1. I’m going to start with Bethenny. If you couldn’t tell from my live tweeting, I am O.V.E.R. her. But who cares, right? She certainly doesn’t. She has become such a major b!thc this season. She says whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and she doesn’t care AT ALL if she hurts your feelings. She doesn’t care if you like her. She cares about Skinny Girl and Daughter. That’s it. She’s a bit of a sociopath. It’s not cute and I can’t think of anyone on Bravo I like less than her.


  1. Sonja does not need mentoring. #Skinny bitch shouldn’t have laughed at Luann, but Luann shouldn’t have said she was mentoring Sonja. (On the other hand, Luann’s comment came from a place of love. #Skinnybitch doesn’t know what love is.) Sonja is fine! She’s an adult. She’s a bit coo coo. She doesn’t need Luann’s help and she CERTAINLY won’t miss anything from that #Skinnybitch friendship.

  1. Who is #Skinnybitch to tell Dorinda what to do with her love life? She has got to be one of the last people on Earth that should be giving that advice. This would have been an excellent time for someone to laugh in her face. (No one did though, because no one else is as mean as #Skinnybitch).


  1. I just can’t with Ramona this season.


  1. I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that Sonja and Luann want a spin-off, but it occurs to me that they already have one. It’s a 6 minute show stuck in the middle of the Real Housewives of New York. It’s sponsored by one of Sonja’s failed businesses. Rey can come back anytime and be a guest star as far as I’m concerned.


  1. I agree with Ramona that if you dated someone, even once, and a friend wanted to date him, said friend should at least run it by you.However, since when has Ramona ever been a true friend to anyone? She certainly hasn’t been a friend to Luann; Luann just happens to appear on the same show. They are work acquaintances, not friends. Luann doesn’t owe her anything.


  1. I’m torn about this Dorinda not inviting Sonja thing. Well…now that I think about it, I’m not torn. It’s just that I like Dorinda so don’t want to admit she did something mean. However, it was just so rude to not include her. There must be some major things going on behind the scenes with her drinking because we just aren’t seeing any sound reason to exclude her.


  1. Actually, I did think of a reason: #Skinnybitch is mad about the Tipsy Girl thing, so she’s urging her cast mates not to film with Sonja. #Skinnybitch is a pretty big deal to the franchise and is tight with Andy. (OLD reference: Jill was on WWHL once and mentioned Bethenny was the only HW to get invited to Andy’s personal events. Andy said it was because Bethenny had her spin-off so she wasn’t technically a HW.) Is it possible she’s threatening the other women’s jobs? It’s a theory out of left field, but I think #Skinnybitch is the kind of person that would do it.


  1. Not a super fan of Luann’s curly hair interview look, but the poll I put up states most viewers disagree with me.


  1. I have a hard time with John in most scenes, but none as much as when he used the word moist in sexual reference to a phone, Luann, and Luann’s new man. Yuck.

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#10thoughts written by Kerry