s in his 20s. Let him enjoy life, for God’s sake. I think he should have taken the bar by now, but only because I think he should have gotten it over with while the information from law school was still fresh in his mind. As far as Shep is concerned, he’s getting a lot of blowback on Twitter and on the show about not wanting to settle down. GOOD. He’s handsome, he’s rich, he’s somewhat famous. If I were him, there’s a 0% chance I would be doing anything other than what he is doing. Who cares if he makes “mailbox” money. I work really hard for my money but I would change that in a second if I could, so I chalk up that negative chatter to jealousy. He’s also right when he says there’s really no biologic clock for men. He can have kids in his 50s if he wants. (I’ll not go into a discussion about whether that’s fair for his future pups.) Finally, he is honest about who he is and what he wants. He’s not dragging Bailey around. She “dumped” him this episode, but if he would have told her he was willing to go to the next level with her, she wouldn’t have. They both made the right decision for them.

4. I was a bit surprised about Shep’s complete ineptness and lack of professionalism during the house showing. I am a big Shep champion and have always thought he was really intelligent. I was surprised to see him not read the social cues properly and make inappropriate jokes. That all being said, I thought it was hilarious watching from home, so well done.

5. Two of my favorite quotes from Shep during tonight’s episode: After explaining the tub was antique to the potential buyer (it wasn’t), “I don’t know why anyone would take a bath.” The other was after Cameran made the correct decision to fire him he said, “I need to take more naps anyway.” Sames, Shep. Sames.

6. I am really hesitant to write this because I really do like JD – or at least I thought I did – but he was kind of a d-bag in this episode, right? First, he threw a party for T-Rav to celebrate the birth of his son (and I do mean son because I don’t think this would be happing for vagina-clad offspring) the DAY Kathryn took St. Julien home from the hospital. I don’t care if Kathryn told him to go have fun; it was inappropriate to be there and weird JD thought that would be a good idea. Second, during said party, he was talking about how deliriously tired T-Rav was and giving him props for being there during the birth of his son. (I do not think you should get a gold star for doing the things you’re SUPPOSE to be doing!). Third, and most aggressively, he brought up the paternity test again in mixed company. I was okay with him doing it earlier this season because I chose to believe that Thomas didn’t know yet that he was the father of the child. I gave JD the benefit of the doubt because it was just the two of them. However, they’ve already discussed this! Why bring it up again during the SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE BIRTH OF HIS SON!

7. Speaking of the second celebration of the birth of St. Julien, why wasn’t Kathryn invited? Was it good ol’ boys only? Then why would Patricia be hosting? Why would you give someone condoms at a party where you are supposedly happy they had a child? I mean, I get that it is sort of funny but there had to have been a better time and place. Why, also, would you badmouth the mother of said child? I wonder if #QueenPat thought the viewers would be cool with aggressively bashing a pregnant woman and exiling her friends (Jen, #KingCoop). She isn’t very in touch with reality, so this is entirely possible.

8. I was so so happy Craig called the baby Julien instead of St. Julien.

9.  I took major offense with the #FriendJen and #KingCoop bashing this episode. So T-Rav, in his infinite wisdom, tells Kathryn she is a bad influence because she’s “37 and not married?” WHAT ARE YOU, T-RAV? You’re 88 and not married! You’re the one knocking her up and bashing her on social media in your drunken stupors. Yet #FriendJen tells her friend Kathryn that you’re being a dickbag and its suddenly her fault? For the love of God, have a little self-awareness. YOU did these things, not #FriendJen. Furthermore, #FriendJen has been one of the only constant in Kathryn’s life as of late, unlike, you know, the father of her freaking children. As for #KingCoop goes, I don’t understand why #QueenPat thinks making fun of the Founders Day Ball is appropriate. Didn’t she LOVE that ball? Didn’t she attend with him? A touch hypocritical, right?

10. Finally, I will end with saying that my love for Landon has not been lost this season, but she was back to her likable self this episode. I loved her quote that she was not afraid of striking out; she was afraid of not getting to play. It took real courage to tell Shep she loved him and even though it didn’t work out quite the way she had pictured, it was an admirable thing to do and I hope she doesn’t regret it for a second. Shep seems like the kind of guy that won’t let their friendship change for it. Also, I know she didn’t have her website set up and blah blah blah, but it did look like she put a lot of work into her concept and for that, she should be proud.

#10thoughts written by Kerry