1. I’m getting a bit sick of the obvious Mean Girl oath to not film with Kathryn. First of all, it is mean but in a back-handed way. They aren’t being openly terrible to her; they’re just shunning her. By doing that, they’re trying to mess with her livelihood – who would want a single mother to be pushed out of a job? Secondly, and more importantly, she is objectively the star of the show. I’ll go on record to say there would be no season 2 without the season 1 Kathryn sleeping with all the rich guys (no shame!) and getting pregnant. That is some reality gold. Even though everyone likes her, no one is tuning in for Cameron’s guy’s-girl shtick anymore. She doesn’t show her life.

2. If you tuned in last night to our live tweeting, you’ll know I’m obsessed with Elizabeth. She told Kathryn she will never abandon her, all while tearing up. It was so sweet and like, the third time this season I thought a scene wasn’t calculated or set up for the cameras. It was just real and sweet and amazing.

3. Thomas has been MIA for the last two weeks. Haven’t missed him.

4. Oh, sweet Landon. I know fellow recapper Lizzo despises Landon and has crowned her as The Worst this season and I know she’s getting a lot of hate on Twitter. I’m still hanging in there, as Landon has promised the viewers that we will all swing back to her (à la Camille from RHOBH). We will see. What I do know is that she is not so in touch with reality. No one wants to pay for her arts and wine and arts and travel and arts advice. I do, however, think that Cynthia Rowley is outfitting her for free this season, so there’s a win.

5. Speaking of Landon, I really do want to know how one gets a meeting with Vox without any sort of business plan. Or really an idea of anything. It was like a coffee date in the middle of the business day. I mean, I know Bravo set it up in the same way Cameron had assistance with her real estate buddy in Season 1, but still. I wish there would have been SOME explanation as to how someone with no training in arts and travel and arts and wine and arts got that interview. At least Cameron was studying to do that job.

6. Where has #FriendJen and #KingCoop been this episode? I thought at the beginning of the season that they were only filming with Kathryn for screen time; however, I’ve totally changed my stance on that. Good thing I’ve educated myself because this whole realization that everyone is refusing to film with her would have lead me back to the dark side. I hope they realize they are being edited that way. Who is an EP again? Oh, right. Whitney.

7. I really like that Shep is trying to be inclusive and invite everyone to his hiking vacation. (Sidebar: gross idea for a vacation.) Cameron and Whitney say they won’t go if Kathryn is invited. To that I say, we will miss you two. See you next episode, where Whitney can stick his tongue out at bourbon, call Queen Pat “Mother,” and Cameron can talk about anything other than her life.

8. Craig telling the camera that he knows that Danni has 15 years of experience, but he’s “smart as sh*t” was not the best moment for him. Craig: no one smart has to tell people. Everyone will just figure it out. For example, Shep is clearly intelligent but he’s never had to shove it in our faces. Another thing here: Danni is smart too, Craigo. Smart AND experienced. She was sweet to turn down that gig. I wouldn’t have.

9. Naomi said on Twitter last week that she was going to be moody and dramatic this episode. WHAT. Hahahaaahahahhahahaa omg. No. She was sweet and endearing. If she wants to see moody and dramatic, she needs to watch any of T-Rav’s parties and watch Kathryn’s behavior.

10. Back to Craig. It was really sad to see him think that after 1 minute on the job, he was going to be in charge of an entire bourbon division. He doesn’t need Danni’s advice the day of. Google exists – he could have looked up a few facts before this entire tasting thing began. Whitney asking him the “chemical composition” was a jerk move, but wouldn’t Craig have really wowed everyone if he knew the answer? A little preparation goes a long way, Mr. Smart As Sh*t.

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#10thoughts written by Kerry