1. Ok, let’s be serious here. Until Mike’s marriage falls apart, there’s not much going on this season. We’re starting to get hints of it now via Jessica’s incessant phone calls and the fact that Mike isn’t following the golden rule of reality and answering on speakerphone. I really do feel badly for Jessica in all of this; however, she should have seen it coming a mile away. Cheating accusations aren’t exactly new to Mike (see: My Nights With The Shah: How Not to Date a Celebrity by Emerald Wilson-Bey) but Jessica was so swept up in her fairy tale she ignored the signs. What’s that principle where if you bought something crappy, you’ll spend tons of money trying to fix it rather than admitting you shouldn’t have bought said crappy thing and starting over? That applies here. (I can’t be bothered to look it up, but it exists. Maybe I read it in Freakonomics? Someone tweet it to me.) She’s already invested so much in this (reality television, converting religions, etc.) that she feels she has to make it work. (Spoiler: she does not succeed.)

2. We learn from Reza that coyotes and ghosts don’t mess with Persians. This is why I keep coming back to this show. Lookin at you, Rez.

3. I am so over this GG-Rheumatoid arthritis story line. I know that sounds cold (because it way is), but I think I have Lyme disease fatigue. Speaking of GG, MJ told her that if she (MJ) died tomorrow, GG would not be welcome at her funeral. Harsh.

4. I literally did not watch any of that “team building” rope climbing exercise. Yawn. Also, Shervin is so hot and so dumb. Why hasn’t he been on this show from day one again?

5. I think five thoughts are enough for this episode. Until next time.