1. Did anyone see those glasses T-Rav was wearing at the beginning of the episode? They were like, lime green with triangles on the side. Is that a real thing?


  1. The absolute correct thing to do was to invite Kathryn on this trip. Homegirl has a high-risk pregnancy and is about 7-8 months pregnant at this point. She isn’t going on a mountain excursion. Also, I can’t even believe Shep asked if he should invite JD. YES. YES always to that. Please invite #FriendJen and #KingCoop while you’re at it.


  1. Cameron decides to go to a therapist to taskjld;f ;df oh sorry I fell asleep at my keyboard.

  1. It was really interesting to see unseen footage of Whitney and Kathryn. I had no idea she showed up at that party with him – I distinctly remember her being there. Why did Bravo not air this? How dumb was it not to make her a primary cast member during season 1? I guess it paid off in the end because she’s got video footage to back up the bomb she dropped on Craig.


  1. I still do not believe that Whitney is jealous Katheryn chose Thomas. I believe he was salty two seasons ago, but I just can’t buy into the fact that this is the etiology of his animosity. Kathryn is a polarizing figure and easy to hate (or love). (Or love to hate. Or hate to love. All of the above – and that makes her the star of this franchise, regardless if the rest of the cast likes it or not.) I guess we will get into this in more detail next episode.


  1. T-Rav is the creepiest. It would be Whitney, but nope, T-Rav. Love her or hate her, we can all agree Kathryn has terrible taste in men.


  1. Are we suppose to believe that Landon has a thing for Shep or for T-Rav? I used to think it was a clear cut case of Shepalicious, but she is making eyes at T-Rav all night.


  1. I would have liked to see a little more conversation from Shep about the whole Landon not inviting Kathryn to his birthday party thing. (See point one above, Landon. She’s not hopping up on roller skates anytime soon so you probably could have avoided this mess.)


  1. What is this Cameron-Whitney love affair that is happening this season? I know it’s not romantic, but it certainly gives me the creeps in a way I can’t really explain. She’s becoming more stuck up by the second. (#IToldYouSo) However, I must say I can’t really blame her for not wanting to be on the party bus on a wind-y hill – she even foreshadowed this during the scene with her therapist at the beginning of the episode. (I’m told. I was blacked out from boredom during that scene.) Is this all about #QueenPat? Does anyone else think Andy Cohen is playing the role of Jason on the phone?


  1. No #KingCoop this episode. Sigh. At least we got some #FriendJen at the end.


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#10Thoughts written by Kerry