1. Tiffany must realize early in the game that she is boring. She obviously sets up a fight, and then she forces herself to shove her friend outside. It’s gross and fake.


  1. LeeAnne’s reaction, however, is decidedly not fake. She and her perfect jumpsuit decided to walk away, which was undoubtedly the correct move. She also broke the fourth wall and hit the camera, which is some crazy sh*t and amazing to watch.

  1. Poor Stephanie. She seems really sweet and she is genuinely shaken from the repercussions of calling LeeAnne classy in a sarcastic way. Methinks that Stephanie will be leaving LeeAnne alone from now on. She also seems very scared that Charity will not accept her into her loving arms anymore. Travis, her chore-writing husband (C-WH), is not scared Charity will not take his money, and C-WH is correct.


  1. A little bit more on the C-WH: I was offended by this when I first saw it, but now I’m on board. Stephanie would have no clue what to do with her time, so C-WH gives her structure. Also, I find myself reminding my (stay-at-home daddy) husband that our son’s clothes need to be washed, medicine needs to be picked up, etc. He wouldn’t do these things if I didn’t remind him because his only priority is to take care of our child (which is the way it should be). So, if something extra needs to be done, I let him know. I text it to him if he says he will forget the verbal list. Soooo…I am C-WW. Chore-writing wife.


  1. I owe Cary an apology. I did not know she was a registered nurse; I must have misheard. I thought she trained for like, a year, to be an assistant and only after she met her husband. I was assuming she did it so he wouldn’t be tempted to cheat on her. I was WAY wrong. Way wrong. She’s a legit nurse and there’s about a zero percent chance her husband would cheat on her. He’s great. She’s great. I hate being wrong, dammit. I am sure Stassi has a great quote for this I could insert here.

image          Good enough

  1. Speaking of Cary’s husband, I don’t really like that Andy Cohen questioned whether he likes to try on women’s clothing on WWHL. I mean, yes, I get it, the producers are playing up that he has a feminine side and Cary doesn’t exactly stop that line of thought (“He’s my wife. I’m his husband.”). However, he’s a plastic surgeon so I’m happy he has great taste and loves fashion. He can also cook. He is also straight. These things are not mutually exclusive, people.


  1. Does anyone else think it is suspicious timing for girlfriend Brandi to just be meeting her grandfather in time for the show? Ok, me too at first, but hear me out: Brandi seems very nervous, Brandi’s mom is obviously anxious. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence, or maybe they played up the B team fame he would get, but I am really happy for girlfriend Brandi and their family.


  1. At this point in the episode, I understand why Brandi is upset but I also understand that Bryan can’t just cancel work trips. I think Brandi is being sensitive. (I am wrong about this too. What a loser day for Kerry.)


  1. LeeAnne and boring Tiffany seem to have a real connection and friendship and I am glad they are making up. LeeAnne needs Tiffany because she is her only friend. Tiffany needs LeeAnne because she is her only friend in Dallas. However, I think beyond this, they truly like and understand each other. I love when Housewives are real friends (just like Stephanie and Brandi).


  1. Finally, back to Bryan. WHAT. THE. F*CK. Why are you having “a drink” (a = ten I am assuming) with Travis instead of being here with your wife?! Bryan obviously hates the cameras and I think at this point, he’s feeling major regret for letting his wife sign on to this. His way of dealing with it is drinking and avoiding. It plays out as interesting for the viewers, but I am seriously worried about girlfriend Brandi’s real life because I heart girlfriend Brandi. Good luck, you two. I have a feeling we will not be seeing Bryan on Season 2.

#10thoughts written by Kerry