1. Let’s start with Craig telling Naomi that he thinks Whitney is secretly jealous that he’s not with Kathryn. Um, no.


  1. Moving on, Cooper and Kathryn meet up and Cooper tells Kathryn that Queen Patricia basically instructed him not to pal around with Kathryn. So, a couple of things here. Number one: No one tells me who to hang out with. Good on you, Cooper, for standing up to the Queen. Number two: What is to be gained by telling Kathryn about this? She already knows Queen Pat doesn’t like her; no need to salt the wound. Number three: Oh yeah. You tell Kathryn because Reality Television. Kathryn would have wanted it that way. I like this Cooper fellow. More Cooper, please. #MoreCooper.

  1. Cooper also tells Kathryn to watch her back with FriendJen because FriendJen lied to Kathryn’s face about the rendezvous with T-Rav. I have a couple of things for this as well. Number one: I would have done the exact same thing if I was FriendJen. Think about it: She’s on television; she doesn’t (yet) want the world to know about her private life. She was just dipping in her toes at the moment. Number two: She has since fessed up to the whole thing. Granted, it was after T-Rav ratted her out (anyone surprised by this betrayal? No?) but Kathryn seems to have moved on. Number three: Again I say, good on you, Cooper, for having Kathryn’s best interests at heart. However, FriendJen is Kathryn’s rock right now so Kathryn needs her. I think this could all be settled by a Cooper-FriendJen sit down talk. Next episode?


  1. In an OBVIOUS set up by production, Whitney arrives at Mommy Dearest’s house to discuss Cooper. Patricia says she’s grossed out by Whitney’s beard, in part because it reminds her of men working on the dock. (I TOLD YOU PATRICIA WAS AN ASSH*LE! She’s SOOOO above those people. Ew, gross, working for a living.) Anyway, Whitney asks Mommy Dearest why Cooper pulled her aside (and thus showing his production-set-up-hand.) Queen Pat tells Whitney that Cooper is permanently crossed off her list for refusing to obey her orders.


  1. Bailey comes over to paint Shep while Shep’s talking head jokingly slut-shames her. I will not go on about this because Shep wrote a beautiful apology and Bailey has accepted. He has learned from this. Hopefully.


  1. I TOLD YOU CAMERON WAS AN ASSH*LE! I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU! So. Cameron gets the Angel-edit. She’s a guy’s gal, right? Pees in lakes and talks about diarrhea? Trips on her heels on the way to answer the door and falls in bushes at Flamingo parties! She eats fried food (for television) and chews with her mouth open! How a-dork-able! We heart Cameron!! UGH. I told you she was a mean girl. Kathryn calls her to ask her to get coffee or lunch or something. Cameron declines and I’m okay with it at this point (I’m NOT ok with her rolling her better-than-you eyes the entire time, but whatevs). However, when Craig tries to have a conversation with her about it at the roller rink, she literally tells him she doesn’t give a sh*t about Kathryn and rolls away. She’s a Mean Girl.


  1. Speaking of Mean Girls, Landon doesn’t invite Kathryn to Shep’s party even though IT IS SHEP’S PARTY and Shep asked Landon to invite her. Landon tells Shep that Kathryn was lucky to be invited (what? How is she lucky to be invited if the host wants her?) and if she doesn’t come, who cares? She then talks about how horrible Bailey’s awesome painting is. Is Landon in love with Shep? The show sure wants us to think so. Is this why she hates Kathryn (because Kathryn has slept with Shep)? I don’t understand this hatred toward Kathryn; Kathryn apologized and said she was being awful when she yelled at Landon at T-Rav’s election day sad party so I’m inclined to believe it has to be more than that. Landon is getting a lot of hate on her Twitter feed (and rightfully so from what we’ve seen on television) but swears she will be vindicated later this season. Side note: She also has a picture of she with Bailey stating that all that crap she was talking about her was just for Reality Television. What? Why?


  1. Craig’s outfit to skate was awesome; I don’t care what anybody says. It was appropriate because he was the only one that could skate (because of course he could).


  1. Can someone tell me why Landon planned a party for herself but then just decorated it to pretend like it was for Shep? Did anyone else think Cameron was irritated that she wasn’t the one planning the party? Is there a Mean Girl showdown coming soon over who is better friends with Shep?


  1. I’ll end this recap praising Shep, Danni, and Craig. Landon and Cameron are being very mean-girl. It’s difficult to stand up to beautiful, strong women acting like raging b*tches and I’m gland someone did. I don’t know if Kathryn deserves it, but I sure do know that this episode did not paint the Mean Girls in a positive light.

#10thoughts written by Kerry