#KingCoop had his #10Thoughts while watching Southern Charm tonight. The tweets are his, the commentary guessing which part of the episode to which he is referring are mine and have not been endorsed whatsoever by #KingCoop.

1. On Landon, when she is in her business meeting:12. On #NewCraig, when he’s talking about wanting to be the male lead of every romantic comedy:2

3. On Kathryn, while she’s crying to Elizabeth:3

4. On Elizabeth, who is clearly the best woman to ever grace reality television:4

5. On T-Rav…just…just always:5

6. On Cameron, who likens rating bourbon to rating women (she’s not wrong):6

7. On Craig, watching the talking heads on tonight’s show:7

8. On Whitney being Whitney:8

9. On Whitney sticking his tongue out and letting everyone know JD’s family business reeks of napalm:9

10. On Patricia, who seems to be leading the troops on not filming with Kathryn, but maybe not having the Charleston Crew she thinks:10


Although tweets are public domain, these have been reposted with #KingCoops permission and blessing.  All commentary is the work of recapper Kerry and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Cooper Ray himself.