Note: I’ve decided not to do 10 thoughts this episode because I can’t get over this issue that is very important for all women. Talking about Sonja’s vagina tightening doesn’t seem fair in comparison.

Let’s talk about Bethenny and her use of the S word. My dislike of Bethenny this season has been the snob factor up until this episode. Fine. She’s allowed to be as snobby as she wants; that isn’t enough to make the season not fun. However, my dislike now stems from the way she treated Luann in last night’s episode. I’m not offended about the fighting in general; Luanne can take care of herself. I do, however, take issue with the words she used. Bethenny chose to call another grown woman a slut and a whore. She said those words several times. She also talked about the many men Luann has slept with in an extremely negative way. No person who is good for women would EVER call another woman the words she called Luann tonight. There are more intelligent insults that don’t set our gender back about 50 years. I really hope Andy addresses Bethenny (and Landon from Southern Charm, for that matter) for using women’s sexual, legal, consensual choices as an insult. I also hope he takes them to task for how ugly, detrimental, and infinitely ignorant it is. Slut and whore are sort of like the F word (for gay men) and the N word in that all are words that are never used by decent human beings.

In her interview with Andy on WWHL, Bethenny brought up the question of “love to hate” versus “hate to hate.” Andy replied that sometimes people wouldn’t want to watch certain shows without the love to hate women (Kenya Moore is a great example). He also said there are people that the viewers hate to hate and it’s not fun. Well, Andy, this isn’t fun anymore. I will continue to watch, Bethenny or no Bethenny, but I’d prefer the latter if she is going to continue to choose to bring down women this way.

written by Kerry