1. We start the episode with Thomas heading to the home of everyone’s favorite pal, JD. Thomas reveals to JD that Kathryn had a pregnancy scare and had to go to the hospital after the polo match. Therefore, Thomas, changes his mind a third time and decides to co-sign on her lease. Is there something missing here? Does Kathryn not know anyone else who can do this for her? I thought the show made some big deal about her pedigree on Season 1. JD mentions that it is possible Kathryn is manipulating Thomas. I have mixed feelings about this. First, if JD is saying that, I put a little more weight into it compared to say, Whitney saying it. Second, I fully believe Kathryn’s number one interest in dating Thomas in the first place was that sweet sweet Ravenel money. Third, I’m not sure I blame her as evil as that sounds. She’s having his babies; he can support the mother of his child by co-signing a lease so they have a decent place to live. If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. Then again, maybe she should live somewhere she can’t afford. It’s not like she’s Thomas’ ex-wife. He only needs to ensure the kids are safe; if she can’t pay her lease, they can live with him. I am all mixed up this episode and we’re only 5 minutes in.

  1. Shep goes to help Craig turn in his law application. I’m first annoyed by how Shep is treating Craig like an idiot…but then Craig wants to Velcro his picture to the application, so I wasn’t as annoyed after that. I’m not even sure Craig realized, anyway. Sweet #NewCraig.


  1. I’m WAY over Cameron’s storyline being about having a baby. That’s what it was last year. She doesn’t want one and her husband is never shown so we don’t ever hear what he wants. She claims he wants one, but I am not invested in ghost husband’s opinion. (Stassi = ghost bitch; Cameron’s husband = ghost husband.) There’s no conflict here. Don’t have a baby. I don’t care.


  1. We find out from Jennifer that Kathryn was BLEEDING so she had to go to the hospital. I completely take back everything about maybe believing JD. That is no f’ing joke. Landon, who has clearly never been pregnant, has no time for her pre-term baby nonsense and acts like a royal bitch about it. I have to say, I like Landon more this season. She’s being ridiculous in this scene but at least she has an opinion.


  1. Landon and T-Rav were definitely a thing. Right? They had to be. Why else would Landon be behaving like this? Does she have a gag order to prevent him from telling anyone? I would if I ever hooked up with T-Rav. *Shudder*


  1. Cooper pulls Queen Patricia aside to make sure she is not upset with him for befriending Kathryn. She assures him she is not upset while her talking head calls him a poor man’s Truman Capote. I still don’t understand the obsession with her. She’s stuck up and mean. She married money, has a butler, and drinks all day….ohhhhhh I get it now.


  1. Shep and his 4’1” date jump into the pool and get Queen Patricia wet. If that had been literally anyone else but Shep (or Cameron), they would have been personally escorted to the door by Michael The Butler himself.


  1. Where was Michael The Butler during the party??!


  1. It is in this episode when Friend Jennifer and Thomas are screaming at each other that I think that MAYBE Jen wasn’t using Kathryn on the show; maybe Jen is a true friend to her.


  1. Then Jen calls Kathryn – who had just got released from the hospital because she was upset about T-Rav….to tell her something about T-Rav. I mean, I don’t think she did it for air time but that was uncool. Did you guys see that Bravo editing where Patricia, in the commercials, looks like she is calling friend Jen a spy? Nope. Just she was calling the people in the bushes spying on Jennifer a spy. I was so confused by that whole thing. But there wasn’t a lot of Whitney this episode, so I guess everyone is a winner.

10Thoughts written by Kerry