1. Did anyone else think Whitney was joking about the promise ring Craig bought Naomi to get a feel for how Larissa would react? He’s been saying that he wants to see where this relationship goes and judging by her giggling at the thought of a ring from Whit, I’d say nowhere fast.


  1. Promise rings are stupid, but I was not under the impression Craig bought Naomi a promise ring. I thought he bought her a nice piece of jewelry which happened to be a ring.

  1. I loved seeing #KingCoop back this episode. Whatever his motives (and I believe them to be pure), Kathryn needs him in her life. He is everything she was looking for emotionally in Thomas (and he’s better looking). Too bad she’s not his type. Anyway, she tells him that she’s nervous to go home with a new baby (I would be pooping blood if I had to raise a child alone) but she thinks Thomas is making improvements and she still has a dream of being in a happy family with him. Um, no, sweetie, he is incapable of that. Cooper says, “Instead of letting it frustrate you, let it strengthen you,” regarding Thomas’ behavior. Word.


  1. I am very confused by JD’s behavior as of late. I don’t care that he brought up the paternity test thing; that’s a valid point (and I am pretending this is all real and neither of them knew T-Rav had already had a positive paternity test). What I have an issue with is him thinking Kathryn’s day of induction is “suspicious.” Suspicious of what, exactly? He says it in this sinister way but for the life of me I can’t figure out how moving the birth would benefit her or help her manipulate Thomas in any way.


  1. Thomas says this baby is his no matter what, which is admirable (and, again, I am pretending he didn’t know it really was genetically his). However, he said that right after talking about how he wanted a boy to carry on his name. I got the impression that if Kathryn’s baby had a vagina, he would not be so eager to play father the second time around.


  1. For someone who is self-proclaimed “smart as sh!t,” Craig sure is acting like an idiot this episode. Maybe not an idiot, but definitely immature and someone who doesn’t have his priorities in order. He will claim on social media that his job is Southern Charm and I do understand that; however, this reality TV show isn’t going to be going on forever. He is refusing to take responsibility for any of his actions and he’s always ready with many excuses. He acts like that kid who went to a really small high school and got the best grades: everyone told him how smart he was compared to those other 50 people in the small town. That might be true, #NewCraig, but in the real world you aren’t that great.


  1. Craig’s immaturity is such a turn-off. If I were Naomi, this episode would be my last because I’d have dumped him for it.


  1. Speaking of turn-off, I’ll agree with fellow recapper Liz that Shep’s way less hot in LA. That all being said, when he was being an “affable goof” to those LA women I kept thinking those women were stupid not to fall for him no matter how bad his pick-up lines were. Shep is hot, he’s intelligent, and his family has money. Seriously, what else could you possibly want in a man?


  1. Landon confirms to Cameran that she has feelings for Shep. Yeah. We know.


  1. The episode ends with Kathryn having the baby, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. Good luck, buddy, for oh so many reasons. Kathryn also reaffirmed her star status with me this episode too, because she had me rooting for her and Thomas to get back together – and l dislike Thomas. Moreover, I dislike those two together. Usually, Kathryn is most fascinating to watch when she’s being crazy, but here she was fascinating to watch and being sweet. All that being said, I cannot wait for her to be able to booze it up again because let’s face it, Drunk Kathryn is Awesome Television.