1. Reza’s quote of the night (QOTN): ” I want to reward the bitch. Like, get her a Scooby snack or something.”



  1. GG literally says this: “RA is an autoimmune disease, which cancer is as well.” Um, no.


  1. MJ’s flesh toned pants totally make her look naked. But kind of in a good way. From someone who can’t stand MJ, that is high praise.



  1. Marriage counseling when you’ve only been married for four months is sort of a red flag. Then we find out Mike & Jessica aren’t even living together! When did this happen? Jessica says something cryptic about issues no one knows about. (Hint: everyone knows. Mike cheated.)



  1. Ok, maybe this is Reza’s #QOTN: “MJ’s not down with my wedding, but I’m not down with some of her weaves!”



  1. Do not judge a book by its cover, Kerry! I expected Shervin’s date, Annalise, to be a very, very dumb person. She is not. At all. She’s perfect. Well…except she doesn’t drink. I can’t trust her. Other than that, color me impressed. Shervin, however is exactly as smart as he looks. PS…I’m obsessed with the fact that Shervin drinks Tito’s vodka.



  1. MJ’s mother is my worst nightmare.



  1. Asa’s mom’s cat’s name is Barfy. Persian Barfy, but still spelled Barf. Y.



  1. This surprise wedding idea it seems very dumb. Adam seems like the kind of person that would what his parents at his wedding.



  1. Reza called MJ a crooked-weaved, vodka-smelling lady. Fair. She looks like she smells like vodka so I think that’s a call with which I can agree. Mike’s marriage is falling apart MJ thinks the rational thing to think is that MJ was used. Can someone please explain MJ’s entire existence to me?





10thoughts written by Kerry