1. Bethenny’s advice on childrearing: when you have a strong-willed child, give them options and let them pick. Said child will feel in charge and independent. Everybody wins. Jules’ advice on childrearing: Bribes. I think a healthy mixture of both will likely be my style.

2. Carole’s phone does not have a password. WHAT.

3. Carole and Dorinda have dinner and gossip. Carole asks permission to be catty, then lightly touches on Jules’ unfinished McMansion. Dorinda basically blocks any negativity toward Jules’ home, which feels like a genuine friend thing to do. Dorinda is a good addition to this series. When Jules finally shows up, she proceeds to insult Bethenny (what. are. you. doing.) by saying she has new money and a tiny house. Jules has no concept of reality. First, three thousand square feet is an enormous home for one adult and one tiny human, especially to the audience. Second, who CARES that Bethenny has ‘new’ money. Who cares if Bethenny has money at all? I’ll also point out that Bethenny worked hard for her new money, so Jules can suck it.

4. I have mixed feelings about this “Sonja drinks too much” campaign that we’re clearly going to have this season. If Sonja really does have a problem, then a good friend does need to bring it up to her. Not Ramona though. Ramona has no tact and also, Turtle Time. No room to talk. I’m really on Sonja’s side at the end of the day, though, because it feels like Ramona is just booze- and slut-shaming her. I HATE slut-shamers. If Sonja wants to be surrounded by men and booze, good. Do it. Last time I checked, Sonja is a grown woman who can do whatever TF she wants. When is the last time any woman on any of these shows slut-shamed a male? Oh yeah. Never.

5. The beginning of the Jules-Bethenny lunch was very hard to watch. Bethenny basically had to scold herself because Jules couldn’t find the words to do it. The end of it got better, though, as Jules opened up about her eating disorder and Bethenny’s robot interior flipped the emotion switch for two minutes. Spoiler alert: they have been going at it on twitter so I think this new friendship is going to be very short-lived.

6. Bethenny said she would love to be set up with a Greek shipping heir because she likes feta cheese. Sames.

7. Four months ago, Bethenny had the RHOBH over for dinner. Bethenny says that the Countess wanted to come because of course she did. She’s a Housewife and this is screen time! It would be weird if she didn’t want to come. I suppose begging to be invited is a little tacky, but I have to say I’m 100% with Countess on this one. Bethenny says this was Kyle’s party, but (as she told Carole earlier this season!!) it was at her house so ultimately she could have granted the invitation to the Countess. Bethenny just wanted that moment to herself. Also, this happened four months ago. While I appreciate Bethenny bringing it up for the cameras now so I can discuss it, it’s just not something a friend would do.  For someone who calls the Countess calculating, that’s also a thinly-veiled, calculated move.

8. I love that the Countess uses her “uncool” catchphrase in real life and when the cameras are off. It’s awesome. I mean, I’m totally sick of it as a viewer but still.

9. Ramona has a birthday party and her talking head says she is throwing it to “give back” to her friends for being there for her. What? You invite people to come to dinner to celebrate you and receive gifts? In that case, I will give back once per week, thank you.

10. The Countess is now making me flip-flop. That engraved purse was SUCH a staged moment. Why would you bring a birthday gift for Bethenny at Ramona’s party? Especially a better gift. Ramona got a necklace from the Countess’ line (which was apparently regifted) and Bethenny gets a purse! What is going on?! These two hug it out but this seems like foreshadowing for the season to come.

#10thoughts written by Kerry