1. I’ve only recently gotten into Below Deck. I started with the first two episodes of BD Mediterranean and was hooked. I proceeded to spend $29.98 of my hard earned cash on seasons two and three of BD. (I skipped season one per follow recapper Liz’s advice, but am confident I will circle back later. I LOVE Kat. She is my spirit animal/person.) I nearly finished seasons two and three in three days. I’m driving my husband nuts.

2. I mention all of this so you really understand when I say this show is my new obsession. I was crushed with disappointment at this episode. So boring. My husband, on the other hand, loved it and this is the only episode he’s ever seen, so maybe my expectations are too high. (Husband loved it mostly because of Chef Ben, to be fair. If it was the first time I was meeting Chef Ben, I would’ve really enjoyed the episode too.)

3. Completely unrelated to the content of this episode: the cast members are very active on Twitter. I highly recommend chatting with them – they will most likely chat back.

4. Does anyone else have a hard time keeping Bobby’s and Danny’s names straight? Both bros with the double consonants in their 5-letter names which end in Y.

5. Julia is so sweet and pretty. I wish she was poorly behaved so she would get more screen time. Fingers crossed for the future. Maybe a love affair is in her future with Bobby? (Bobby is the tall one, right?)

6. Does anyone on the planet have a worse attitude than Jen? We get it. You have experience. I hope it’s just the editing, because she is coming off like a spoiled brat who doesn’t ever stop complaining.

7. Shout out to Hannah for my favorite line of the night: “You couldn’t organize a shag in a brothel.” Chef Ben had some pretty amazing quotes too, but I can’t be bothered to look them up and I don’t want to misquote him. My husband turned to me and said, “Why is a guy like this on reality TV? He seems so smart.”

8. If anyone wasn’t aware that the Tilted Kilt is the poor man’s Hooters, they are acutely aware of this fact now. Those girls were gorgeous, don’t misunderstand me. However, the sheer number of hair extensions on that boat was alarming. Plus Hooters food is way better.

9. It was refreshing to see such young, pretty girls on this fantastic yacht behaving properly. (With the exception of that girl from Kentucky, who hooked up with Danny – more on that later – but that really wasn’t her bad, was it? Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it was her bad because she was technically on a work trip too. I dunno. I digress.) Their one “diva” question was for a “cupcake or cake” for someone having a birthday. That’s it. Well done, ladies.

10. I have a hard time believing any professional would risk their high-paying, amazing job by making out with a customer. (Sex, maybe. Hugging and kissing in public? Nope.) I have an even more difficult time believing someone would do that with a person they’ve known less than 24 hours. WTF, Danny?! Hope none of you readers liked him, because that one kiss & one hug cost him his spot on a reality show and definitely damaged his career. Get it together, man.

#10thoughts written by Kerry