1. Sonja’s facialist (adj: woman who does facials) needs a spot on this show. The sh*t that comes out of Sonja’s mouth when she is around her is ridiculous. First, if someone doesn’t RSVP, I’d assume they are NOT coming. Second, why is she calling Ramona her bff? Didn’t Ramona tell Sonja she is embarrassed to be see with her just last episode? Third, who is this new intern? What is happening here? So much. So so much.

2. I call a hearty BS on Sonja saying the last thing she wants to do is throw herself a party.

3. Everyone was SO rude at the psychic. Well, I guess not everyone. Carole was ok. Bethenny was on her phone the entire time, Ramona came in talking loudly and not giving two sh*ts what was going on around her (per usual), and Dorinda and Ramona got into one of the nastiest fights ever. I understand reaching a tipping point with the whole “we hate John” thing, but I cannot imagine EVER saying to my “friend” of 20 years “Oh yeah. Mario left you for another woman.

4. Ok, Bethenny was wearing a neck brace, right.

5. I totally forgot Jules was at the psychic reading too.

6. Everyone is a GD expert on eating disorders this season.

7. I do not understand the venom Dorinda was pouring out at John during dinner. Unless it was about his glasses. That is an outrage I can get behind.

8. I thoroughly enjoy Bethenny telling her employees that people would kill for their jobs. It’s so self-important, but it’s also kinda true.

9. Ramona infuriates me. She complains about Luann’s drinking, her men, and her gifts. You know what? Luann is better than you, Ramona. She’s just better. In every way. She’s allowed to drink however much she wants and she’s allowed to sleep with whomever she pleases. Don’t be jealous, it’s not a good look. Furthermore, at least she got you a gift. You say thank you and toss it in the trash privately if you don’t like it. You don’t compare your gift to the other gifts given and again, get jealous. Can we all be in agreement that Ramona is The Worst? The best part about this whole confrontational scene is Jules wanting her husband to have a pretend conversation so she can listen to it.

10. Last thought comes from the previews. I have a bone to pick with this Bethenny thing. I TOTALLY get it, Sonja ripped her off. I know. She has every right to be mad. BUT…but… don’t’ you think it’s a teeeeny bit hypocritical that she and John just got into it over “Skinny Cow” v “Skinny Girl” and Bethenny said something about how you can’t trademark Skinny and everything that comes after it? To that point…is she going to trademark everything that comes before girl? She said a cow and a girl are two different things…aren’t tipsy and skinny two different things? Yes. Yes they are.

#10thoughts written by Kerry